Monday, April 22, 2013

Four Eyes

After Aidiin's eye examination last Saturday, we were informed by the doctor at 0ptim@x that he (Aidiin) is one step away from being legally blind, without glasses. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun. We were given two types of eye drops to administer into his eyes 4 times a day. His next check up will be sometime in October.

Upon receiving the doctor's prescription, we immediately brought him to our preferred (read: nearby and affordable) optical shop to get him a pair of glasses. He initially requested for "Harry Potter's spectacles" but we finally agreed on the one below.

Rabun sudah...

We had to get him the strap thingy to wear behind his head because per doctor's advice, he still needs to have his glasses on while playing football. Kesian.

But don't worry Abang, you are still (and always will be) very handsome in Ibu's eyes... :)

Friday, April 05, 2013

Please Do Not Follow In Your Abang's Footsteps

The famyFamily had another scare on the last day in the month of March. Unfortunately, it just had to involve blood, yet again. *sigh*

Pwince Adik, the hyper one, tripped over a cushion on the floor and hit his forehead against the corner of the TV cabinet. Blood started to trickle out almost immediately.

 photo lukabeforeklinik_zpsebdca8d0.jpg 
In the car on the way to the clinic

 photo stitched_zps11e19b44.jpg
Wound has been glue-stitched and covered with waterproof plaster

I was supposed to watch out for the following symptoms (within the next 24-48 hours, give or take). Should any of the symptoms occur, Pwince Adik needs to be rushed to the hospital immediately for emergency treatment:
- If there is continuous and persistent vomitting
- If he starts to have seizures or fits
- If there is bleeding through his nose or ear(s)
- If he became unconcious
- If there are signs of prolonged distress, drowsiness or non alertness

He seemed okay when we reached home. In fact he was back to his talkative self once more. Alhamdulillah.

Five days have gone by and this is how the cut/wound looks like now. Still very seriau-looking for me though. Ugh.

 photo IMG-20130404-WA0002_zps6d14a6b0.jpg

The bandage has been removed and I need to apply antibiotic cream on the wound to prevent infections. I hope he doesn't feel the urge to scratch it. *shudder*

So they say, malang tidak berbau. And they were right. No more scar-free face for Pwince Adik. :(

Oh well, boys will be boys, I guess. I can only make du'a that Allah SWT will protect him always and  pray that he is less(er) accident-prone than his big brother who currently has noticeable scars on his left foot, on his left eyebrow and near his right eye.


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