Saturday, May 09, 2009


It's been 27 hours since she was last seen in the confined compounds of the famyHome.

She's never been gone this long... not this long.

She just turned 13 (in people years) two days ago on May 7th. She'd gone missing on her birthday. :(

I've texted some friends/neighbors to be on the look out... in case she shows up at their doorsteps.

No point bebel-ing, if benda dah nak jadi.

But I'm troubled. I'm saddened. I'm afraid...

...worried beyond belief, imagining the worst.

I don't want her to spend her sisa-sisa hidup lying hurt/sick by a roadside or a semak-samun or a drain somewhere.

May Allah SWT protect her from any harm, wherever she may be.

I want her safe, and I want her back.

Misha, please come home soon. We all miss you...

Have you seen her?


Lollies said...

13 years is a very long life to live i must say. tell us when she does come back.

famyGirl said...

lollies: will do. i want to look for her, but don't know where to start. she can be ANYWHERE! alone, and most probably terrified and hungry :(

elisataufik said...

Oh Noes!!

I think a good place to start would be near kedai2 or warung2 or kantin2. Somewhere she would have easy access to food, since she's probably used to being fed. Cats usually like to hang out at the back of buildings as opposed to in front of them, so I would suggest taking walks (instead of driving around).
Does she have a collar (with yr name on it, perhaps?). She's a really cute and fat (and healthy and clean) cat, I'm sure someone would likely to pick her up and bring her home.

Good Luck! I really hope you find her soon ...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a cat person but the way you wrote this .. adoi terasa ke-sebak-an.


The kids macam mana now that Misha is missing?

famyGirl said...

elisa: :( we tried looking at the nearby school, tapi so far takde. we also tried looking at the alleys belakang rumah orang. still nothing :(

yes, she has a collar, with her name and our contact number. i don't know if someone has taken her, but if that's the case, then i seriously hope it's a good person/family. but if it's a good family, they should be contacting us by now since they'd know that she has an owner.

of course the other case would be she got run down by a car or got attacked by some other (bigger) animal. Nauzubillah.

*sigh* at this point i don't know what to think. we're still waiting... and hoping.

nina: Misha's been with me for 13 years+. kira banyak history-lah, so to speak. her being missing is like losing a member of the family. :(

the kids keep asking, "Bila Misha nak balik?" and everytime we go/drive out, they tell each other to look out for her, e.g. Kakak look left, Aidiin look right.

Sofea seems to miss Misha more than Aidiin, but that's because she understands the concept of 'losing something precious' better than he does.

we all miss her.

elisataufik said...

I sincerely hope it's not the latter.
I imagine it must be almost like losing a child, since you've had her since you were in US (bawak balik naik plane lagi).
Astaghfirullah.. I really feel for you. *hugs*

mosh said...

definitely 13 years in long life. multiply by 7 and that would be 91 years old!

like roti, i'm not a cat person. but still, good luck misha!

zan said...

ouchhh!! i feel for you :(

dah jumpa ker belum? ohh i pun rasa sedih...n already 13 years she's with you, very long indeed.

let us know...i hope she will appear at your doorstep soon!

famyGirl said...

elisa: thank you *hugs* back

mosh: i've always imagined she'll be able to live her last few years in peace, surrounded by people who love and care about her. never never expected something like this to happen. :(

zan: belum jumpa, no sign of her anywhere dekat kawasan rumah i. :(
i am still hopeful that she's okay, alive and well somewhere. ntahlah... wishful thinking ke? berserah pada ketentuan Allah.

amazingly(?), i have not shed a single tear. maybe i am still in denial. maybe i still want to believe that she'll come home.

atiza said...

Dah jumpa lum?

ipohmom said...

famygirl... have you found her?? siannya... she must be so scared being away from home!

famyGirl said...

atiza n maryam: tak jumpa lagi laa :( dah tak tau mana nak cari

nae said...

Have u tried posting her photos around BJ? Dewan guthrie or d'pangkin or somewhere near your house....

Hope she'll be home soon

Anonymous said...

famy... dah jumpa misha? i doakan dia selamat...nykieeikyn...

famyGirl said...

nae: we contemplated making flyers, nak offer rewards etc etc etc, tapi last-last decided not to for various reasons.

eikyn: tak jumpa lagi... :(


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