Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is indeed a month of blessings... I'll tell you why.

Firstly, ze missing kitty, has returned!! We found her (or rather we 'heard' her) from the underground drain at the front of our house exactly 3 weeks after the first night she went MIA. She'd lost her daisies collar and looked slightly thin and haggard, but most importantly, she came back! And she's ALIVE!! How we succeeded to get her out of the drain deserves an entry of its own, so I'll write more about that later. Tungguuuu...

Then, we (me+the kids) were fortunate enough to be able to tag along while famyBoy worked in Terengganu. It became an impromptu Cuti-Sekolah-Out-n-About vacation for us... woo hoo hoooo!!!

Bercanda di pasiran pantai

I had already made peace with the possibility of having to stay@home alone with my hyperactive kids during the 2 weeks school break. Tup tup dapat gi jalan-jalan pulak. The best part was that we managed to get Misha out of the drain the very morning before we left for our trip. Leganya... at least our minds were at ease during the vacation. Dapatlah enjoy the hotel stay, the keropok lekor, the beach and the swimming pool. Takdelah risau whether she'd be cold and starving, if she'd found anything that's worthy of eating. Whether she'd still be there in the drain (or gone missing again) or if she'd still be alive when we return from our 6 days' trip.

Have not uploaded the other Cuti-Sekolah-Out-n-About pictures... sebab saya tersangat m a l a s. heh. Nanti-nantilah...

And lastly, of course, there's the other berita gumbira. I was super-nervous but very much eager to find out even when my actual (monthly) appointment with my obgyn was scheduled to take place next week. Felt a bit musykil the first time (takut I was being too hopeful and starting to imagine things), so I actually took the test 3 times (at different hours in the day) using kits of different brands! :P
All 3 tests yielded the same (positive) results. I passed with flying colors each time. *giggles*

Did I mention that this is a month of blessings? Alhamdulillah... syukur sesangat.


zan said...

Syukur..syukur... :)
hope to see u, tapi tak tahu lah bila..since i dah missed out last week's meeting..harap2 can see u before year end or before you meletops heheh..

Gartblue said...

alhamdulillah ..

definitely a blessed week indeed.

congrats babe for the pgrenancy .. wheee bestnyer .. err tengok orang, not me myself.

and yo mean, the 3 weeks, Misha was trapped under the drain? OMG!! kesiannya.

Anonymous said...

Misha is back?! wah that's good news.

and unplanned 6 days vacation in Terengganu?! that's even gooder news

Pregnant?! goodest!! Alhamdulillah. I'm happy for you.

Anonymous said...

p/s Sofea looks tanned. eheheh

mama pasha said...

yay... adik baruuu... baby smell again huhuuu... boleh lah main2 rumah famy pulak 8 months from now.. qeqeqeqe... syukurlah misha selamat.. ;) senang nya liburan ke trengganu.. diah blm sampai sana lagi..

ipohmom said...

famy, alhamdulillah.. glad to hear your cat is back, safe and sound!

seronoknya bercanda di pasiran pantai... :) jealous!

and again, congrats... just to share, my ustazah taught me to constantly read "Ya Mubdi" which is one of Allah's Asma Ul Husna to protect the janin masa pregnant...

hope that you continue to have blessed days!

mosh said...

Alhamdulillah. Definitely can feel the jovial mood in the entry.

Lollies said...

Misha is back? Subhanallah. Wonder what has she been up to.

I can feel the happiness all around and these can be contagious.

The happiness part I mean not the baby part. tee he he

famyGirl said...

zan: insyaAllah, we'll see how. too bad you tak dpt join hari tu

gart: mahu jangkit kah? hee hee hee. i don't know how long misha was there. we only heard her meow after 3 weeks camtu

nina: thanks babe. semoga jangkit kat awak.
sofea memang tanned, mana tak nya, asyik berjemur dalam panas je.

diah: nak meramaikan keluarga ex-efx2ers ;)
err... BEARRR!!! bila nak bawak diah ke tganu????

famyGirl said...

maryam: thank you for sharing the info on "Ya Mubdi". insyaAllah, akan dipraktikkan pembacaannya selalu.

mosh: i am very thankful

lollies: i wish i could ask her where she went! tapi i bebel lah jugak, "Apsal tak balik rumah?? Dah tau rasanya hidup susah??!!"
if jangkit the baby part pun apa salahnya... hee hee.

Anonymous said...

Syukur famy semoga gembira selalu.nykieeikyn

elisataufik said...

Subhanallah!! Alhamdulillah!!
Yay Misha is back!!
I had almost given up hope!

famyGirl said...

eikyn: Alhamdulillah.

elisa: i had given up hoping too!! her return was a pleasant surprise indeed

blinka.Li said...

hehe, pregnant again heh??!! Congrats to you! I wish I can have another baby coz I love babies but aduh....too tired to work and cares for them. So 2 is good enuf for me!! Me yeah! Most of them - you can find them in my facebook!! :) How about you? do you still contact the rest like Falz...? Ami..??? :P

..the whathaveyous.. said...

I'm very happy to hear both of your good news..take care

lazydaisy said...

nanti kalau u pegi jumpa obgyn sekali doctor bagitau nak dapat twin jgn la terkejut (mana la tau rezeki Allah nak bagi) *hehehe* that was what happen to me last pregnancy pegi nak confirm pregnancy tau tau twin terus :P

anyways, indeed a blessing month for you, alhamdullilah :)

famyGirl said...

blinka: errr i would be tired too if i were like you. 2 boys!! :) good luck hee hee hee

atiza: eh tapi ada 3 good news :)

lazyD: hee hee. dapat twins pun takpe... double rezeki. *nervous*


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