Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've always wanted to do this...

...i.e. to get my own pregnancy ticker. Kempunan sejak anak pertama lagi tuuu. Kinda late since the baby is almost due, but never mindlah. Biarlah saya syok sendiri.

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Boy oh boy oh boy... mana nak start eh? I thought after the last entry *scrolls down to check date* on Nov 17th, I would be more diligent in updating ze beloved blog. But noooo... *blush*
I don't have any excuses for abandoning the blog (what more nak blog-hop merata-rata), apart from just plain letih most of the time bercampur dengan sedikit rasa malas, err... actually a lot rasa malas. hee hee.


It's halfway thru December, which means there are only 2 more weeks left in the year 2009.

This Friday akan masuk Tahun Baru 1431H untuk kita umat Islam. I have not found time to sit back and recall the happenings during the past few months, untuk muhasabah diri, to think about the goals that I have accomplished (or not?!) and make plans for improvements in the upcoming year. Nak harapkan blog sebagai main reference pun tak boleh sebab tak religiously update each month. Salah siapa?? Sendiri mau tengok cermin.

As cliche as it may sound, time does fly by fast, although I feel that I've been carrying this huge tummy since forever. Muscles perut dah weak kot, the baby feels extra heavy lately. According to kiraan doctor, based on the baby's head circumference and tulang peha measurements, I'm about 32 weeks through my pregnancy at the mo. Cepat jugak ya kalau nak diikutkan, but the last few weeks ni yang rasa d r a g g i n g sesangat. Anxious and panicky feelings toksah cakaplah, can't stop myself from worrying about almost everything. Dengan nak prepare for baby's arrival, Sofea's school stuff for next year (termasuk extra pairs of black shoes and pengawas uniforms), expenses untuk segala-gala, thinking about labor and delivery (3rd time tapi still rasa nervous...yikes!), neverending household chores and bla bla de bla. Nesting instinct dah lama terasa dah... cuma badan dah tak larat nak melayan. I am thankful that Aidiin has another year before he goes to Tahun 1. Kalu tidak bertambah serabutlah kepala makcik.

Culinary-baking-wise, no updates either. The 'bakery', as my cousin's husband calls it, is closed until after my confinement or perhaps even longer :P Not been cooking much either... kalau masak pun yang simple-simple je, and enuff to become tomorrow's lunch and/or dinner. Sometimes we just tapau lauk and cook rice at home. Sometimes my mom volunteers to masak extra of whatever she happened to masak that day, so we get tapau-ed food packed in tupperwares (and labeled accordingly). Muka tak malu? Tak kisahlah, rezeki jangan ditolak maa...

I have been behind in my readings too, which is kinda disappointing. Sometime in July, I made a list of To Read books (which I failed to disclose in the blog atas sebab-sebab malas yang tak dapat dielakkan), and I'm ashamed to admit, out of the 15 or so titles on the list, I only managed to finish reading four books up till now, two of which are pregnancy-related books kerana dikategorikan sebagai bahan bacaan 'wajib'. I hope things'll change lepas beranak. Maybe can play catch-up reading masa dalam pantang. One can only hope/dream... as if ada banyaaaaaak sangat masa nanti hahaha.

We had to cancel our year end CutiSekolah-Out-n-About plans because I was advised not to go on long distance trips. So, the next CutiSekolah-Out-n-About trip would be sometime in June 2010 kot... insyaAllah if all goes well. We'd have an extra 'little traveller' with us then and we'd have to angkut diapers and baby stuff merata-rata nanti. Oh boy! Kena start all over...

I made a list of potential topics that I wanted to blog about but I'd misplaced that list and gave up trying to locate it...

- I wanted to tell you how famyBoy and I managed to fish Misha out of the drain. Giler overdue dah entry ni.

- I wanted to share with you pictures that were taken during Aidiin's 5th birthday, the milestones he has reached so far, plus his newfound interest in everything Transf0rmers (aka kisah 'midlife crisis' yang telah melanda famyBoy :P).

With Autobot Hot Shot (from Transf0rmers Cybertr0n)

- I wanted to write about our Eid-ul-Fitr '09 cum CutiSekolah-Out-n-About trip to Penang. Got pictures to show too, but masih dalam memory card, tak transfer ke PC pun lagi.

- I wanted to dedicate a lovey-dovey entry for famyBoy sempena our 10th anniversary as pasangan suami isteri. Alhamdulillah, dah 10 tahun melalui ups and downs together... satu achievement besar tu! :D
I love you Darling, and I pray that Allah will continue to bestow His blessings on our marriage and that our love will grow stronger over time, in strength and unity of heart and soul and mind. May He grant us patience and guidance as parents to raise and nurture our children so that they'll grow up to become respectful and successful muslim & muslimah. Thank you for my hadiah... *hatiku berbunga-bunga* and I hope you like your gift too. ;)

- I wanted to share with you about my 'tensi-ness' during Sofea's exam weeks due to not having the mood or energy to support and help her with studies like the year before, namely because I was mostly feeling nauseous and giddy and tired, but Alhamdulillah, she managed to pull through regardless.

- And of course, I wanted to write more about being pregnant for the 3rd time. I had wanted to tell you about the day the baby didn't move, twitch nor wriggle AT ALL, and it scared me to bits. I cucuk-ed sana, cucuk-ed sini, still dia takmo gerak walau sedikitpun. I think it was due to me taking too much medications the night before (I had a very bad headache and was on Panadol).

- I wanted to post an entry about one of my checkups. The first time both Sofea and Aidiin tagged along to "see" Adik during the ultrasound, Adik actually turned his head and faced them, so we got to see the eyes and little nose and mouth. Lepas tu dia angkat tangan and macam waved pulak. Sofea and Aidiin were excited. Ibu pun excited sebenarnya. :)

- I also wanted to errr... 'komplen' sebab nowadays baby teramat aktif bergerak, sampai Ibu almost always failed to get a good night's sleep. Tapi takpe, it's a sign that baby is healthy and kickin'. What we mommies have to go through... hmmm.

By now the above entries would've become basi entries. I have not decided whether I'll try to squeeeeze them all into the blog within these next two weeks or just write them whenever I feel like writing them, even if means posting them next year! We'll see how lah. I'll let the pregnancy hormones and the baby decide my blogging mood. :P

My attempts at photographing Kakak & Abang during the recent Eid-ul-Adha celebration

Before 2009 melabuhkan tirainya, and in case I tak sempat nak update blog within the next few days/week, I'd like to wish all Muslim friends Salam Maal Hijrah 1431H. Semoga amalan kita sepanjang tahun ini diterima Allah. May He shower us with His blessings, accept our doas and deeds and guide us towards His straight path so that we can continuously improve ourselves to become better Muslims in future. Nanti jangan lupa recite doa akhir tahun dan doa awal tahun y'all.

Oh oh oh before I forget, I also want to take this opportunity to seek your forgiveness for any shortcomings on my part, may they be in words or actions. Maaf Zahir Batin ya?

Also, Happy 2010 in advance! Wishing you lurve, happiness, health, wealth (and babies!) in abundance. :D


OO said...

I am lost for words lepas tengok gambau you here..I can feel the pain!!! Really, rasa sangat kalau I lah tentu tak leh bangun dah, maklum lah even now dok sengal sana-sini, heh.

Well, I am actually embracing the new year of hijrah with such a melodramatic, sentimental mood (talking about being "over") would be too many words to write but all in all, Thank You Allah for everything ..

I hope you will have a smooth delivery, a healthy baby and semoga murah rezeki, hopefully the coming year (the present one too) will become a year where all of us will prosper..HUGSSSSSS.....(auww! sakit tak tummy kena hugs?? okay, okay...side-hugs then ;-))


butterflutter said...

Life has been hectic no? I can imagine you lah. Take it easy dear, buat apa yg patut. Blog ni bila2 ada masa baru update.

Let us know when u dah bersalin. Shd visit u this time :-) Nak tumpang cium baby.

Anonymous said...

baru 32? i thought dah meletup ke hape

atiza said...

blog sensawang..FB pun's's understandable.. nonetheless, I'm really excited to hear/read about your household's 'newcomer'..dah set aside maternity bag beside the stairs?

heheh..take it easy babe..

and..good luck! (u'll need those coz it'll hurt like h*ll - unless u opted for C section though)

famygirl said...

OO: ooohhhh memang 'pain' pon. everything i do takes triple the effort and double the time. sengal sakit pinggang lenguh takyah cerita laa...

i have so many hopes and dreams for this new year. rasa mcm2 nak improvements nak buat. kena tunggu lepas beranak baru sort things out.

thank you for you doa... :) Amin. *hugs* balik

BF: insyaAllah. bila baby dah keluar, kena update blog juga HAHA

screw: belum meletup, tapi rasa nak meletup anytime :P

atiza: bag maternity belum pack lagi tapi baju2 baby baru cuci :)
hohoho awak takyah citer how it's gonna hurt. i have a good memory when it comes to painful experiences hahaha. tapi the 'reward' lepas tu makes it all worthwhile :)

zan said...

wahh banyaknya nak cerita but this entry sums it all..agak2 bila baby tido , bolehlah you blogging balik. just look at mine, dah 3 bulan dah tak update te hehe..

anyway, sms bila dah kat hospital next mth.

btw, i pun excited dengar the baby tilted and waved...bestnya!!

famyGirl said...

zan: sorry sorry... tak perasan ada comment awak kat sini. maklumlah saya dah lama tak memblog atau memblog-hop :P

insyaAllah, kalau teringat i will definitely sms bila dah masuk hospital. in case terlupa, rest assured bila baby dah selamat di-deliver, you will be notified :)


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