Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Around The Corner

I am actually very, very nervous about the upcoming UPSR exams. I get palpitations each time I think about it and all the 'what if(s)'. Seriously. Kecut perut, I tell you.

People keep telling me not to worry because "Sofea is a smart girl", "Your daughter will surely pass with flying colors" and "Alaaa, this is only UPSR-lah, babe."

But I am a mom. Therefore, worry, I must.

I don't deny that my daughter is study-smart. Alhamdulillah, I can't thank you Allah SWT enough for blessing her with a good brain. But what worries me is her dilly-dallying and her slacker attitude lately. I would imagine a studious student would be pulun-ing his/her studies right now or working extra hard to practice answering as many sample questions as possible. But she being her, is still her usual happy-go-lucky nonchalant self. Not like someone who has two big exams coming up. If tak dibebel suruh study, tak pikir pun nak study. Siapa yang tak worry kalu camni?

UPSR is less than 2 weeks away!! Harlooo?! Tak rasa panicky ke budak ni??


The other day, in desperation, I decided to voice out my feelings. "Kakak, Ibu rasa tersangat stressed sebab Kakak macam takde rasa stress langsung!!"

She just laughed at me. Cis!! Budak bertuah ini. I can only make du'a that Allah SWT will guide her in her preparations for her upcoming exams: UPSR & PSRA (which is 10 days after UPSR). May He make things easy and go smoothly for her, and grant her and her friends success in this world and the next.

All the very best to you, dearest Kakak!! *muahs*

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