Monday, January 31, 2011


A year has passed...


Lots of love, hugs, kisses, tickles and cuddles from Ibu, Ayah, Kakak & Abang.

May Allah shower you with His bounties, bestow upon you His blessings and protect you from harm. May you grow up to be a righteous and successful Muslim, both in this world and the next. Ameen.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Panic Tak Tentu Pasal

This morning, after he got off the bus, I saw Aidiin 'limp' his way across the road and into our house gate. Normally, once the bus driver drives away, he would cross the road and run excitedly to the house.

So, saya berasa teramat alarmed bila melihatkan dia jalan slow-slow macam tu, macam tengah control sakit. In fact he looked like he was almost waddling, macam anak itik Tok Wi yang seekor tu. Tak pun berjalan ala-ala Si Frankenstein. Melangkah setapak demi setapak demi setapak.

Abang?? Why are you walking like that?!! Did you fall and hurt yourself???!!

I expected him to break into tears and wail in pain.

Taaakk... Ni... *points to feet* Abang ter-pakai kasut sekolah Kakak. *smiles sheepishly* Tadi Abang tak perasanlaa Ibu...

Lerrr... kartun sungguh budak ni. And the moral of the story is... Sometimes, you should NOT try to put yourself in other people's shoes (especially when that other person's shoes are 4 sizes bigger).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Year 1 Student in 2011

Pejam celik pejam celik it's been 2 weeks since Aidiin's first day in Year 1@SKBeeJay. Tapi kalau nak kira Hari Orientasi, dah 17 days altogether.

Kejap je eh masa berlalu? Hmmm... But of course, seperti biasa Ibu is delinquent in her blog updates, maka hari ni baru nak share cerita. hee hee hee.

Alhamdulillah, he seems to enjoy his new academic life, although he complained about being penaaaaaat-lah upon returning home on the first day. Oh and he has voiced some err... 'concerns' that this year might be tough for him coz nanti sure dia ada banyak homework. HAHAHA. Sungguh amused Ibu mendengarnya, especially since so far I have not seen any homework being assigned to him by his teachers, and the buku-buku tulis yang dia bawak to school masih belum ada isi di dalamnya. :P

Some things I observed:
- He adjusted and adapted well to his new environment. Tak nampak panic or nervous pun. He even went to the toilet on his own on Orientation Day. Alhamdulillah... The truth is I was more nervous than him.

- He is err... quite small for his age. Petite gitu. I had to buy the smallest sized baju melayu, kemeja and pants for him. Pants dah dihantar alter, tapi masih kena lipat sekali bila pakai. Harapannya, he will grow taller and bigger by mid year.
Rasanya ramai budak-budak lain yang jauh lebih besar dari dia, girls included. Apa mak diorang bagi makan eh? Takpe Abang, biarlah Abang jadi macam formula pekat Downy tu, kecil-kecil cili padiiii! :)

- According to his class teacher (based on her observation after the 1st week of school) he has good PR with the teachers (Amboi, amboi!) and he is very friendly, cheerful and helpful, both to teachers and classmates alike. Jangan sampai kerja sendiri tak siap ya Abang, sebab sibuk dok menolong sana-sini. I am thankful, though, that I am blessed with an unselfish child.

- He appears to be more stingy careful with his belongings, namely his stationeries, dah 2 minggu masih takde benda hilang lagi, unlike his sister when she first started school.

- He is more 'cekap' than his sister was in terms of survival. On the 2nd day of school, despite already bringing nuggets as bekal, he had requested for pocket money. What for? I asked. His reply was, "Kot-kot Aidiin nak beli jelly ke, buah ke, air ke..." Sofea started asking for pocket money only after her 7th month of school in Year 1.

- On his 2nd and 3rd day of school, he has 'mastered' the skill to use the public phone, and he has made 2 calls to his Nenek, both around 3:15pm, i.e. during recess. His Nenek had called me up on the morning of the 4th day... "Pesan kat Aidiin tu, jangan asyik dok main telefon, Mama risau nanti dia tak sempat nak makan."

- He claimed that his right arm is now extra lenguh due to too much coloring. *This*, somehow, I'd already expected to hear.

Good Luck to you for the rest of your academic year, Abang! Ni baru nak masuk minggu ke-3! :D

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