Friday, January 16, 2009

The Baker in Me?

One Two of my resolutions for this year are food-related: cook and bake.

In addition to regularly cooking healthier (and hopefully yummier) meals, I also planned to bake more, now that I am more comfortable and confident in handling the oven (yayy me!!). Tapi bake for suka-suka and makan-makan among family members je lah. No plans whatsoever untuk explore this new found interest secara commercially. Just being able to make/bake something from scratch for my kids to enjoy at home or tapau for school would be sufficient to make me happy and contented. Not to mention the perasaan kembang hati berbunga-bunga bila famyBoy puji kalau sedap. *giggles*

I also noticed that lately, I have become more adventurous and eager to experiment new recipes. And I also think (nak angkat bakul sikiiiiit sajer), I've shown some 'worthy of notice' progress in the kitchen since the past year. Must be the older wiser age kot. hee hee hee.

Anyways, I had told myself that for 2009, I will bake sumthin' at least once every two weeks. It can be something savory, something with lots of cheese (yummms!) or something sweet like brownies and muffins. It can be a dish for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner and appetizers, snacks or desserts. Basically, apa-apa yang require usage of the oven lah.

Hmmmm... let's see. So far I've made two types of muffins, several versions of brownies and one sweet pastry. Yesterday, I tried making cookies and they were a hit. The kind that makes you go "mmmmmm..." with pleasure after the first bite. Wooohoooo... extra points for me!! And nothing beats the best-n-syiok-ness of walking into a kitchen that smells of fresh-baked cookies. Bau macam kat kedai pakcik Am0s yang terkenal tu.

Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside

Makcik gumbira!! *beams*

Rakan-rakanku sekalian,

Dalam kesibukan menjalani suka-duka routine hari-hari, janganlah lupa panjatkan doa untuk our brothers & sisters in Gaza. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat dan mengurniakan mereka kesabaran dan kekuatan yang melimpah ruah. Semoga Allah melindungi mereka (and all our brothers & sisters di merata dunia), membebaskan mereka dari kekejaman puak Zi0nis dan memberikan mereka kemenangan di dunia dan di akhirat.

Let's make du'a(s) for them together...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tag Tujuh Perkara

Tujuan entry ini ialah untuk menjelaskan 'hutang' kiter dengan Madame Atiza. Dah lama dah dia tag kiter, errr... kalau nak diikutkan sejak tahun lepaslah (hee hee hee) tapi kiter tak terbuat-buat lagi tag tujuh perkara nih, sampailah ke hari ini.

Hokeh, let's get this over with, shall we? ;)

The 7 Things Tag

7 facts you may not know about me:
-I was a high school debater. (Yes, ME!! Bila kenang balik macam tak percaya je...)
-I love the color purple (and all other variations of it). Secretly I also like the color pink (very the girly, I know).
-I am currently unemployed.
-I am a slacker at heart. I procrastinate, eventually get stressed out, and then get the job done, and done well.
-I can spend hours, hours and hours lepak-ing in bookshops and/or book sales.
-When I was pregnant with Aidiin, I craved for sirap bandung, specifically the one from Restoran D.E@Seksyen 13, Shah Alam. With Sofea, it was teh tarik and pulut inti.
-I still have, in my possession, a pocket dictionary which was a gift from my Std One class teacher, Mrs M. She taught me English.

7 things that scare me:
-Book Sales!!! I cannot resist buying loads and loads despite having very limited funds.
-Going downstairs (or to the toilet!) alone at night, after watching a scary movie. Asyik terasa ada benda memerhati je. *shudder*
-Disappointing my husband, kids and parents (in any way). I am not perfect but I try my best to be.
-Making resolutions and setting goals but not being able to keep/meet them.
-Driving. I own a valid drivers' license but I almost never drive. *blush*
-Creepy crawlies, all of them. Especially yang banyak kaki, yang berbulu, yang suka terbang-terbang (cockroaches lah tu) dan yang suka putuskan ekor.
-Doing this tag! Coz it means that you'll find out more about me. :P

7 songs that I like the most:
Adusss... there are soooo banyak. How to choose only 7?? Errr... I'll just pick the first 7 songs on my current playlist, boleh?
-You and Me (Lifehouse)
-Lost In Your Eyes (Debbie Gibson)
-I'll Be There For You (Bon Jovi)
-Time Of My Life (David Cook)
-Gemuruh (Faizal Tahir)
-Love Song (Tesla)
-More Than Words (Extreme)

7 phrases that I say the most:
-Errr... abis tu?
-Kalau Aidiin good boy, ibu bagi 'surprise'...
-Kaaakaaaaaakkk!! Cepat mandiiiii!!
-Hee hee hee
-So? Cemana?

7 of my precious things:
-My books!!! :)
-My wedding ring
-My glacier blue V@i0
-My $0ny walkman
-My toys, i.e. the c00lpix and the dslr
-Photos of my kids, famyBoy and our immediate families
-My organizer planner (nak beli PDA tak mampu!)

7 memorable first timers:
-First time menetap di negara orang. I never went to a boarding school so that was my first time being away from my family. Dahlah jauh, beribu-ribu batu pulak tu. But I survived. :)
-Jatuh chenta for the very first time
-First time donning the hijab
-My first and only (so far) job interview di Phoenix
-My honeymoon, coz it was the first time I went cruising on a ship
-The day I gave birth to Sofea, in 2001. Coincidently, it was on the morning of the 2nd Sunday in the month of May; it was my first Mothers' Day.
-Purchasing our first (current) home. Terasa sungguh grown-up masa tu. hee hee hee.

7 people I would tag:
Hmmm... nak tag siapa ya? Let's see...
-my new found friend, Ipohmom ;)
-forever gf & ex-colleague Zan
-goddess Lollies
-supermom Gartblue
-butterfly yang sentiasa busy like a bee Butterflutter
-soon-to-be mama of three, Mamarawks
-the one and only Mr Moshi


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tahun Baru, Tahun Dua dan Macam-Macam Lagi

On her first day as a Tahun 2 student

Alhamdulillah, the first day of school went well, both for the Tahun 2 student AND her parents. hee hee hee. Once Sofea was sitted at her desk in her new classroom (which is on the 3rd/highest floor of the building... giler gayat tengok bawah, I tell you!), famyBoy and I waved goodbye to her and left. I stopped by the SPBT room to buy a new set of baju & seluar sukan before heading home.

I haven't cooked a decent meal since last week. *blush* We survived on leftovers, occasional eat outs and/or take-outs, mostly. There goes one of my new year's resolutions. *sigh* I am still in the adjusting-to-a-new-routine phase (excuses mexcuses) since the SK's school hours will now be in the afternoon and KAFA in the morning, unlike last year. Therefore, menu planning (a key 'survival' factor in my life as a SAHM) and blog-hopping activities have been put on hold temporarily. I did randomly, in between daily house chores, hop over to some blogs on my Bookmarked Besties list tapi tak ter-sempat tinggal comments coz I was not logged in and I was too lazy tied for time (ironic as it may sound).

About a week ago, I drafted an entry about my resolutions for this year. Dah type about half a page, tiba-tiba takde mood nak continue. I guess I was still in my *pause* mode then, as if I'd lost the will to blog. The break was much-needed, I did catch up on my readings and some hobby-related projects, so all was okay.

I have a long, long list of 'To Read(s)' this year. :) A few newly-bought books, but mostly (unread) books from previous purchases.

I didn't mention about this before but my dad has successfully undergone cataract removal surgery (on his right eye) last month. Alhamdulillah. It was a great relief to all of us.

I had started wrapping Sofea's newly-received BLA books about half an hour ago, only to find out that I am *one* plastic wrapper short. Cisss. Nampak gaya kena keluar pergi beli lagi esok.

Okeh, I'm done writing. Dah ngantuk dah ni. Have a good week, folks! :D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

*unpause* and Another Academic Year Begins...

For tomorrow: School uniforms -- badges and nametags sewn on baju kurungs (and bajus & kains ironed licin-licin). Check. School bags for SK and KAFA. Check. Pencil boxes for each school dilengkapi with 1 mechanical pencil, an eraser, three 2B pencils, a ruler, a small scissors, a bottle of glue, a sharpener. Check. Color pencils. Check. Tupperware untuk tapau food. Check. Tumbler untuk air. Check. Textbooks and exercise books, name-stamped and wrapped. Check. Socks and shoes. Check. Purse filled with duit belanja. Check. Tisu se-packet. Check. Set alarm clock. Check.

Hmmm... apa lagi ya?? Rasa gusar semacam je...



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