Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Lack of Updates

Yikes!! 2 months has passed since my last update! Has it really, really been that long??? *in denial*

Blame it on my 'alahan' towards the computer screen. Somehow staring at the screen too long makes me nauseous. Seriously. Nak post an entry on the blog rasa tak kuasa, nak go blog-hopping pun tak larat. Status kat FB pun tak ber-update sekian lama.

Actually, I've been occupied with other things too. Tapikan, nak kata kiter sibuk due to work, tak juga. Hmmm... Perhaps it is just plain m-a-l-a-s. Korang decide-lah. :P

Dah halfway thru Ramadhan 1430H... how fast time flies kan? Hope you luvelies are in the best of health and may our ibadah during this blessed month be accepted by Allah SWT. Let us all strive for the miracles of Laylatul Qadr. May He grant us strength, patience, perseverance, steadfastness, commitment and determination to multiply our efforts to find this special night. May He make it easy for us, In shaa Allah.


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