Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nak lepas geram nih...

A month ago, I submitted a request for a reprint of financial transactions that occured between Jan 2007 - Dec 2008. Obviously, the transaction history records on the respective online banking website do not date back that far, and this account of mine did not come with a passbook, so nak tak nak kenalah go to the branch (specifically the branch where the account was opened) and request personally. When I was there, I was told to fill up a borang, which I did, and to return it to one of the officers there and he/she will submit it to the Main Branch to get it processed. Note that there is a fee for asking them to do this. But tak kisahlah since I need to make some investigations and amount verifications anyways.

I was told that it would take them about a week or so to get the request processed and somebody from the bank will call me when it's ready for pick up.

A week passed... I called to enquire but was told that it was not ready yet.

Another week passed... I called again to check and was put on hold for a whole 10 minutes, only to be informed later that "our officer baruuuu je buat follow up tapi Main Office kata belum siap". What the?!! You do follow-up calls only when I call? And you made me wait on the other line while you do it???

Yet another week passed... I made another follow up call and was told that there is a 'queue' for statement print-outs requests and therefore the Main Office has not gotten to mine yet.

Today is the fourth week. I just got off the phone with one of the bank officers a while ago. At first she asked me when I submitted my request. Dah sebulan dah cik adik oiiii. Then she told me to hold on while she checked to see if my borang got sent to the Main Office, mana tahu "kot-kot misplaced ke, tak sampai kat Main Office ke?" Panasnya telinga makcik mendengar. I think my voice went a pitch higher when I cried out "What??!!" in disbelief.

While she waited for her colleague to check on the status of my account, I bitched asked her why it is taking them so long to process such a simple request. I asked her why the folks at her branch can't work on it themselves, sampai kena hantar ke Main Office and such. According to her, the computers at their branch would freeze/hang (sometimes for hours) when the dates get keyed in, sebab tu kena hantar kat Main Office untuk buat. I asked her summore, tapi semua computers macam tu ke, as in kat semua branch? She gave me no reply.

I might be wrong coz I don't know how their system works, but susah sangat ke nak print out 2 years' worth of financial transactions? It's just like updating a passbook, no? Macam what they normally already do at the branches. Bukannya nak kena crunch huge numbers, buat pie charts or graphs ke, lukis histograms kaler-kaler ke... I just need to see how much $$ goes in and out on certain dates within those 2 years. Is that too much to ask?

Eiiii... gerrrrammmmmnya!!

As it turned out, her officer was on leave the whole of last week so takde orang buat any follow-up. OMG, I feel like strangling someone. Sabar, sabar. I asked her for the number of the Main Office so that I can call to follow up myself and she told me they do not allow customers to call directly. Grrrrrrr. She assured me that she will call the Main Office herself and get back to me later today. Boleh percaya ke ni?

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take her word for now. Berbaik sangka jelah. I cannot do anything about it anyways.

Sementara menunggu, apa kata kita devour 'experiment minggu ini'? Hot from the oven, y'all.

beef lasagna
Sedap dimakan panas-panas bersama garlic bread


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