Friday, June 21, 2013

BOTW: Pokémon Bento

Truth be told, I am still very new to this bento-ing thingy and homaigod, there's sooooo much to learn from just the internet alone. Tips and tricks, techniques and presentation methods, bento jargons and terms that the experts use... you name it.

And the bento gadgets and accessories that are available in the market... WOW!!!  I.Want.Them.All.

This was the kids' bekal to school on errr... Tuesday, I think. I was hesitant at first to post this picture because my Pokémon bento looks so amateurish. *blush*

But then again, what's most important is what my kids think... and to them, this looked good enough to eat. Or maybe they thought it looked weird but tak berani nak complain, LOL!

That's supposed to be Pikachu and some Poké Balls

Anyways, each bekal consisted of two sets of sealed PB&J sandwiches (with Pikachu's smiley face 'sitting' on them) and three Poké Balls. Looking at this picture now, I realize that I had forgotten to utilize my food picks, again! *facepalm*

Pikachu's face and ears were made of cheese. I used edible food markers to draw the details. The Poké Balls on the side were actually crab meat balls, half-dipped into red food coloring. I think I didn't use enuff red coloring because the balls looked pinkish instead of red. Hmmmph.

Workmanship-wise, overall, is a tad comot, methinks. *sigh*

I still need to master food coloring techniques and experiment with the different bento presentation methods. And also understand the terms being used. I know what a "baran" is now, fyi. Hoping that with practice and patience, I can be a bento master (mistress?) someday... or at least very close to becoming one. Must aim high maaa... hee hee hee.

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