Thursday, July 11, 2013

1 Ramadhan 1434H

Alhamdulillah, Aidiin survived the first day of Ramadhan this year, which was yesterday, i.e Wednesday, July 10, 2013.

Surprisingly, he seemed quite energetic when we picked him up from SK (it was almost 6PM, I think), before heading to the neighborhood pasar ramadhan for some pulut panggang. He claimed that he didn't feel tired or extra lesu simply because he finished drinking the entire mug of Milo suam that I had bancuh-ed for him during sahur...


Ignore the cheekiness yang telah meng-'enter(ed) frame'

Definitely a BIG improvement from last year. Good job, Abang!! *two thumbs up*
Masa sahur esok, boleh minum Milo suam lagi, okeh? :)

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