Thursday, January 31, 2013


Assalamualaikum and Hello Everyone. *waves*

My name is Nuaym. Also fondly known as Le Petit Pwince (on this blog). I don't think we have been properly introduced before because my mom (I call her Ibu) has not been diligent enough in updating this blog ever since she gave birth to me 3 years ago. Yes, that's right... I TURN THREE TODAY!! Happy 3rd birthday to me!! :)

Err... so, let me tell you more about myself.

I am the 3rd child of famyGirl & famyBoy (my beloved, super-strict parents).

I am the youngest sibling among the famyKids. I have a sister, Kakak (she's the eldest) and an older brother, Abang (2nd child in the famyFamily; he's my role model cum idol).

In general, I am a very hyper and happy toddler. I don't walk, I run. And why shouldn't I if it makes me arrive at my destination faster, kan??

I also like to jump, climb, sing and dance. Speaking of singing and dancing, Abang and I like to sing and entertain ourselves with Psy's Opp@ G@ngnam Style dance moves. This, unfortunately, drives my Ibu nuts.

I have two front 'mancung' teeth. My siblings say I remind them of Mater (from the movie Cars) or Spongebob Squarepants. Cis. What do they know? Ibu says that when I grow up, I'll be tall, dark and handsome. But at the moment, Ibu considers me her adorable little bunny.

I have lots of toys and I love them all, but I rarely play with them. I prefer playing with Abang's Transformers and Lego(s) instead. I believe in "What's mine is mine, what's Abang's is also mine", much to Abang's dismay.

One time I made Abang cry because I accidentally pulled out Hot Shot's head while I was trying to transform the Transformer from a vehicle to a robot. Oh, another time was when I broke his Ninjago warrior's arm (yes, that teeny-tiny Lego hand!). Ibu was speechless at first but then she pinched my hand and said I was very naughty. Ayah gave me an earfull. As if that's going to stop me from rummaging through Abang's stuff again in future. *grin*

Thanks to Abang (and his precious Sodor Island collection), I have started to enjoy Th0mas the Tank Engine and his friends. I love playing with the trains and watching VCDs of the series. I know the names, colors and numbers on the eight famous trains at Tidmouth Shed. I sometimes hum to the Two, Four, Six, Eight tune when I play on my own.

I still love playing with toy cars. I like to watch the wheels on the cars go round and round while I lie down on my side with my left thumb in my mouth. Very calming experience for me.

I was told that I am a very bossy and demanding Adik. Most of the time, Ibu & Ayah and Kakak & Abang have to surrender and give in to my demands and/or protests because they cannot stand to hear me scream. Mind you, I can scream really loud and nyaring. Ibu sometimes scolded me for being so bingit.

I like books with pictures, especially pictures of cars, trains, trucks, tractors and other vehicles. Animal pictures are okay too, but I tend to get bored with them easily. However, unlike Kakak, I am not very interested in reading. I blame this on Ibu because she rarely reads to me. *glares at Ibu*

I know my A-B-Cs (both upper case and lower case, although I still get a bit confused with letters 'b', 'p' and 'd'). I know my 1-2-3s up till 10. *beams* At times I throw in 11 and 12 just to make Ibu excited. I believe I can count objects, too. I surprise myself sometimes.

I know the colors blue, black, red, green, white, yellow, orange, purple, pink.

The other day Ibu told me that she is planning to introduce me to Alif, Ba, Ta and other jawi letters. She is waiting for the Hijaiyah Alphabets puzzle (that she had ordered online) to be available in stock and be sent to our house. Something new for me to look forward to this year I suppose.

My vocabulary has increased tremendously since the past year or so. My family thinks that I talk to much nowadays, and they are lazy to layan me anymore. Hmmmmph.

You know what? I think I hear Ibu walking up the stairs. I better stop here before she catches me hijacking this laptop of hers.

I'll chit-chat with you again some other day, okay? Bye!!! :D

Nuaym aka Pwince Adik.

Happy 3rd birthday Le Petit Pwince Sayang. Lots and lots of lurve from Ibu, Ayah, Kakak and Abang. Muaaahhsss!!!! :D

May you grow up righteous, always live your life in taqwa, always jaga nama baik keluarga, respect your elders, rajin belajar dan diberkati dengan ilmu yang bermanfaat, dikurniakan kesihatan yang sempurna untuk beribadah padaNya, berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat dan sentiasa menyenangkan hati orang sekeliling walau di mana jua, In Shaa Allah.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cuti-cuti A Famosa - Pt. 3

Berbekalkan semangat Malaysia Boleh, we decided to pay a visit to the nearby Cowboy Town that night, on the very same day we went to the Safari Wonderland. Caya or not? :P

I had no expectations whatsoever. I imagined a mock-up cowboy town with cowboys and cowgirls walking around. Of course, there'll be some horses and perhaps ponies. Maybe a sheriff or two.

But boy, was I wrong. The place was sooo crowded!! Luckily our hosts bought tickets in advance, so we didn't have to stand in the super-long queue. Sesak, I tell you.

And sure enough, there were cowboys and cowgirls. And horses and ponies. And a sheriff or two. But there were also Red Indians and elephants! But you know what, I think these elephants are the same ones from the Safari... Poor animals have to work during the night shift, too!

The highlights were the Red Indian Fire Show and the Carnival Parade. Difficult to describe each and every detail, but take my word, it was unexpectedly fun and entertaining! :)

This is the safari truck that we rode on earlier in the day

The closing ceremony was a colorful and spectacular display of fireworks. Ternganga mulut tengok sebab terpesona. Awesomeness.

Haiiyaaa... My pictures don't do justice-lah. Tak pandai nak amik gambar special effects nih.

Half-way through the show, whilst being at awe and fumbling with the camera, I remembered that my phone is smart enuff to take videos. Duhhh. So, let's just watch the second half of the fireworks display, shall we? :)

Went home that night, all sweaty from the heat. Dinner/Supper was waiting for us, so we ate like there's no tomorrow. Nuaym couldn't stop saying "Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!"

All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. Tapi takpe, In Shaa Allah, kalau dipanjangkan umur, next time boleh reunion lagi.

Where to next I wonder... hmmmm. *looks at hosts* Hee hee hee.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Cuti-cuti A Famosa - Pt. 2

Truthfully, kalau nak ikutkan badan dan hati, memang rasa teramat l a z y nak pegi outing-outing yang semi-adventurous nih. Maklumlah, energy level dah semakin kurang :P But then again, bila lagi?? Lagipun, pity the kids kalau asyik terperap dalam the huge bungalow with its private swimming pool sepanjang hari, kan? kan? kan?

So we went to visit the Safari Wonderland. The trip started out like a visit to the zoo gitu. We arrived there in time for the first animal show. Stars of the show? The very clever elephants, of course!!

"Wehhh! Bangunlah!!"

Artist at work

Artist (still) at work

The finished masterpiece

Notice the elephant (in the background) is clearing and picking up his art supplies after completing his artwork. So clever and rajin. Sangat impressive!!

Dan ini, peminat-peminat nak bergambar dengan pelukis berbakat. :)

After the show we watched another animal show (this time with seals, cats, otters, birds and rats etc.), took a walk around the park and the petting zoo area, took a boat ride to Monkey Island (the island is in the safari itself) and back to the main land.

This otter knows math!

Zara wants to take this pony home...

...and Sofea wants this one. *roll eyes*

Nuaym seemed bored at first...

...but after that he got interested. :)

Tok Wan and Mr. Camel, bonding session


I was informed that there are about 2000+ chicks altogether. Seriously.

Boat ride to Monkey Island,...

...where we bumped into HRH King Julien XIII.

The highlight of the safari visit was the ride on the safari truck. Waaaah... sangat bestttt!!! *two thumbs up* Very exciting and exhilarating, even for a makcik like me. The ride was super-bumpy and unpredictable, making it even more safari-realistic. I don't think we've ever had any other opportunities prior to this to get any closer to the wild animals. We were the ones "caged" in the truck, the animals got to roam free in their respective area(s).

Throughout the ride, I had the tune of Discovery Channel's National Geographic playing in my head.

The couple didn't seem too happy that we decided to drop by during their afternoon siesta

Magnificent creatures, tigers. I like!

This tiger looked cranky... we decided to get even closer. Heh heh.

Taking a swim to cool down

This sunbear looked friendly... or hungry?

The truck had to stop for a family of "Bambi" deer crossing the road

Mr. Camel wants to follow Tok Wan home, LOL!

Thank you to the hosts ya... *wink*

Balik ke bungalow tumpangan feeling super-tired but very much-entertained. :)

Had lunch, laid down on the bed to take a nap (elok sangatlah tu, makan heavy lunch and then go baring-baring :P), and tried to get some rest before our next outing on that same day... to the Cowboy Town. Yee-haa!!!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cuti-cuti A Famosa - Pt. 1

As the saying goes, rezeki jangan ditolak... :)

With that in mind, famyBoy and I agreed to accept my cousin's invitation to spend a weekend with her family at the A Fam0sa Res0rt in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. This was during last year's year end school holidays. Little did I know that she (my cousin Marz) had also invited several other families (her parents, my parents, my sis & her hubby, another aunty & uncle, my grandma, my other cousin's family *waves at Aidamira*) as well. So it ended up being a family reunion of sorts. Meriah & kecoh sungguh! hee hee hee. Tapi orang putih pun kata, "the more the merrier", kan? Very true, indeed.

We stayed in two separate bungalows. The bungalows came with their own private pools! And one had a kiddy pool cum private outdoor jacuzzi, with a view of a river that flows by the woods. So excuse me for being a bit  jakun. The bungalows are fully-furnished, with air conditioners in every room. Since this was an all-paid-for vacation (thank you v v v much, Marz & Ridz!!!), all we had to do was basically cuci kaki and move in for the weekend.

My kids and their cousins had a blast. Mana taknya? Unlimited access to the swimming pool!!!

Budak-budak main air sampai kecut jari-jemari tangan dan kaki. Haih. My nephew, Rifqi, i.e Aidamira's son, cried his eyes out when his Mama told him that it is time to get out of the pool. Seriously, dia takmo keluar!

Makanan 'ruji' during the weekend

We spent 3 days and 2 nights at the resort. Apart from splish-splashing in the pool, piggin' out on durians from the nearby dusun and lazing around in the huge living room feeling all bloated and kekenyangan, we went to The Safari Wonderland and The Cowboy Town, both located within the resort itself. Got pictures to share but have not chosen the ones to be uploaded. Next entry-lah ya? Stay tuned! Click click on the links below for more! :D

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Her Nine Lives, All Used Up

Exactly a month ago, today, I had to bid my cat Misha a final farewell. She was the famyFamily kitty-cat for 16 years and approximately 7.5 months.

I had had her since June 1996. She was about 6 weeks old when I brought her home (my rented apartment) for the first time.

She was a darling since Day 1. A very playful kitten with a very sweet face, very manja and smart. Throw her a ball and she would chase after it and bring it back to you. Believe me, I am not making this up. I used to throw small fluffy balls (those pet toys) and she'd fetch them for me. My then apartment-mate, Suzana, i.e. Misha's mak angkat, used to throw paper or tissue crumpled into a ball just to get Misha to play "go fetch". It was amusing and entertaining to watch.

Misha: 7 weeks old

Misha and her "go fetch" ball

Exhausted, after all the "fetching"

Misha was not only my special pet. She was also my best friend cum first baby. But she was so many other things too.

When I was still studying in the US, she was my teman tidur (she slept with me on my bed) and my teman jaga (she followed me around while I do stuff in the apartment). She was my teman sembang (she listened intently when I told her stories or shared my problems) and my teman makan (she either gobbled up her food too or just lazed around in the kitchen). She was my teman study & buat homework (she kept me company while I worked on my assignments or did last-minute studying for my exams). She was also my teman tengok TV (I watched TV, she slept on my lap or on the sofa), my teman memasak (sometimes she'd sit and watch while I cooked) and my teman buang sampah (she'd be playing or running around outside when I took out the trash).

(Geeky) Misha: 5 months old


Recognize the blanket?

After graduating from college, I returned home to Malaysia. Misha travelled with me. She endured and survived the long flight from NY to LAX to KL.

Years went by. I got married and had Sofea. My priorities changed. *I* changed. As much as I still love having Misha around, I had other responsibilities and lesser time to spend with her. Then Aidiin was born (and years after that Nuaym came into picture), so most of the kitty-care related duties have been delegated to famyBoy, resulting in lesser and lesser interaction between me and her. I regret this part the most actually. But nasi sudah menjadi bubur. I hope and pray that she'll forgive me for neglecting to show my affections to her like before.

famyBoy and I decided to get another cat, Harry, to keep Misha company while we carry on with our busy lives. Unfortunately, Misha and Harry didn't seem to 'click', so a union between the two was totally out of the question. But at least they keep each other company, despite all the meowing, hissing, chasing and the ignoring.

The week before Misha passed on we were out of town for a short weekend getaway, per my cousin's invitation. Somehow, I think she'd waited for us to return from our trip before leaving us, f o r e v e r. My biggest regret was not noticing the "signs" earlier. She didn't eat as much as before. She preferred to lie down and sleep on the bottom-est level of her cage although her favorite spot is at the topmost one (i.e. tingkat 3). She looked tired, although she was a very healthy and active cat for her age. She seemed quiet and reserved, tak ceria macam selalu.

That fateful morning, after hanging out laundry to dry, I walked over to her cage to put cat food in her dish. That was when I realized she was nowhere to be seen. I started to panic and searched frantically.

I found her lifeless body curled up in a sleeping position (her front paws under her chin), in her litter box!! I was in shock and disbelief. Feeling helpless, I ran into the house and rushed upstairs to inform famyBoy.

"I... I, I rasa, I rasa... Misha dah... Misha dah mati."


famyBoy jumped out of bed and immediately ran downstairs.

Minutes later I broke into tears and sobbed uncontrollably.

I stroked her soft fur (her coat still thick, shiny and no fleas; her ears free of ear mites) one last time before wiping her face and cleaning her body. famyBoy took an old napkin of Nuaym's to wrap Misha's body before we placed her in her little grave.

I got the kids to pay their last respects, i.e. say their goodbyes before Misha was buried. Sofea had tears in her eyes. Aidiin just stood there looking confused. Nuaym pointed to Misha and said, "Misha cat dah tidur."

I wanted to keep her collar as a keepsake but later changed my mind. So the flowery collar with the little bell was buried together with its owner.

Misha is gone. And this time, she's gone for good. That image of her, dead, is still vivid in my mind till today.

I pray that she is in a much better and happier place. One time, I thought I had already lost her, but Allah SWT had other plans and sent her back to me/us. Nonetheless, I still feel quite terkilan for not using that (second? third? forth? fifth?) chance to improve my relationship with her.

I still think about her and all the "what if(s)". I hope she knows that she will always, always have a special place in my heart.

I hope she knows that I loved her then (although I neglected to show it often) and I still love her now and that I miss her. We all do.

Misha was not only our pet kitty. She was also a member of the famyFamily.

Until we meet again someday, Misha, In shaa Allah. Till then, stay sweet as always...

Misha (May 1996 - Dec 2012)

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