Saturday, May 15, 2010

She's Nine

Sofea turned 9 years old two days ago. Happy Birthday, Kakak!!! :D *hugs n kisses*

Cuppies from here (thanx Titi! :D) for her classmates

On the morning of her birthday, she told me she wanted her own faceb00k account.

"Whatever for??" I asked. Amused bercampur surprised.

"Mmm... saja-sajalah. Ramai kawan-kawan Kakak yang dah ada."

Sheesh... talk about peer pressure. She even showed me a list of names untuk di-'Add as Friend' nanti. Amboi amboi.

During breakfast that same morning, I sorta gave her a mini lecture about how big she has grown, now that she's NINE. How she's got different roles to play. How important it is to manage her time well, not to dilly-dally, especially masa mandi and makan. How she should take care of herself, behave well and be a good example to her brothers. I wonder if she managed to 'swallow' everything I said at that time like she was swallowing her roti sapu with nutella.

Talking about her different roles, let's see how she is faring in them so far.

As a Student

Because I haven't been actively updating my blog, I have failed to mention that she has been selected to become a school prefect this year. Maklumlah the Tahun 3 kids are the most senior students in the afternoon session. I think almost 3/4 of her classmates were selected as prefects, so during assembly, yakni when the prefects go on duty, her class punya line-up nampak kontot saja. :)

She is doing very well academically, in both schools. Alhamdulillah. Each time tibanya musim exams, I would be the one to panic, feel feverish lenguh lemah seluruh badan segala, whereas she'd be all rilekkkk sajer. Grrrr. This year, I haven't been able to breathe down her neck as often as the previous two years because I'm mostly busy with the baby. Tapi I would still 'remote control' and bebel from the next room. :P

As a Kakak (Big Sister)

Sofea is very gentle and great with the baby. I pun amazed sebenarnya. Kira boleh haraplah untuk jaga and entertain adik, although I still forbid her from carrying Nuaym without an adult nearby. She never fails to amuse her little brother and on several occasions I'd catch him smiling and grinning at her. Apakah agaknya yang kelakar sangat tu?

With Aidiin, she finds her partner in crime, her confidante. Ada saja projek dua beradik ni when they are together. Of course, ada masanya baik dan mesra sesangat, ada masa argue sampai ada sorang end up in tears. Love-hate relationship-lah, bak kata orang.

Both of them signed up for weekly taekwondo lessons sometime in March. They have just gone through their first grading test last month and both have passed (*phew!* legaaaaaa Ibu! :)) and have been awarded their upgrade certificates and yellow belts. This picture was taken by famyBoy on the test day morning. I didn't get to witness the actual event as I was at home with Nuaym.

Berbekalkan semangat Malaysia Boleh

I am thankful that all my kids get along fine and enjoy each other's company. No sibling rivalry, jealousy, resentment dan seumpamanya, not even with the baby. Alhamdulillah. Setakat bickering nak berebut the last piece of keropok, berebut remote TV, si dia 'report' pasal si dia, si dia komplen si dia takmo bagi pinjam eraser, tu perkara biasalah.

I pray that they will continue to love, respect and care for one another sampai bila-bila, lagi-lagi when famyBoy and I are no longer around.

As a Daughter

She's still the loving, manja-manja daughter that she used to be. Still Ayah's Now-Not-So-Little Girl by character. :)

She made me a card as a Mothers' Day gift recently. It took her several days to finish, what with having to study for exams and homework and whatnot. In order to make it, she had to ask me permission to borrow my crafting supplies. The best part was watching her uncomfortable self fumbling to provide me with a satisfactory answer (not wanting to lie but not wanting to tell the whole truth) as to why she needed to borrow them. Ibu tanya dia soalan bertubi-tubi. hee hee hee.

famyBoy and I still need to constantly remind and nag nag nag her about her tak-boleh-pakai time management skills. The fact is she is still very the 'la-la' and dreamy. *sigh* But despite these 'imperfections', we love her to bits and we are proud of all that she has achieved.

She will forever be The Pwincess in the family.

As a Muslimah

I try to frequently remind her how her thoughts and actions in her daily activities should be catered towards pleasing Allah. This is a reminder for me too, actually. We all want to become candidates for Paradise, don't we?

She should be thankful for Allah has blessed her with health, rupa yang elok, otak yang cerdas, two parents, two siblings, a house to stay in where she gets her own room, rezeki yang cukup, opportunities to go to school and study and have friends.

Jangan tinggal solat (Alhamdulillah, so far takde issues tapi kadang-kadang kena monitor juga sebab lewat) dan mengaji (she is now under the pre-khatam program in KAFA). May she be istiqamah in her efforts.


As for me, I am grateful for He has given me the opportunity to mother Sofea and her brothers (as challenging as they are... hmmm). May He bestow upon me guidance and shower me with banyak-banyak patience to raise and nurture them to become successful muslims and muslimah, both in this world and the hereafter.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Sukanya Dia...

Took these 'happy shots' using my phone (yang cameranya tidak begitu canggih, hence the blurry images) last Friday. This is 3-month-old Nuaym after he's done nursing, and baru lepas di-burp-kan.

Reminds me of that saying... Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut suka hati!! :D


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