Monday, February 18, 2013

Belum Kebah Lagi

Tak sempat nak recover from the SK exam fever, dapat pulak berita that the KAFA, too, is conducting diagnostic tests for Tahun 6 students. Exams will take place this entire week. Ibu tak sempat nak kebah dan sihat, dah demam balik. *sigh*


During these stressful moments, the best medicine is, undeniably, some yummy comfort food. For me, that translates to dishes with lots of CHEESE.


On another note, while going through my old entries for nostalgic purposes, I found that imagecave has eaten up all my old pictures! *gerrrrraaaammmnyeeerrr*

Now I need to go korek-korek old thumb drives and/or CDs and/or external HDs to see if the original copies are there. And then, I need to see if I can find and match the correct missing pictures to the correct old entries. Unfortunately, yes, I am compulsively crazy like that...

Gonna go watch the 8th season of Grey's Anatomy now. Ttyl.

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