Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Aidiin has a habit of walking around the house with his food. He once stepped into our bedroom with his mouth full of keropok. When he opened his mouth to speak, keropok crumbs flew everywhere. Grrr.

Another time it was a packet of Cheezels coz he wanted to show me how 'orange' his fingers had become.

One time he walked into Sofea's room with a cheeseburger. Malang tidak berbau, he tripped and the burger fell out of his hand, smearing ketchup on the floor and one part of the carpet. Maka berlakulah insiden pertengkaran adik-beradik yang berakhir dengan tangisan dan bebelan Ibu yang berlarutan tanpa henti. Not a pretty sight.

The day after the accident, Sofea put up a sign on her bedroom door. When Aidiin asked her what it's for, she told him that it meant "NO burgers here". He then understood that it meant NO FOOD was allowed in her room. Alternatively, it also meant that he can only enter if he does not bring in anything edible/drinkable. This includes air kotak, snacks of any kind and M&Ms.

Tak boleh bawa makanan masuk ke bilik ini

The Cheeky One also has a habit of setting up his trains in front of his sister's room, much to her annoyance. She then warned him about leaving his trains lying around inside or in front of her room by putting up the "NO train trucks here!" sign on the door. This time, she didn't have to explain to him what the sign meant.

The conteng-conteng was a form of objection

We were driving around the One U area a couple of days ago when Aidiin pointed to the No Parking sign and said, "Look Ibu! No 'P' here!!", to which I replied, "Uhmm...yes," rather unenthusiastically.


He then elaborated, "Ibu, dia cakap tak boleh kencing kat sini. Kalau nak kencing, kena tahan sampai balik rumah..."

We (me, famyBoy & Sofea) burst into laughter while Aidiin looked at us, perturbed.

Tak tahan tengok muka dia yang innocent dan agak confused itu. I laughed so hard I almost 'P'-eed in my pants!! :D


mamarawks said...

cute Aidiin...

famyGirl said...

mamaR: i know i shouldn't have laughed at him for being 'observant', tapi tak tahan gelak tengok muka serious dia :)

Gartblue said...

hahahahahhaah ... this is really funny!!! good job aidiin!

butterflutter said...

Comel...cute...kelakar...sakit perut...

My children pun suka put up sign. Sarah has her password "pretty girl princess" if nak masuk bilik the girls. Ni ayah yg suka layan. Mama dah tak terlayan. Afiq put up sign ala-ala masuk number password gitu. Or he put up no girls allowed whenever Sofea came for sleepover. I'll share if ada new sign.

mama pasha said...

hahahahah lucu kali aidin.. iiih tak sabar lah nak jumpa lagi.. harap2 aya dan ibu ada masa luang yeee.. :D

Ummu Layth said...

ini la dia bila budak pandai sgt hehehe comel!

Anonymous said...

ahahhaha tergelak besar baca. good job Aidiin!

Anonymous said...

jenuh nak tahan kencing

Lollies said...

no peeing Ibu. hahahahhaha

Waaahh sofea dah boleh jadi rule maker. That is sooo clever of her.

famyGirl said...

gart: he is the certified badut in the famyFamily

bf: i like the 'no girls allowed' rule hee hee. agaknya sarah pun put up sign 'no boys allowed' when afiq has friends over?

diah: insyaAllah Diah, kalau takde apa-apa we'll definitely see you then

aliya: pandai tak kena tempat... jadi lawak pulak

roti: *points up* see response utk gart :)

screw: 'pengsan' kalau kena tahan sampai rumah hahaha

lollies: fenin layan kerenah siblings ini

zan said... cute and smart too!!

kesian dia kena ketawa :) but kids say the darnest things..pandai aidiin!

SabrinaWM said...

In our case, we make the rule, Alif is the enforcer:-)
One time tu, Nini naik bawa food and he ordered her back downstairs, saying no food allowed upstairs and add on "tak faham-faham ke".

Tapi, Aidiin dah advance dengan sign reading - Alif just ignore with whatever signs yang abang anda kakak make for him, in the end, they just locked the door on him:-)

ipohmom said...

Ya Allah

C O M E L N Y A !!!!!!

If I were there, I would have just kissed his cute cheeks over and over again!

atiza said...


famyGirl said...

zan: they do say the darnest things, kan? catch us off guard selalunya

sabrina: sure mengamuk alif kena lock out oleh abang & kakak dia :)

maryam: takleh nak kiss sebab tak tahan nak gelak

atiza: :)

mosh said...

alaa tak nampak gambar. kalau tak sure lagi kelakar.


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