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And He Speaks (and Speaks and Speaks)

I have finally compiled a list of Nuaym's most commonly-used words, in conjunction with his 2nd birthday, which was err... about 4.5 months ago on Jan 31, 2012. I know, I know, I am such a bad, bad, bad Ibu for not putting up an entry on time.

Nuaymish-English-Malay Dictionary

abbal "bantal" (pillow)

Abbanngg "Abang", when referring to his elder brother Aidiin.

aagi adik "Bagi kat Adik", i.e. Give (it) to Adik (him).

aagilaaaa "Bagilah", usually spoken in a loud, merengek manner (very irritating one), i.e. Give (it) to me, now!

ahr-fraim "aiskrim" (ice-cream)

ahr-fuam "air suam" (warm water)

ahr-plain "aeroplane", sometimes also used for helicopters. Ahr-plain was previously "ah-dee-daaa" (don't ask me why).

Alllaa... too-pah "Alaa... tumpah", i.e. Ohno, a spill. Usually followed by "Amik tee-syoo."

amiklaaa "Ambilkanlah", i.e. Take (it) for me, now!

and freyn "and Friend", referring to Thomas the Tank Engine (and Friends). Thomas is sometimes also known as Teeeet-teeeet.

Awwah Ke-bar "Allahu Akbar" Normally used when he hears the azan, or when he wants to tell that someone is performing his/her solat or when he wants to take part in performing the solat (in which he would be seen grabbing his little sejadah and dragging it around before doing the takbir, rukuk, and sujud). So cute, I like! :)
Also when pointing to or looking at a masjid or surau or any Quranic text or tulisan Jawi.

Al-Maaajid, Al-Waaajid referring to Asma-ul-Husna performed by the nasyeed group Hijjaz on Yo0tube, whenever he wants me to play it out loud on my phone, usually in bed when he is drinking milk before he falls asleep.

Assam-eykom "Assalamualaikum"

asyuk  referring to a blanket. This is to say that he wants to get under the covers.

Atok grandfather (can be either my dad or famyBoy's dad)

ayah dad, daddy (his dad, i.e. famyBoy) This is probably one of his earliest spoken words, apart from naak and nenen.

bahss "bas" (bus)

ball, say-pak ball, goal  for football, kick the ball, goal

baybee "baby", referring any little human being (although he/she may be older than him).

bay-lak "berak", poop. Sometimes "yak".

beck "beg" (bag)

beekot "biskut" (biscuit)

bobbomm to sleep or lie down

bo-bo-la ah-pong  "Bola Kampung" the series.

boiiboiiboii The one and only Boboiboi, of course. Ter-baekkk.

Boobaibee "Bumblebee", one of his favorite Autobots.

bubbye "bye bye"

burds "birds"

cheee-kern "chicken" or ayam

dah sahmpai  "dah sampai", i.e. We have arrived. Normally prefixed with Yayy!

deedee burds Angry Birds :)

deedee popp "lollipop" I guess Madame Lollies would then be Aunty Deedee then, eh? :P

dock "dog"

eee-yok The car that we're currently using. :P This is a weirrrrd one. When we first got the car, its alarm was very loud and it went something like 'eeee-yok, eeee-yok'. Nuaym likes to immitate the sound it makes. So now, even after the alarm has been replaced, he still refers to the car as "eee-yok".

eeowww "meow", i.e. cat. This is usually spoken in a very high-pitched voice.

ellphen "elephant"

finniiiish "finish"

fissh "fish" or ikan

fonn "telephone"

geeg-git I want a bite of [something]

Haaaaa!! to indicate Yes, or when expressing approval.

hallo "Hello"

iboo mom, mommy (me)

Kakkakk "Kakak", when referring to his elder sister Sofea.

kasyut shoes/sandals/sneakers

mahndee "mandi" (to take a bath)

mammam can either mean "food" or "eat". Usually prefixed with "nak".

mannnnak "banyak", as in a lot or many (in quantity).

moooon La Luna, of course. And also anything circular/round (except for ball), e.g coins, mints, circles, brooches etc.

naaaak "nak" (I want this/that/those).

nak ikott  "Nak ikut so-n-so" (I want to follow so-n-so).

nannak  "tak nak" (I don't want or don't want to). Usually followed by shaking of head indicating "No".

nasyik "nasi" (rice)

nee-ohh to sit on a chair or sofa or seat. This one is really weirrrrdd. It took me a while to figure this out. Seriously. But as it turned out, he would use the word "nee-ohh" and points to a chair/sofa/rocker/seat to indicate that he wants to sit on/in it. Now we all say, "Nuaym nee-ohh", whenever we wanted him to sit down, and he would oblige.

Nee-nee-mus Pwime "Optimus Prime", leader of the Autobots

Nennek grandmother (my mom)

Noo-aiym, Adik as in referring to himself

nyerrr "punya", belongs to, e.g. Abbangg nyerrr (belongs to big brother). But normally all things belong to Noo-aiym.

ooo-kakk pittu (sometimes pintu) "bukak pintu" means open the door, or do not close the door.

ottobotts "Autobots", any Transformers bearing the Autobots insigna

oh-yo "Oreo"

pahn-daii "pandai" (clever) Usually followed by clapping of hands and a Yayy.

pattah "patah" (Anything that is broken)

pipin pipin Upin & Ipin

pray-ter or voo voom "kereta", car/van

saaayaaangg "sayang" (love) which, to him, actually means to hug someone or be hugged by someone

seek-belk "seat belt"

syokelat "chocolate" (as in syusyu syokelat or a candy bar)

staaar anything star-shaped, including nuggets and Honey-stars cereal

syoop "soup" or anything with gravy

syusyu "susu", i.e. milk

tee-bee "TV"

tee-syoo "tissue", usually comes after "Alllaaa... toopah."

toolees "tulis", i.e. write/draw/color using a writing instrument (read: conteng)

treyn "train"

too-won "turun" (come down or go downstairs)

twuck truck

Uwan grandmother (famyBoy's mom)

Wa-aiy-komsalam "Waalaikummussalam"

woosh-shen "wash hands"

Yayy to express joy and happiness, normally after accomplishing something or arriving somewhere.

He is extra chatty nowadays (as opposed to 6 months ago), expecially when he is able to communicate better and be understood by those listening to him. He is able to string 3-4 words together to form sentences.. Penat nak melayan, tapi tersangatlah adorable-nya.

Iboo, Noo-aiym nak bikut. Noo-aiym nak cheee-kern.

Abbangg, ukak pittu. Ukaklaaa. (same context used for Kakkakk)

Noo-aiym nak mahndee. Or the opposite. Noo-aiym nannak mahndee.

Kakkakk, bahss!! Kakkakk, too-won!!

Alllaaa... Boobaibee dah pattah.


Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that it has been 2 years since I gave birth to the little darling. Maybe because I still carry my pregnancy weight even after all these years *sob sob*

I pray that Allah SWT will shower him with His bounties, bestow upon him His blessings and protect him from harm. May he grow up to be a righteous and successful Muslim, both in this world and the next. Happy Birthday My Petit Pwince Nuaym.

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