Saturday, June 29, 2013

BOTW: Crabs and Penguins

This week, I got to experiment with my newly-acquired sausage cutters. And some food picks, too. *teruja*

For Aidiin's bekal yesterday... Nutella sandwiches made from two slices of wholewheat bread, folded into sealed triangles using a sandwich cutter.

The cocktail sausages (i.e the two crabs and the three penguins) were cut using sausage cutters that I had recently bought from a "100 Yen Shop" named Tokutokuya at IPC. I just discovered this shop although I think it has been around for more than a year or so. Maka, agak jakun jugaklah sebenarnya. :P

Looking at this picture now, I realized that the crabs' eyes should be at the end of their long stalks, not on their bodies!! *facepalm*


Mrs Juan said...

itu tokutokuya shop memang best!!
sometimes i get my yarn and needle over there..kena rajin jengok..kadang ada benda yg kita tak sangka2 boleh jumpa kat situ


famyGirl said...

Yezzaaa... naik rambang mata jadinya. :P Tak cukup dengan Daiso, tambah Tokutokuya pulak, LOL!


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