Monday, February 25, 2013

Kaki Bola

Sometime in 2011, Aidiin had voiced interest in trying out for the MBeeJay football team. But because we had already enrolled him for TKD practice, we told him to wait and see how things go. Two years have gone by and although he managed to climb the Taegeuk ladder with his kicking and his blocking and his punching and obtained the 2nd level of the blue belt, deep down inside I knew he was not passionate about the sport. Doing it for the sake of doing it... going with the flow.

Earlier this year, he brought the subject matter up again. This time, famyBoy and I decided to hear him out and consider his feelings. We talked about it and although I wasn't too keen about him wanting to quit TKD after what he has achieved, I didn't want to be the parent that pushes his/her child into doing something that the child doesn't enjoy... for reasons, well, just because. Unfair to the kid, methinks.

So, last weekend we agreed to take him to the BeeJay padang to watch the football practice. Bagi dia look-see-look-see dulu lah. He had made effort to wake up reaaaaallly early (on his own), on a Sunday lagi... kesian pulak kalau tak bawak. Very eager, this boy. Hmmm.

The coach invited Aidiin to join the other kids for a friendly match during the last 30 minutes of practice. Tersengih-sengih Abang jadinya. Despite not wearing proper footwear (he was wearing his selipar buruk), he managed to score a goal for his team because the keeper of the opposing team was not at his position. Gemuruh jiwa, semangat membara gitu.

The coach encouraged him to attend another one or two trial sessions before signing up. Cannot forget the smiley, excited look on his face when he turned to look at famyBoy for consent. Priceless.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, somebody was having the time of his life...

Dribble, jangan tak dribble

Go, Adik, go!!

Amboiiiiii, tak padan dengan kaki pendek

And finally, satu pose istimewa buat para peminat. :)

By this time, dah berpeluh berlemoih dia... *sigh*

Monday, February 18, 2013

Belum Kebah Lagi

Tak sempat nak recover from the SK exam fever, dapat pulak berita that the KAFA, too, is conducting diagnostic tests for Tahun 6 students. Exams will take place this entire week. Ibu tak sempat nak kebah dan sihat, dah demam balik. *sigh*


During these stressful moments, the best medicine is, undeniably, some yummy comfort food. For me, that translates to dishes with lots of CHEESE.


On another note, while going through my old entries for nostalgic purposes, I found that imagecave has eaten up all my old pictures! *gerrrrraaaammmnyeeerrr*

Now I need to go korek-korek old thumb drives and/or CDs and/or external HDs to see if the original copies are there. And then, I need to see if I can find and match the correct missing pictures to the correct old entries. Unfortunately, yes, I am compulsively crazy like that...

Gonna go watch the 8th season of Grey's Anatomy now. Ttyl.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Exam Fever Has Begun

Sofea is sitting for her diagnostic tests at SK this week. All 5 UPSR-subjects papers in 2 days.

Guess who's the one feeling super-duper nervous and stressed? Clue: NOT the exam-taker.

*bites nails*

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Tak Cukup Syarat

The other night, we had a 3rd birthday mini celebration for Pwince Adik.

Actually, I just bought him a slice of Resipi Rahsia's choco-cheese cake and placed three un-lit candles on it, and made Kakak & Abang sing him the birthday song...

Hmmmphh... cannot kelentong one, this little boy. *roll eyes*


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