Friday, July 09, 2010

(Waayyy Belated) 5th Birthday Entry

The other day, I overheard Aidiin telling his sister that it's already the month of July and pretty soon August 14th will arrive and he'll officially be six years old. He was sharing with her his ideas on possible designs for his birthday cake.

OMG OMG OMG... I forgot (or rather tak make time) to blog about Aidiin's 5th birthday, LAST YEAR!! *hangs head in shame*

Ah well, just consider this a waayyy belated birthday entry for the birthday boy then...


But but but... Alamak! How am I supposed to backdate my thoughts and observations?? *garu kepala*

Errr... kata orang, pictures speak a thousand words kan? Mujurlah ada amik beberapa gambar masa birthday party dia kat sekolah last year. So, let me share with you some of those captured moments. ;)

The sun was shining on Aidiin's 5th birthday

His birthday cake and favors... Bak kata Optimus Prime, "Autobots, transform and roll out!" :)
Note: Cake from ResipiRahsia and party favors (i.e. sugar cookies) from Pn Gart d' Blue

The birthday boy of course...

Aidiin distributing the Transformers cookies to his friends

Kanak-kanak girang

As you can see, he has outgrown his 'Thomas & Friends' era and has ventured into transforming robots instead. How/When/Why did he get himself 'terjebak' into this deserves an entry of its own. Kalau tak pun I shall include it in his upcoming (6th) birthday entry.

Hmm... but a birthday entry wouldn't be complete without some updates on milestones or accomplishments so I'll try to recall how he has progressed and changed (or not!! :P) between the years 2008 and 2009. This is not an easy task but I will try my very best.


1. Homework/Schoolwork is (still) a chore for him. His shoulder would 'drop' when I ask him about homework or assign him some exercises from the workbooks we have at home. Nak marah pun ada, nak tergelak pun ada.
2. He is (still) Ibu's badut cum entertainer. He says the most unexpected things at the most unexpected yet appropriate times. :) Take this as an example.
3. He has improved tremendously in terms of independent reading, both in BM and English. Alhamdulillah. Ibu is very proud of you, darling! I guess I was being overly-worried before (like all mothers?? heh).
4. He's got very nice handwriting, much to my surprise. Tulisan Rumi AND Jawi, both very neat!! And his numbers are not that bad too. :) Remember the time when he attempted to write his own name? Well, let's just say he has come a loooonnngg way since then.
5. From my observation, he hasn't grown much in size. But his pants have mostly become senteng, so he must've grown taller since the previous year.
6. His favorite food is nasi. With ayam masak merah or sambal or kari of sort. Kicap kalau nak bubuh, kena sikiiiit saja.
7. He still drinks milk from the bottle (shhhhhh!!! don't tell him I told you! hee hee hee). He usually gets his daily doses of susu botol early morning before mandi and at night before bed.

Lastly, a birthday wish for the birthday boy... HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY AIDIIN!! Semoga membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dan beroleh kejayaan dan kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.

Edited to add:
Hmmm... since there are 7 milestones recorded *points up*, I wonder if I could also consider this entry as my waayyy belated response to ipohmom's "7 Things" tag... *winks kat maryam* Boleh ya?? hee hee hee.


zan said...

yelahhh i think u missed his 5th birthday coz i don't remember seeing this cake. Masa 4th b'day is thomas cookies dari cik gart kan?

tak lama jer lagi august n he'll turn to i guess both of us has to come with an entry aye hehehe..

famygirl said...

zan: PUAN gart :P yes, it was thomas cookies for his 4th birthday. transformers cookies for his 5th. 6th birthday ni masih dalam perancangan.

ahah lah, both of us will have the aug 14 deadline :)

SabrinaWM said...

Yesterday dah 6th bday -- be-early pulak ke? (that's Aina's term for celebrating bday earlier). I too.. didn't blog on his bday -- 2 years too late! Actually haven't been blogging for quite sometime.

Happy bday to Aidiin - Alif's "most closest" friend now - to bad he missed the celebration in school, yet again this year

famyGirl said...

sabrina: sorry I missed your comment before sbb tak perasan, hence it went unmoderated. errr... we celebrated this year on Aug 9, be-early, yes :) sebab nak buat before puasa starts. Alif was there on that day and in fact, I think my husband took pictures of them together too. Nanti bila I ada masa, I'll upload or email you ok.


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