Friday, October 02, 2009

Mommy Talk

*dusts off sesawang yang ada kat blog*

First and foremost, Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin to all!! Hope your Eid celebration was merry meriah with family and friends, dipenuhi gelak-tawa, gurau-senda and lurve...

I've been asked many times by several individuals (you know who you are :)) to update... Ramai yang dok tanya-tanya about the current pregnancy, maka dengan itu, here I am sitting here, typing this entry out... and finally updating this blog. *blush*

I felt the baby move for the first time about 3 weeks ago. A sharp jab on the left side of my belly. Despite this being my 3rd pregnancy, the 'thrill' is still indescribable. And since this is probably going to be my last pregnancy (unless Allah has other plans *wink*), I will attempt to savor every 'being pregnant' moment, big and small, painful and otherwise.

I remember exactly when I felt Sofea move for the first time. It was at a traffic light in Subang Jaya. I initially dismissed the 'flutter' as angin (gas), but it was a reoccuring feeling. Like a little fish swimming rigorously in my tummy. It felt very ticklish, but in a good way. I have no recollection whatsoever the first time I felt Aidiin move/kick/stretch. I tried so hard to remember but nothing seems to come to mind... hmmm. I only remember him being very active during the later months, and I had trouble lying down or sleeping because whenever I became inactive, he started to become super-active.

It's kinda strange... although this is the 3rd time, I *still* get excited when I read about the baby's developments in each week. Macam first time pregnant pulak. :P Not that I'm being mengada-ngada, but honestly, this 3rd pregnancy feels like a whole new experience. Maybe because it's been 5 years since I last conceived. Maybe because I was trying really hard to get pregnant since last year.

If you happened to be in my circle of close(st) friends, you'd know that I am one of the (unfortunate?) women who has irregular menses, so it was almost impossible to determine my fertile period and whatnot. Some months there were no eggs produced at all, much to my dismay. I was on hormone pills and some form of medication to help 'fix' the problem. Doctor cakap saya 'stressed'... relax, take it easy, katanya. But but but, siapa yang tak jadi stressed if dah amik medication pun tak menjadi? Last time, with Aidiin, I was on hormone pills for more than a year. *sigh*

Did I feel disappointed when the results were negative? Yes, I admit, a little bit-lah. But I still believed that Allah has determined what's best for me. I know if it's the right time (and only He knows when that is), He'll bless me with another child. If He has determined that I'd only have 2 children, I'll accept that too dengan redha. Namun saya terus bertawakkal dan terus berdoa, without fail.

When I was confirmed pregnant last June, I was exhilarated. Rasa nak melompat-lompat, nak buat somersault pun ada. I felt relieved that I no longer needed to consume ubat-ubatan (costly process it was, if I may add) that often made me feel nauseous. Thankfully, for me it was just oral medications, I know other women who had to go through the hassle (and pain?) of getting hormone shots etc etc in their attempts to conceive.

But this time around (before the baby's first kick, that is), funnily enuff, if not for my starting-to-protude belly and missed periods each month, I don't really 'feel' pregnant. The only times I felt pregnant were during my prenatal checkups when I got to see my baby during the ultrasound. Masa tu baru terpikir... "Gosh, this is really happening. There really IS a baby in my tummy!!" And deep down inside, I'd be thanking Allah over and over for this special gift.

I am in my 21st week now... (yeah baby, I'm halfway there!!) Mabuk pun tak teruk sangat although I still get my occasional headaches and lenguh-lenguh kaki. I still can't sit in front of the PC too long though. Sakit pinggang and b*ntot!! Makcik dah tua... pain threshold has gone very, very low. Oh and I get breathless and I tire easily. :(

Mengidam ke? I don't crave any particular food so far. I guess whatever I felt like consuming are makanans that are easily obtainable (in Klang Valley je, in the neighborhood pun ada). famyBoy should be thankful for this... he doesn't have to go hunting for 'exotic' food stuff for his pregnant wife!

Hmm... what else ya? Boy or girl? Tanya sama hati, since I've been given a girl AND a boy before, this 3rd child can be either... kira 'bonus' gitu... Janji sempurna sifat, sihat, cerdik, elok paras rupa, jadi anak yang soleh/solehah... Ibu dah cukup gumbira.

I share with you baby's latest photo... belum keluar dari perut Ibu dah ada album gambar sendiri. :)

At 21 weeks

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