Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Interesting how a new haircut can make or break your day... Lucky for me, mine is somewhere in between. *grin*

Tengah layan lagu ini dan juga ini sambil menyiapkan assignment yang due, errr... esok. La la la.

Juga tengah melayan Le Petit Pwince Nuaym yang dari tadi sedang craving for attention. Alahai, Ibu nak work-lah, Sayang...

How to say 'No' to this face??? *melts*

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sedetik Lebih

Truthfully, I do not know why I am putting up a post today (i.e. after such a looooooong hiatus).


Mungkin sebab today is a special day.

May Allah SWT, out of His Mercy, bestow upon us His Blessings, guide us and keep us on the Straight Path, improve our affairs and purify us for the Hereafter so that we may enter into the highest levels of Jannah. May we continue to find ways to seek His Pleasure in whatever we do. Ameen.

Adakah meng-'update blog more often' salah satu resolusi bagi tahun 1433H ini? Hmmm... we'll see. Takmo make empty promises.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

12 Years

Our 12th year, today, and his question to me was, "Tiga saja ke?"

Errr... awak biar betul, famyBoy! Be careful what you wish for... :P


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