Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Terima Pun Salah, Tak Terima Pun Salah

When your PART-TIME employer sends you an email on a Saturday evening with an assignment that will be due in 1.5 days (i.e. the following Monday!), does she *expect* you to work over the weekend?
It's not like I'd be paid extra pun if I did. Dahlah kiter ni setakat pekerja sambilan kecil-kecilan sahaja.

Declining the assigned job is like pushing away rezeki. But accepting it is like implying that the weekend familybondingqualitytime is not a priority... Dahlah last weekend pun kerja OT. Hmmm.

To accept or not to accept? Dilemma sungguh. But the look on famyBoy's face helped me answer the question.

But, but, but, why do I feel so guilty? *sigh*

Monday, September 24, 2012


I should at least *try* to start blogging again and/or take lots and lots and lots of pictures. Lagipun, I cannot rely on my memory forever, kan?

Diri ini terasa tua sudah.

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