Friday, March 27, 2009

Cuti Sekolah Satu Minggu

Hajat di hati nak update last week, tapi tak kesampaian. But then, there's nothing major to cerita pun...

Photobucket We (i.e. me & kids) stayed home the whole week. famyBoy was away the whole time, nun jauh kat pelantar minyak di tengah laut sana. Talk about 'bad' timing... hmmm. Not complaining, just stating the fact. I am thankful for the rezeki yang Allah beri.

Very tiring... yes, v e r y much so since I had to hold the fort on my own while battling a series of sakit kepala, on & off fever, loya-loya and diarrhea episodes, with both kids at home summore. *sigh* The good thing was I got to rest mentally and physically without having to worry about exams and homework. Never mind rumah bersepah with books and toys. Menu pun tak perlu fancy sangat since it's just the 3 of us. I either cooked something really simple (like porridge, fried eggs/fish, soups, fried rice) or cook in bigger portions so we have leftovers for the day after.

The kids watched a lot of dvds and played computer games while Ibu took mini naps after taking her medications. It also rained once a day (walaupun sekejap-sekejap) so I needn't water the plants. Laundry pun tak banyak sangat kena buat without Sofea's school uniforms and Aidiin's towel & baju kotor(s) from school.

Ada hikmahnya things turned out the way they did... and it's okay.

It's okay that we didn't get to go travel anywhere. If it was fated that I'd fall sick, we wouldn't enjoy our vacation anyways.

It's okay that I didn't get to go to the MPH warehouse sale (actually it's NOT okay!!!) *gigit jari* because the truth is, I am already behind in my readings for this year.

It's okay that I have to step on/walk over railway tracks, carriages, bridges, plastic trees and the many many Steamies and Diesels each time I need to go to the bathroom.

It's okay that I didn't get to declutter the entire famyHome although I planned to do so. I did manage to clean the fridge and sort the kids' clothing items. Now Sofea's matching PJs are on the top shelf, dresses folded and stacked neatly on the 2nd shelf, skirts/pants/jeans sitting comfortably on the bottom shelf. For Aidiin, I separated his t-shirts and shorts into "Home" and "School" drawers, jammies and colorful spender in one drawer, fancy 'big boy' shirts in one drawer, pants and jeans into the bottom drawer. Senang sikit nak cari baju. I don't know how long it'll last though.

Didn't want to disappoint Sofea, so we spent some girly-girly time together...

Photobucket Photobucket

I forced got my sister to lend me her Grey's Anatomy 5 Pt1 dvd but I never got around to watching it (yet). My Tuesday and Thursday nights are already booked for Desperate Housewives and Heroes. Oh and CSI on Wednesdays. I am now torn between Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey... they're both charming in their own ways and they sing well too!

All in all, I am grateful that it turned out to be a not-too-bad break after all. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another List of Things About Me

Was tagged in FB by Miss Nusayba (she will always be PrimaryBasic to me :)), and although I am in front of the computer every single day, I never got around to actually sitting down and doing it (sorry PB!!!). But today I decided to make time to share another 25 things you may/may not know about me. Tak cukup 'self-revealing' lagi ke after that 7 things tag??

1. Because I no longer feel intimidated by my oven, I have found comfort in baking. The other day, I made carrot cupcakes.

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey?

2. Thanks to Ery Madame ISV, I am now a fan of roti Gardenia Butterscotch. Tapi takleh makan hari-harilah, mahal wehhh. :P

3. I *must* drink a mug of Nescafe before going to bed.

4. Each day (when Sofea goes to school), I have to babysit two Tamagotchis.

5. I enjoy folding clean laundry, yang menggunung pun takpe. It's the after folding part that I dread most... kena simpan in their respective almari(s).

6. I love pasta dishes. Yummmmsss!!!

7. My (immediate) nieces and nephew call me Mak Long. My nieces&nephews-in-law call me Acik Famy. BTW, my cousin-in-law's daughter-in-law just gave birth to a baby girl... so that makes me a Nenek!! :)

8. My biggest home-managing pet peeve is cicak droppings. Bensi betul nak lap/cuci, especially yang dah 'splat' melekat tu (really makes me go Grrrr!). Normally I would alert famyBoy on the identified locations and get him to help clean them. hee hee hee.

9. I like collecting recipes. They can be printouts of recipes I g00gled on the internet, actual recipe books or taken from magazines. Tapi setakat ini hanya sekadar kumpul banyak-banyak jelah, tak termasak-masak lagi semuanya.

10. If you do not know it already, I LOVE books!! Love them love them love them. Cuma masih tak berkesempatan nak baca semua.

11. I worked part-time in a library (surprise surprise!) when I was in college.

12. My favorite mystery novel is (still) Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

13. I used to laugh with/at Wanda MacPherson (from Baby Blues) as she goes through life as a sahm. Now I am actually living her life.

14. Masa zaman muda-muda, I grew my hair long... waist-length lagi.

15. I love pizza. The more cheesy the better.

16. I cried watching The Fox & The Hound, especially the part where Widow Tweed had to bring Todd to the forest and leave him there. It was a truly sebak moment for me. I think I was about 8 or 9 at the time. Until now I'd still feel a pang of sadness whenever I watch that particular part of the movie.

17. I find tigers fascinating and beautiful creatures. I used to (secretly) wish that I could keep a tiger as a pet (betuuullll nih!!!) but I settled for two kitty-cats instead.

18. I love doing craftwork with my kids. I especially love watching their beaming faces after they've successfully produced their craft products. Cantik atau tidak belakang kira.

19. I love dark chocolate and all chocolatey desserts.

20. My biggest weaknesses are book fairs and book sales. Warehouse Sale? Jimat Sale? Members Sale? Anniversary Sale? *faints*

21. I eat (more) when I am depressed/stressed.

22. I love to munch. My house is always stocked with biscuits/cookies, cereals, chocolates, dried fruit like dates & apricots, crunchy snacks like potato chips & keropok ikan. Very convenient during mood swings and emo 'moments' (see #21).

22. My first ever panggung wayang movie experience was the Indonesian horror Pontianak film Sund@l Bol0ng. (Ma, what were you thinking??!!) I went with my mom, grandmother and cousin. We were staying in Penang then. I think it was a Panggung Capitol near K0mtar.

23. I forgive easily although I do not necessarily forget.

24. I know almost all of the High School Musical songs... by heart!

25. I had to wear and parade in 3-inches-high-tumit boots (no joke, I tell you!) when I was the model-dipaksa making cameo appearance during a fashion show sometime ago. My 30 seconds of makcik glamour. Nervous, toksah cakap lah, but I went ahead and shook my not-so-little tush and did my little turn on the catwalk (on the catwalk, yeah!), with the spotlights shining on me and the cameras clicking away. Scary but fun! hee hee hee.

Hey hey... that actually wasn't too bad. I thought I'd be spending a week or so to come up with this list. I actually managed to finish this in ONE sitting! :P

One tag down, TWO more to go! *gulp*

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is just sooo cute!!!

I first saw this at Butterflutter's blog. Of course, saya ada itchy fingers, so saya pun click click lah ke website yang buat benda ni. I wanted to play around with the background colors and the people colors but I have not prepared dinner (and the family sudah merungut kelaparan) so I just used the default colors: white on black.

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Get your own Family Sticker Maker & MySpace Layouts.

Comel kan? :) Terrer lah orang (or orang-orang?) yang buat benda ni.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Academically Speaking...


Sofea's 1st midterm tests are coming up next week... for both SK and KAFA, although I am not entirely sure what dates her KAFA exams will be (sebab sekolah tutup till tomorrow). It worries me a bit that I haven't been able to diligently sit down with her to go through the stuff she'd learned in school up to this point. Bukan sebab tak nak, but sebab tak boleh... she's got SK homework to do EVERY DAY since the 1st week of school! And her homework bukannya sikit-sikit pulak tu. For a particular subject, e.g. BM, she's got exercises to do in the BLA & the Rampaian book (activity books accompanying the textbook) and also exercises from the textbook itself which need to be copied into the buku tulis. There'll be homework from other subjects too, sometimes nak kena lukis and color. *sigh* Last year taklah sebanyak ni. Ibu fenin tau.

Most of the nights she'd be working to complete her homework with my occasional supervision until she goes to bed. The thing about this girl is that she dilly-dallys a lot, very playful sejak dari dulu lagi. She truly lives up to her Sanguine personality, she really does. She'd spend so much time on one homework assignment although there's plenty of other assignments to do. I would get very impatient dalam saat-saat 'genting' seperti ini and would be repeatedly telling her not to waste precious precious time and do things quickly. I'd leave her to finish whatever she was doing and later come back to find her STILL coloring the petals of a particular flower. So Ibu pun naik hanginlah. And unfortunately, once Ibu dah bukak mulut, it's very difficult for her to stop.

Oh for my own record, last I checked with her mengaji-wise, she just started Juz 13, tak silap saya dia kat page 250. Alhamdulillah... I can't thank Allah enough.

Poor girl. Asyik kena bebel je, but I'd like to think that I'm doing this for her own good. I seriously hope I am not overdoing it and pushing her too much. Allah has blessed her with a good brain, I just don't want to see that kurniaan go to waste. But I really really wish that the entire educating process is a lot smoother and involves less screaming on my part. Cemana nak jadi ibu mithali lagu ni??


After the last parent-teacher meeting, I'd told myself that I would start teaching him basic math and reading at home. He is already able to read/recognize numbers well, so I've started him on addition for numbers between 1-20.

In school, he has started learning to do simple arithmetic like 2+4=?, 5+1=?, 7+2=?, along that line-lah. He'd go "2 in the head, 3 on the fingers" and start counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, combining the numbers in his head with his held up fingers. The drawback is, he can only do additions that require up to 10 fingers max at one time. hee hee hee.

With Aidiin, teaching is a challenge, mainly because he is super L A Z Y when it comes to doing exercises. He gets bored easily. He runs to his trains when he sees me taking out the workbooks I bought for him to practice suka-suka at home.
Some of his popular excuses:
- "Alaaa, Aidiin dah penatlah Ibu..." This one is most commonly used.
- "Aidiin dah sakit perut dah." This one comes complete with hands-holding-tummy action, seolah-olah dalam excruciating pain.
- "Tangan Aidiin dah bengkok (bengkak) ni...", while pointing to his 'distorted' fingers.
- "Pencil ni pendek sangat", "Eraser Ultraman Aidiin dah hilang", and any other stationery-related excuses.
-"Aidiin sakit tekak." Apa kena-mengena nih?

Pendek kata, ada saja alasan-alasan unexpected dari dia ni. When asked to write, he'd baring mengiring ala-ala mermaid on a rock and attempts to write. Kalau untidy or crooked dia memberontak tak bagi erase. Arrrrghhh!! Is this a boy thing??!

There was this one exercise that required him to draw circles corresponding to the number given and then color them. The first question was number '7'. I explained to him what to do and he understood me. He drew 7 circles (in a line going 'downhill'), each circle smaller than the previous. Not perfect, but acceptable. So far so good.

Then comes the coloring part. He colored the first circle red, and then without lifting his pencil, he drew a red line through the remaining 6 circles. Then he told me, "Ok, dah siap dah", clearly implying that he'd had enough exercises for the night. Cisss... takleh pakai punya orang. Deep down inside I LOL-ed and thought it was disturbingly cute that he was errr... efficient in his coloring. :P

He's currently at Surah Al-Kautsar in his Muqaddam reading, Alhamdulillah. A bit behind kalau nak compare with his sister at his age, but it's mainly my fault jugak for not spending time with him before to revise what he had learned in school. This includes mengaji Muqaddam, iqra', reading aloud in BM & English and Math. Masa anak pertama je amat rajin... *blush*

Hmmm... kalau nak difikirkan, banyak sungguh 'I should have(s)' dengan Aidiin ni. It's time to make amends.


As for me, I'm making time to read more soul-enriching ilmiah books, In Shaa Allah. I'll write more on that some other time. And thanks to Madame Lollies, I have also started downloading recommended lectures by Imam Anwar Awlaki. Dah selamat transfer most of them to the walkm@n for before-I-go-to-sleep listening. :)
All I need to do now is to be more disciplined in managing my time and tasks so that I get to finish what I had started. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala...


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