Saturday, August 14, 2010

Aidiin Turns 6

Actual birthday entry can be found HERE.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Time

This year's Ramadhan is Aidiin's first attempt at fasting, officially that is.

Last year he did puasa yang-yok by having breakfast at home before going to school (where he'd skip lunch and tea time), tapi masa nak balik cikgu bagi biskut to eat in the car sebab dia kata dia terlalu lapar. :P

Anyways, this year he is determined to try and fast like Ayah, Ibu and Kakak.

Before going to bed the night before yesterday, after reciting the niyat to puasa, he reminded me that he wanted to be woken up at 5am for sahur. Ibu jangan lupa kejut Aidiin ok? Ok Ok Ok Ibu tak lupa. Maka Ibu pun dengan segera meng-set-kan alarm clocks yang ada, campur dengan alarm handphone lagi sebab takut tak terjaga nak kejut semua orang. Pressure pressure. Malam tu tidur pun tak nyenyak, asyik terbangun to check if alarm dah go off or not. First night ler katakan...

So we had our first sahur together yesterday, me, famyBoy, Sofea and Aidiin. The kids had white rice with telur goreng, while famyBoy and I shared leftover nasi beriani gam (ayam). I had my compulsory mug of Nescafe and some dates. I was sorta rushing to do this and that whilst keeping an ear on Nuaym, hoping that he would not wake up asking for his nenen.

So far so good,.. timing cantik, attitude semuanya bagus, semangat berkobar-kobar. We tuned in to Astro Oasis melayan alunan zikir while waiting for azan Subuh. Lepas solat Subuh, I told Aidiin he could take a nap before mandi and going to school if he wanted to and he happily obliged. Letak kepala terus jalan punya case. :)

Alhamdulillah, the first day of sahur went smoothly.

When he returned home from school, I asked him how his day was.

Aidiin puasa lagi tak? Puasa, he replied.

Teacher tak bagi makanan kat sekolah? Tak. *geleng kepala*

Aidiin rasa okay? Aidiin okay... Lemah je bunyinya although determination masih ada.

(20 minutes later)

With the Transformers tumbler in his right hand, he looked at me with pleading eyes and asked if it was okay for him to take a sip of water because he was "thirsty sangat".

Err... tak bolehlah Aidiin. Ada lagi 1 hour je nak bukak puasa. Kan Aidiin nak puasa penuh satu hari. Aidiin kata nak color semua boxes kat paper Ramadhan tu... (Thank you to AlimKids!!)

Aidiin tahan sikiiiiit saja lagi boleh?? Mmmmm.... *angguk kepala*

So, he dengan longlai, placed the tumbler back in its place and sat terpelosok kat sofa (looking like a crumpled piece of paper) and fell asleep, sampai ternganga lagi. Rasa sebak Ibu tengok. When I woke him up before azan, he could barely stand up. Masa berbuka pun macam tak lalu nak makan. He told me he only wanted to drink.

I helped feed him the first few suaps because he was too tired to lift his hand. Kesian pun ada, nak senyum pun ada. Slowly and steadily, dia telan nasi putih with ayam masak merah that I fed him. Soon after, his energy returned and he was his usual cheeky self, mulut dah start pot-pet-pot-pet like before. :P

But hey hey hey, he did it! He had fasted a full day! Well done, Abang!! *hugs* Ibu is proud of you.

And what about today (and the days that follow)? Kita tunggu dan lihatlah. :) May Allah make it easy for him.


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