Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've always wanted to do this...

...i.e. to get my own pregnancy ticker. Kempunan sejak anak pertama lagi tuuu. Kinda late since the baby is almost due, but never mindlah. Biarlah saya syok sendiri.

Lilypie Pregnancy tickers

Boy oh boy oh boy... mana nak start eh? I thought after the last entry *scrolls down to check date* on Nov 17th, I would be more diligent in updating ze beloved blog. But noooo... *blush*
I don't have any excuses for abandoning the blog (what more nak blog-hop merata-rata), apart from just plain letih most of the time bercampur dengan sedikit rasa malas, err... actually a lot rasa malas. hee hee.


It's halfway thru December, which means there are only 2 more weeks left in the year 2009.

This Friday akan masuk Tahun Baru 1431H untuk kita umat Islam. I have not found time to sit back and recall the happenings during the past few months, untuk muhasabah diri, to think about the goals that I have accomplished (or not?!) and make plans for improvements in the upcoming year. Nak harapkan blog sebagai main reference pun tak boleh sebab tak religiously update each month. Salah siapa?? Sendiri mau tengok cermin.

As cliche as it may sound, time does fly by fast, although I feel that I've been carrying this huge tummy since forever. Muscles perut dah weak kot, the baby feels extra heavy lately. According to kiraan doctor, based on the baby's head circumference and tulang peha measurements, I'm about 32 weeks through my pregnancy at the mo. Cepat jugak ya kalau nak diikutkan, but the last few weeks ni yang rasa d r a g g i n g sesangat. Anxious and panicky feelings toksah cakaplah, can't stop myself from worrying about almost everything. Dengan nak prepare for baby's arrival, Sofea's school stuff for next year (termasuk extra pairs of black shoes and pengawas uniforms), expenses untuk segala-gala, thinking about labor and delivery (3rd time tapi still rasa nervous...yikes!), neverending household chores and bla bla de bla. Nesting instinct dah lama terasa dah... cuma badan dah tak larat nak melayan. I am thankful that Aidiin has another year before he goes to Tahun 1. Kalu tidak bertambah serabutlah kepala makcik.

Culinary-baking-wise, no updates either. The 'bakery', as my cousin's husband calls it, is closed until after my confinement or perhaps even longer :P Not been cooking much either... kalau masak pun yang simple-simple je, and enuff to become tomorrow's lunch and/or dinner. Sometimes we just tapau lauk and cook rice at home. Sometimes my mom volunteers to masak extra of whatever she happened to masak that day, so we get tapau-ed food packed in tupperwares (and labeled accordingly). Muka tak malu? Tak kisahlah, rezeki jangan ditolak maa...

I have been behind in my readings too, which is kinda disappointing. Sometime in July, I made a list of To Read books (which I failed to disclose in the blog atas sebab-sebab malas yang tak dapat dielakkan), and I'm ashamed to admit, out of the 15 or so titles on the list, I only managed to finish reading four books up till now, two of which are pregnancy-related books kerana dikategorikan sebagai bahan bacaan 'wajib'. I hope things'll change lepas beranak. Maybe can play catch-up reading masa dalam pantang. One can only hope/dream... as if ada banyaaaaaak sangat masa nanti hahaha.

We had to cancel our year end CutiSekolah-Out-n-About plans because I was advised not to go on long distance trips. So, the next CutiSekolah-Out-n-About trip would be sometime in June 2010 kot... insyaAllah if all goes well. We'd have an extra 'little traveller' with us then and we'd have to angkut diapers and baby stuff merata-rata nanti. Oh boy! Kena start all over...

I made a list of potential topics that I wanted to blog about but I'd misplaced that list and gave up trying to locate it...

- I wanted to tell you how famyBoy and I managed to fish Misha out of the drain. Giler overdue dah entry ni.

- I wanted to share with you pictures that were taken during Aidiin's 5th birthday, the milestones he has reached so far, plus his newfound interest in everything Transf0rmers (aka kisah 'midlife crisis' yang telah melanda famyBoy :P).

With Autobot Hot Shot (from Transf0rmers Cybertr0n)

- I wanted to write about our Eid-ul-Fitr '09 cum CutiSekolah-Out-n-About trip to Penang. Got pictures to show too, but masih dalam memory card, tak transfer ke PC pun lagi.

- I wanted to dedicate a lovey-dovey entry for famyBoy sempena our 10th anniversary as pasangan suami isteri. Alhamdulillah, dah 10 tahun melalui ups and downs together... satu achievement besar tu! :D
I love you Darling, and I pray that Allah will continue to bestow His blessings on our marriage and that our love will grow stronger over time, in strength and unity of heart and soul and mind. May He grant us patience and guidance as parents to raise and nurture our children so that they'll grow up to become respectful and successful muslim & muslimah. Thank you for my hadiah... *hatiku berbunga-bunga* and I hope you like your gift too. ;)

- I wanted to share with you about my 'tensi-ness' during Sofea's exam weeks due to not having the mood or energy to support and help her with studies like the year before, namely because I was mostly feeling nauseous and giddy and tired, but Alhamdulillah, she managed to pull through regardless.

- And of course, I wanted to write more about being pregnant for the 3rd time. I had wanted to tell you about the day the baby didn't move, twitch nor wriggle AT ALL, and it scared me to bits. I cucuk-ed sana, cucuk-ed sini, still dia takmo gerak walau sedikitpun. I think it was due to me taking too much medications the night before (I had a very bad headache and was on Panadol).

- I wanted to post an entry about one of my checkups. The first time both Sofea and Aidiin tagged along to "see" Adik during the ultrasound, Adik actually turned his head and faced them, so we got to see the eyes and little nose and mouth. Lepas tu dia angkat tangan and macam waved pulak. Sofea and Aidiin were excited. Ibu pun excited sebenarnya. :)

- I also wanted to errr... 'komplen' sebab nowadays baby teramat aktif bergerak, sampai Ibu almost always failed to get a good night's sleep. Tapi takpe, it's a sign that baby is healthy and kickin'. What we mommies have to go through... hmmm.

By now the above entries would've become basi entries. I have not decided whether I'll try to squeeeeze them all into the blog within these next two weeks or just write them whenever I feel like writing them, even if means posting them next year! We'll see how lah. I'll let the pregnancy hormones and the baby decide my blogging mood. :P

My attempts at photographing Kakak & Abang during the recent Eid-ul-Adha celebration

Before 2009 melabuhkan tirainya, and in case I tak sempat nak update blog within the next few days/week, I'd like to wish all Muslim friends Salam Maal Hijrah 1431H. Semoga amalan kita sepanjang tahun ini diterima Allah. May He shower us with His blessings, accept our doas and deeds and guide us towards His straight path so that we can continuously improve ourselves to become better Muslims in future. Nanti jangan lupa recite doa akhir tahun dan doa awal tahun y'all.

Oh oh oh before I forget, I also want to take this opportunity to seek your forgiveness for any shortcomings on my part, may they be in words or actions. Maaf Zahir Batin ya?

Also, Happy 2010 in advance! Wishing you lurve, happiness, health, wealth (and babies!) in abundance. :D

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sekolah Aidiin's Year End Concert 2009

Sals@biila's Year End Concert and Graduation Ceremony '09 took place last Sunday (Nov 15, 2009) at Hotel Singgahsana in PJ.

Like the year before last year, the event was held to celebrate the graduating 6-year-olds while the rest of the students got to participate in various performances. Mak-bapaks, atuk-neneks, adik-kakak-abangs, aunty-uncles who attended got to watch the show and makan-makan and mingle-mingle during the event. The only difference was that this year, the ceremony was held in the morning, so we, the audiences, get to devour breakfast and lunch.

The theme for this year's concert is "Anak-Anakku 1Anugerah". There was a pertandingan menulis dan mendeklamasi sajak for parents (based on this theme), but sebab saya langsung tidak berbakat dalam part sajak-menyajak ni, I gave macam-macam excuses bila cikgu suruh submit an entry. hee hee hee.

Aidiin participated in 3 performances: a story-telling slot (where he had to dress up as a 'roaring rock' in a cave, along with his other 'rock' friends), a poem recital (where he and his friends took turns reading out parts of a poem while his other friends acted out the scenes using props), and a choir (where he had to deliver a Chinese version of a song).

The following video was captured menggunakan my camera kecik (sbb dslr kiter belum di-upgrade supaya boleh amik video... *jeling2 kat famyBoy*). This is a performance by Aidiin and his buddies (1st group of 5-year-olds). It is the Chinese version of a song titled "Suara". Don't ask me to tell you what it's called in Chinese... tak reti nak sebut, what more to spell it out :P The original Malay version was performed after that by the 2nd group of 5-year-olds.

I must admit that I was very impressed!! Sungguh tak ku sangka. He was first asked to deliver a short intro describing the upcoming performance by the 5-year-olds before the kids came up on stage to sing. He was confident, and he didn't show any signs of stage fright at all. I had underestimated the little boy's capabilities all the while... *malu*

After watching his performances that day, all I can say is, Ibu is very proud of you darling!!

Overall I think the event went well... stayed within the time limits and all. Aturcara majlis kata habis 1:00PM, memang habis 1:00PM I'd have to tabik the emcee for this... nama dia Ustaz Akhwan.

Kudos to the teachers who managed the entire ceremony. Bukan senang nak control and prepare the kids (ages ranging from 2-6), what more to teach and organize and train them for the performances and such. *two thumbs up*

Wanna see more pics? Silalah click di sini... :)

Friday, October 02, 2009

Mommy Talk

*dusts off sesawang yang ada kat blog*

First and foremost, Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin to all!! Hope your Eid celebration was merry meriah with family and friends, dipenuhi gelak-tawa, gurau-senda and lurve...

I've been asked many times by several individuals (you know who you are :)) to update... Ramai yang dok tanya-tanya about the current pregnancy, maka dengan itu, here I am sitting here, typing this entry out... and finally updating this blog. *blush*

I felt the baby move for the first time about 3 weeks ago. A sharp jab on the left side of my belly. Despite this being my 3rd pregnancy, the 'thrill' is still indescribable. And since this is probably going to be my last pregnancy (unless Allah has other plans *wink*), I will attempt to savor every 'being pregnant' moment, big and small, painful and otherwise.

I remember exactly when I felt Sofea move for the first time. It was at a traffic light in Subang Jaya. I initially dismissed the 'flutter' as angin (gas), but it was a reoccuring feeling. Like a little fish swimming rigorously in my tummy. It felt very ticklish, but in a good way. I have no recollection whatsoever the first time I felt Aidiin move/kick/stretch. I tried so hard to remember but nothing seems to come to mind... hmmm. I only remember him being very active during the later months, and I had trouble lying down or sleeping because whenever I became inactive, he started to become super-active.

It's kinda strange... although this is the 3rd time, I *still* get excited when I read about the baby's developments in each week. Macam first time pregnant pulak. :P Not that I'm being mengada-ngada, but honestly, this 3rd pregnancy feels like a whole new experience. Maybe because it's been 5 years since I last conceived. Maybe because I was trying really hard to get pregnant since last year.

If you happened to be in my circle of close(st) friends, you'd know that I am one of the (unfortunate?) women who has irregular menses, so it was almost impossible to determine my fertile period and whatnot. Some months there were no eggs produced at all, much to my dismay. I was on hormone pills and some form of medication to help 'fix' the problem. Doctor cakap saya 'stressed'... relax, take it easy, katanya. But but but, siapa yang tak jadi stressed if dah amik medication pun tak menjadi? Last time, with Aidiin, I was on hormone pills for more than a year. *sigh*

Did I feel disappointed when the results were negative? Yes, I admit, a little bit-lah. But I still believed that Allah has determined what's best for me. I know if it's the right time (and only He knows when that is), He'll bless me with another child. If He has determined that I'd only have 2 children, I'll accept that too dengan redha. Namun saya terus bertawakkal dan terus berdoa, without fail.

When I was confirmed pregnant last June, I was exhilarated. Rasa nak melompat-lompat, nak buat somersault pun ada. I felt relieved that I no longer needed to consume ubat-ubatan (costly process it was, if I may add) that often made me feel nauseous. Thankfully, for me it was just oral medications, I know other women who had to go through the hassle (and pain?) of getting hormone shots etc etc in their attempts to conceive.

But this time around (before the baby's first kick, that is), funnily enuff, if not for my starting-to-protude belly and missed periods each month, I don't really 'feel' pregnant. The only times I felt pregnant were during my prenatal checkups when I got to see my baby during the ultrasound. Masa tu baru terpikir... "Gosh, this is really happening. There really IS a baby in my tummy!!" And deep down inside, I'd be thanking Allah over and over for this special gift.

I am in my 21st week now... (yeah baby, I'm halfway there!!) Mabuk pun tak teruk sangat although I still get my occasional headaches and lenguh-lenguh kaki. I still can't sit in front of the PC too long though. Sakit pinggang and b*ntot!! Makcik dah tua... pain threshold has gone very, very low. Oh and I get breathless and I tire easily. :(

Mengidam ke? I don't crave any particular food so far. I guess whatever I felt like consuming are makanans that are easily obtainable (in Klang Valley je, in the neighborhood pun ada). famyBoy should be thankful for this... he doesn't have to go hunting for 'exotic' food stuff for his pregnant wife!

Hmm... what else ya? Boy or girl? Tanya sama hati, since I've been given a girl AND a boy before, this 3rd child can be either... kira 'bonus' gitu... Janji sempurna sifat, sihat, cerdik, elok paras rupa, jadi anak yang soleh/solehah... Ibu dah cukup gumbira.

I share with you baby's latest photo... belum keluar dari perut Ibu dah ada album gambar sendiri. :)

At 21 weeks

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Lack of Updates

Yikes!! 2 months has passed since my last update! Has it really, really been that long??? *in denial*

Blame it on my 'alahan' towards the computer screen. Somehow staring at the screen too long makes me nauseous. Seriously. Nak post an entry on the blog rasa tak kuasa, nak go blog-hopping pun tak larat. Status kat FB pun tak ber-update sekian lama.

Actually, I've been occupied with other things too. Tapikan, nak kata kiter sibuk due to work, tak juga. Hmmm... Perhaps it is just plain m-a-l-a-s. Korang decide-lah. :P

Dah halfway thru Ramadhan 1430H... how fast time flies kan? Hope you luvelies are in the best of health and may our ibadah during this blessed month be accepted by Allah SWT. Let us all strive for the miracles of Laylatul Qadr. May He grant us strength, patience, perseverance, steadfastness, commitment and determination to multiply our efforts to find this special night. May He make it easy for us, In shaa Allah.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Aidiin Turns 5

Actual birthday entry can be found HERE.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Yesterday morning, we became one of the statistics in the "kemalangan jalanraya yang mengakibatkan kesesakan lalulintas" traffic reports.

Location: On lebuhraya LDP (depan TeeVee3) from Mutiara Damansara heading towards PJ.
Time: Approximately 10:23-25am. I remember glancing at the clock in the car a few minutes before it happened.

Ours was Car #2 of 4 that made up the 'sandwich'.

Mujurlah tiada kecederaan teruk atau kemalangan jiwa. Kereta-kereta je yang kemek-kemot bengkang-bengkok pecah-berkecai merata-rata. I am very thankful that it was just me+famyBoy in the car at the time, no kids in the backseat. We were hit twice from the back by Car #3.

I called my doctor later to tell him what happened and asked him what I should be looking out for. Any bleeding? So far, takde. Any severe pain? Ada discomfort at the lower tummy area, but taklah severe. Pinggang sedikit sakit but otherwise not in serious pain.

I went for a checkup this morning anyways just to make sure that everything is ok, to eliminate our worries and give us a peace of mind. Alhamdulillah, the baby is fine... he/she is about 8 weeks old today. Dah nampak the shape of the baby's head and body during the ultrasound. And the 'blinking' heartbeat too. *sniff*
I was advised not to move around or jalan-jalan too much in case there is muscle trauma due to the impact, and no heavy housework for the next few days. Bed rest is recommended... so nampak gayanya famyBoy kena take over my duty as bibik-lah weekend ni. Hmmm...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is indeed a month of blessings... I'll tell you why.

Firstly, ze missing kitty, has returned!! We found her (or rather we 'heard' her) from the underground drain at the front of our house exactly 3 weeks after the first night she went MIA. She'd lost her daisies collar and looked slightly thin and haggard, but most importantly, she came back! And she's ALIVE!! How we succeeded to get her out of the drain deserves an entry of its own, so I'll write more about that later. Tungguuuu...

Then, we (me+the kids) were fortunate enough to be able to tag along while famyBoy worked in Terengganu. It became an impromptu Cuti-Sekolah-Out-n-About vacation for us... woo hoo hoooo!!!

Bercanda di pasiran pantai

I had already made peace with the possibility of having to stay@home alone with my hyperactive kids during the 2 weeks school break. Tup tup dapat gi jalan-jalan pulak. The best part was that we managed to get Misha out of the drain the very morning before we left for our trip. Leganya... at least our minds were at ease during the vacation. Dapatlah enjoy the hotel stay, the keropok lekor, the beach and the swimming pool. Takdelah risau whether she'd be cold and starving, if she'd found anything that's worthy of eating. Whether she'd still be there in the drain (or gone missing again) or if she'd still be alive when we return from our 6 days' trip.

Have not uploaded the other Cuti-Sekolah-Out-n-About pictures... sebab saya tersangat m a l a s. heh. Nanti-nantilah...

And lastly, of course, there's the other berita gumbira. I was super-nervous but very much eager to find out even when my actual (monthly) appointment with my obgyn was scheduled to take place next week. Felt a bit musykil the first time (takut I was being too hopeful and starting to imagine things), so I actually took the test 3 times (at different hours in the day) using kits of different brands! :P
All 3 tests yielded the same (positive) results. I passed with flying colors each time. *giggles*

Did I mention that this is a month of blessings? Alhamdulillah... syukur sesangat.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Guess This Picture

Family members are not eligible to participate... ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anak Dara Saya Sudah 8 Tahun

Sofea turned 8 on May 13, 2009 bersamaan 18 Jamadilawal. It was during exams week, and I was mostly stressed out and panicking (I cannot help it!!!) sebab dia nak amik exam and forgot to blog about the birthday girl. Lagipun I was still feeling blue after my cat Misha went missing. No mood-lah.

Coincidently, I remembered that I STILL owe Madame iSV a tag about anak sulung. Giler lama dah dia tag *blush* but saya asyik terlupa nak buat. Jangan marah ya, Ery?? But then again, memang amat appropriatelah this tag dijawab at this time, sempena Sofea's birthday entry kan? kan? kan?

First Born Tag

Here you go moms - a different kind of survey for a change - it's all about your first born! Just copy and paste it in a new note for yourself!

Let's see how much you remember!

Mmmm... yeah, pretty much. We were pressured strongly encouraged to produce grandchild(ren) immediately :) but Sofea was only conceived after about 10 months after I got married.

Of course-lah. See question #1.

Initially, I didn't even know I was pregnant. I was on a business trip to Phoenix, AZ and was throwing up throughout the plane ride. Immediately blamed the suspected basi kuah kari mamak. Sungguh merugikan... duduk business class tapi tak dapat makan apa-apa pun.

When I went shopping for jeans/pants from the Factory Outlets in Phoenix, I was slightly puzzled that I had grown one size bigger after my 2 weeks' stay there. I thought it was because of all the yummy food I ate. Olive Garden laa, IHOP laa, Taco Bell laa, big big slices of eggplant pizza laa dan macam-macam lagi.

Returned to Malaysia, had a fever, went to the clinic, doctor started asking questions which resulted in me having to pee in a cup. A few minutes later he said, "Congratulations Mommy!" Woaaahh!! Senyum simpul tersengih-sengih makcik. hee hee hee.

26 going 27.

Refer to last paragraph of answer to question #3.

Parents, on both sides. Mereka teruja berlebih-lebihan.

Yes. I was super curious. Senang sikit nak shopping ;)

May 13/14/15/16, 2001. The EDD varied each time I went for a scan.

May 13, 2001 (on Mothers' Day that year)

3.03kg at birth, 2.75kg upon discharge. Confirmed by checking dokumen beranak. :)

Except for that one episode of muntah-muntah on the plane, I had a smooth pregnancy. Ate anything my heart desired and Alhamdulillah, no morning sickness whatsoever.

Hmmm... I drank a lot of teh tarik. A LOT. :) Oh I craved for pulut inti quite often, sampai dah dekat due date pun still nak makan.

No one/Nothing in particular. But I didn't enjoy waking up several times in the middle of the night to pee.


Didn't mind any sex sebab dia first born. Excited nak dapat baby je.

Alamak tak ingatlah. Many many many pounds I guess. And most of them are still with me. Cissss!!

No. I think there was a kenduri kesyukuran if not mistaken.

The kenduri? No, it was not a surprise :) It required a lot of pre-planning work, so takleh nak surprise-surprise.

Errr... don't think so. Like I said, it was quite smooth.

Pantai Medical Centre.

24 hours!! I was admitted on Saturday morning due to a "show" (no "water break" experience) was about 2 cms dilated and had to stay at the hospital overnight. Sofea arrived the day after, 2 minutes before noon.

An excited+panic famyBoy. hee hee hee.

famyBoy, and a few nurses/midwives. And my obgyn of course.

Natural birth, but I did request for epidural last minute. Tak sempat nak take effect pun rasanya. Ada rasa kebas tapi tak sepenuhnya. Lesson learnt, next time (if there is a next time) mintak awal-awal.

Inhaled laughing gas, jadi sedikit weng afterwards. Given Epidural at the last minute coz I was not 'relaxed' enough and the dilation process was taking place much too slowly.

Nur Addina Sofea

8 years and 15 days :)

There you go, Ery. Selesai sudah hutang saya ngan awak. ;)

This birthday entry would not be complete without me recording some of the birthday girl's growing up progress(es) since the past year.

Without a doubt, she is STILL (and I think will always be) Ayah's Little Gurl. famyBoy can deny all he wants, but he knows he cannot bring himself to think about her future (when he has to let her go to become somebody's wife) without getting all mushy and a bit sebak. The change in his air muka shows it all. :)

Character-wise, good/bad habits-wise, she is more like her Ayah than me. I think the only way she's like me is the fact that she enjoys crafting activities. Origami, beading, paper crafts, cardmaking, scrapbooking etc. Other than that, she is 'just like Ayah', i.e. a female (mini) version of her father.

She is doing well academically, although I think she is a bit 'lazy' this year :P But I don't blame her-lah, because there's just sooo much homework daily, siapa tak penat and get turned off? The school practices streaming, and I think that's the reason her school workload is heavier this year. School has become extremely competitive too (dan Ibu jadi lebih tensi!!). But she's surviving... Alhamdulillah.

Last year's prize-giving ceremony@SK... Aidiin tumpang bangga & gumbira :)

KAFA-wise, she's making very good progress in her Quran class. She is now in Juzuk 30, a few surahs before Surah Ad-Duha. According to her, "Ustaz kata lepas ni ulang balik dari mula." I was told that nowadays the kids in her class recite the Quran in turns, macam majlis taddarus gitu. Alhamdulillah.

At home, I encourage her to mengaji on her own every evening after solat Maghrib or Isya', or whenever she gets a chance. The reason? To please Allah and dapat pahala and to chase Shaytan away. :)

For her birthday this year, I engaged the expert services of Madame Gart d Blue to bake birthday cookies for the birthday girl to distribute to her classmates in school. No big parties, but we did have a small (belated) cake-cutting ceremony last weekend with my in-laws: Sofea & Aidiin's Atuk & Wan, aunty & uncles and cousins. Of course, Ibu & Ayah & Aidiin juga.

One obvious characteristic of Sofea is that she has an innate desire for fun, ever since she was little. Sometimes I think that although she's an 8-year-old on the outside, she's still a 4-year-old on the inside... jiwa muda gitu. :)

She's inquisitive and always cheerful by nature and she's happy as long as she can laugh, have lots of fun and be loved and be around other people. She also thrives on compliments and affection. So despite her busy schedule with school, I am trying to think of activities outside of school that could feed her need to be industrious. Mini projects like helping around the house, cooking, gardening, using the computer (for educational purposes) may help her become more independent and competent. Hopefully, in this way, she'll be exposed to other skills like disciplining herself and managing time wisely. My objective is to have her learn to balance responsibility and organization with excitement and fun. May Allah guide me in my efforts and grant me patience throughout.

Happy 8th Birthday, Kakak!! Do know that Ibu and Ayah's constant bebelan is all because we want only the best for you and because we love and care about you very much. May Allah guide me in raising you to be anak yang solehah and may you grow up to be a good and respectable muslimah.

Lots and lots and lots of love from Ibu, Ayah & Aidiin.

Previous birthday entries:
- her 7th birthday
- her 6th birthday
- her 5th birthday
- her 4th birthday

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

10+2 Days Have Passed...

...and still no trace of Misha. *hampa*

I am starting to think that she's not even within a 5km radius of our house. Either she's been abducted adopted (hopefully by a good family) or she's lost. Or she's decided to be more adventurous and take a really long trip away from home. I shall not dwell on other (scarier) possibilities. I'm in denial, I know, but it helps.

I have not stopped hoping but we've decided to stop looking... kalau ditakdirkan we'll get her back, then In Shaa Allah, we will. Otherwise, she's just meant to be at some other (better) place. I pray that she is well and happy wherever she is.

The kids watched Homeward Bound the other day and asked if Misha will come home one day, just like how Sassy, Shadow and Chance did. Cemana nak explain that itu hanya cerita rekaan semata-mata and crush their hopes and anticipation? I must admit though, deep down inside, I, too, wish that our 'movie' will have a happy ending.

I still look out the window first thing in the morning, expecting to miraculously see her outside. Each time I step out of the house to hang laundry out to dry or to water the plants, there's this indescribable feeling of 'emptiness' inside of me when I walk by her unoccupied cage. Looking at her unused litter box and the now empty water bowl. Leftover bits of Friskies, untouched. *sigh*

Many times I tried to avoid jeling-jeling at the cage, but out of habit, it's just not possible to do so coz her sweet face and manja meow(s) were always there before to greet me.

When I sit alone downstairs in the living room, I still expect to hear the usual tinkle of her collar bell as she moves about. Or the 'crunchy' sound of her munching on her cat food. Sounds that I had taken for granted before.

If Harry (my other cat) could talk, I'd ask him to tell me what happened the night Misha went missing.

Spent the past week rereading La Tahzan, pondering on the reminders and advices given.

Everything occurs according to preordainment and according to what has been decreed. And nothing happens in the Universe except through Allah's Knowledge, Permission dan Divine Plan.

Appreciate that the choice of what is good for you or not good for you belongs only with Allah.

No regrets. Forgive, stop grieving and continue living.

She may not (physically) be with me anymore, but the memories of her still are. The first day I brought her home. Her first visit to the vet for feline vaccination shots. Our road trip to NYC. Our long distance plane ride from NY to LA to Tokyo to KL. Her first major surgery and recovery.

If and when I want to, I still have pictures of her to look at.

I do believe everything happened for a reason and that Allah will not test me beyond what I can endure. Perhaps He has found her a nicer place to stay and grow old. Perhaps He is protecting me from a bigger misery that might've taken place had she had not disappeared. Perhaps He didn't want me to witness her last few living moments because the pain (and loss) would've been too much for me to bear.

And it may be that you dislike a thing, which is good for you and that you like a thing, which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know. (Quran 2:216)

Maybe it's best for me not to know.

Hmm... somehow after typing this entry out, I feel a sense of calmness and relief.

Perhaps this is the closure that I need.

Saturday, May 09, 2009


It's been 27 hours since she was last seen in the confined compounds of the famyHome.

She's never been gone this long... not this long.

She just turned 13 (in people years) two days ago on May 7th. She'd gone missing on her birthday. :(

I've texted some friends/neighbors to be on the look out... in case she shows up at their doorsteps.

No point bebel-ing, if benda dah nak jadi.

But I'm troubled. I'm saddened. I'm afraid...

...worried beyond belief, imagining the worst.

I don't want her to spend her sisa-sisa hidup lying hurt/sick by a roadside or a semak-samun or a drain somewhere.

May Allah SWT protect her from any harm, wherever she may be.

I want her safe, and I want her back.

Misha, please come home soon. We all miss you...

Have you seen her?

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Less Than A Month till Mid Year School Break

Will be in 'hiding' for the next few days... SK's PKSR1 exams start tomorrow till next Wednesday. Then KAFA exams will commence the week after.

Makcik dup-dap-dup-dap memikirkannya...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Madame Nadyne Eikyn, this one's for you babe...

Thr33 Things Tag

The Three Names I go by
- Ibu
- Famy
- Mak Long

Three Jobs I have had in my life
- librarian
- engineer
- homemaker

Three Places I have lived
- Penang (the island)
- Port Klang
- Kuala Lumpur

Three TV Shows that I watch
I do watch more than 3 shows actually, but if I had to pick then they would be:
- Desperate Housewives
- CSI (Vegas & NY mostly, Miami once a while). I {heart} Mac Taylor ;)
- Heroes
oh... and (at this point) Idol too! :)

Three places I have been
- dalam negara: Pulau Langkawi, Sabah, JB
- luar negara: US of A, Phuket, Singapore

People that e-mail me regularly
- my aunt & uncle (coz they're both internet-savvy hee hee hee)
- my lunch ladies (ex-colleagues)

Three of my favorite foods
- fried meehoon
- pasta dishes
- desserts, chocolatey ones especially

Three things I would like to do
- read more books
- master the dslr and take lots of pictures
- lose weight *sigh*

Three friends I think will respond.
Hmm... let's see... Zan? Gartblue? Encik Screw?

Things I am looking forward to
- another baby
- a visit to any major bookstores (as a treat)
- my 10th anniversary

The "Yes" or "No" Tag

1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No!
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and Asks!

Now, here's what you're supposed to do: copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers and type in your answers.

Kissed any of your Facebook friends? Yes
Been arrested? No
Kissed someone you didn't like? No
Slept in until 5 PM? Yes
Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes
Held a snake? No
Ran a red light? No
Ever thought you're gay? No
Been suspended from school? No
Totaled your car/motorbike in an accident? No
Been fired from a job? No
Ever thought that maybe He/She was not the one? Yes
Sang karaoke? Yes
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Yes
Sang in the shower? Yes
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes? No
Broken a bone? No
Shaved your head? No
Blacked out from drinking? No
Thoughts of being a bachelor/spinster? Yes
Played a prank on someone? Yes
Bought a gift for someone and kept it for yourself? Yes
Felt like killing someone? Yes
Had sex with someone you didn't love? No
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Yes
Been in a band? No
Bought something and returned it worn? No
Shot a gun? No
Walked in your sleep? No
Tripped on LSD? No
Ever feel like you're in a current relationship you shouldn't be in? No
Donated Blood? No
Seen a ghost? No
Eaten alligator meat? No
Done body shots? No
Peed in the pool? No
Passed gas and blamed in on another without their knowledge? No
Thought of having your best friend as a BF/GF? No
Have body piercings below the neck? No
Still love someone you shouldn't? No
Think about the future? Yes
Ever felt you deserved someone better? No
Believe in love? Yes
Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes

Who's next? : Haiiyaa... I think almost everyone I know have done this. Errr... Zan, nak buat tak? Since awak tengah lepak kat ofis tuuu :P

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Muffin? What muffin?

Found this while I was surfin the net sometime ago and it made me tersengih sorang-sorang...

If You Give a Mom a Muffin

If you give a mom a muffin, she’ll want a cup of coffee to go with it.

She’ll pour herself some.

Her 3-year old will spill the coffee.

She’ll wipe it up.

Wiping the floor, she will find some dirty socks.

She’ll remember she has to do the laundry.

When she puts the laundry in the washer, she’ll trip over some boots and bump into the freezer.

Bumping into the freezer will remind her that she has to plan supper.

She will take out a pound of hamburger.

She’ll look in her cookbook (101 Things to Make with a Pound of Hamburger).

The cookbook is sitting under a pile of mail.

She will see the phone bill, which is due tomorrow.

She will look for her checkbook.

The checkbook is in her purse that is being dumped out by her 2-year old.

She’ll smell something funny.

She’ll change the 2-year old.

While she is changing the 2-year old, the phone will ring.

Her 5-year old will answer and hang up.

She’ll remember that she wants to phone a friend to come for coffee.

Thinking of coffee reminds her that she was going to have a cup.

She will pour herself some.

And chances are, if she has a cup of coffee, her kids will have eaten the muffin that went with it.


chocolate chip muffin
...and it also left me craving for choco chip muffins that day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting To Know aka Mari Berkenalan

Instructions: Copy and paste and put your own answers in. The purpose of this is to get to know your friends better and it's so much fun!

Here are the rules - post this list on your profile (in Notes) replacing my answers with yours. (You can add the notes tab to your profile page!)

If I tagged YOU, it's because I want to know more about YOU!

Getting To Know You/Me

Yes. My mom told me that during her zaman muda-muda, she adored a little girl who has a name similar to mine, but spelt differently. So I guess I was named after that little girl.

Last week. When I received an unwanted visit from my 'monthly friend'. :(

I'm okay with it, yes. :)

Hanging out with the 'Lunch Ladies', devouring delectable dishes and delicious desserts, enjoying each other's company. Yummms!!

Yes, two equally hyper and chatty kids.

Most probably, but not immediately after the first meeting. :) I was told several times that I portrayed a rather serious and 'garang' look, and people were hesitant to approach/tegur. But once they've gotten to know the real me, they'll know that I am a likable individual... *giggles* I welcome new friendships and cherish existing ones.

Yes, when I am angry or in a really bad mood. Kids/husband/cats semua kena.

Yes. Alhamdulillah, so far I have not had to go through tonsils removal. Takuuuuut surgery/needle of any kind. Tapi kiter still nak another baby...

Hmm... I guess if it were a once in a lifetime thing, I would do it.

CORN POPS!! But kat sini so dayum expensive lah... :( As an alternative, I'd take any cereal with nuts or crisps in them.

No, coz I wear slip-on sandals mostly, and they don't come with laces :)

Any flavour, with lots of nuts as toppings.

Their eyes. Their smiles.

Both. If I had to choose jugak, then it'll be Red.

I think/worry too much about other people's feelings that I sometimes forget to be considerate of my own.

At this point, it'll have to be famyBoy-lah... at least until he returns. I think about my late grandfather a lot too.

That would be nice, yes. I had to do it, they'd have to do it too!! hee hee hee

Comfy dark blue sweatpants (berjenama For3st). Not wearing any shoes since I'm at home in my bedroom typing this out.

My kids arguing about who gets to sit on which side of the sofa. Adussss, sakit telinga!! Pandai-pandailah depa sort it out themselves. :P

Any shade of purple.

Babies. famyBoy. Romance by Ralph Lauren. Fresh-baked cookies. Roses. Hot-from-the-oven pizza. Aidiin's bantal busuk(s), blue and white... boleh 'high' terus hahahaha.

famyBoy, last night.

Badminton kot. The truth is, I am not very much into sports dan tak athletic langsung.


Dark brown.

I used to when I was working. Nowadays, not anymore. Macam tak perlu je? *shrug*

Errr... so many!!

I used to enjoy scary movies, but not anymore. Dunnolah. Maybe coz I'm old now and I don't favor (scary) surprises. Makcik lemah semangat y'all. Scary books are still okay though.
I love happy endings! They make me sappy and happy at the same time.

Geng Upin & Ipin *winks at Gart*

A white t-shirt that has a countryside painting print on the front. This t-shirt was purchased in 1995 during a festival in Ith@ca.

Both, actually, but not during the extreme conditions.

I want both!! :)

To requests from family members & friends. I'd try to fulfill them to the best that I can.

To calls made from Anonymous/Unregistered/Unknown/Private numbers.

Kak Martha's Baking Handbook and The Ideal Muslimah. And Sofea's school textbooks. Mid-year exams are coming up soon! Yikes!!!

I don't use a mouse. I prefer the Touch Pad when using a laptop.

The repeat of CSI Vegas on AXN. I missed the original Wednesday night slot coz I was too tired and when to bed extra early.

Laughter, babies cooing, my kids calling Ibuuuuuu!!!

Hmmm... Beatles.

U.S of A.

Not sure. I enjoy craft projects but I wouldn't say I'm talented in crafting.

In a hospital on Jalan Residensi, Penang, Malaysia.

No one in particular coz I didn't tag anybody. Errr... Zan, perhaps? hee hee hee.

In college. He signed up for most of my CS classes (coz he's a geek in disguise!). It never crossed my mind then that I'd be marrying him in future. :P

Note to self: This post settles my hutangs with Mr Moshi & Azlina H in FB. Yayyy! :D
Next (or next-next-next) post: Two tags from Mdm Nadyne Eikyn.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The (Belated) Cuti Sekolah Outing

We very seldom lepak at KLCC but decided to make last Saturday an exception, mainly because we still owe the kids a cuti sekolah outing.

We chose Dinotrek2 because Butterflutter & Rotidua (and clan masing-masing) have 'been there done that', and both gave good reviews of their experiences. Oh and apparently, LazyDaisy's family were there too! :)

By 9:50am, we reached the KLCC carpark and famyBoy jadi rambang mata sebab banyak sangat available parking spaces. We were feeling adventurous that morning, so when the lady@ticket counter asked if we wanted the Combo deal (Dinotrek2 & Petrosains) we didn't hesitate to say "Sure, why not." Never been to Petrosains before you see, so didn't know what to expect.

Dinotrek was fun!! The model dinos were very impressive looking and the displays were quite informative. Comel betul anak-anak dinosaur (Hadrosaurus, it was, I think... tak ingatlah) yang baru nak hatch tu. The kids played paleontologists digging fossils at the excavation site and later played almost all of the interactive games that they have there.


The best part was the Dino Dance, of course. Instead of just pretending to scream, Aidiin acted terrified, yelling "AAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAA!!!" while running on the spot when the T-Rex appeared. Even Kakak staff yang jaga tempat tu pun tergelak-gelak.

Boleh dapat award pelakon kanak-kanak terbaik tak?

We went to Petrosains next. Ya, begitu bersemangat sekali.

Took the 'bulat vehicle' ride to get inside. We somehow missed the ARIF station (how did that happen?) Watched the wayang kulit skit, then the Science Show (near the Space exhibit) where they demonstrated bubbles and bubble-making.

Making snow bubbles

Learned more about dinosaurs and fossils at the mini dino exhibition. We sang along with the T-Rex that could rap in BM and English. hee hee hee.

Also took the helicopter simulator ride to get to the oil rig. Yang paling excited masa kat sini ialah famyBoy, yang menceritakan kepada anak-anak beliau, "macam nilah tempat Ayah work..." Berkobar-kobar gitu.

I learned a few things about oil drilling, blow-outs, offshore platforms safety etc etc etc. famyBoy remarked that the model sleeping quarters was actually bigger than where he (as a contractor) had to sleep when he was offshore.

Then we were back to 'land' to see how the oil that got transported from offshore was processed at the refineries. Also another topic dear to famyBoy's heart. Checked out the high-tech gadgets and tools and techniques used. The kids were running here and there, experimenting this and that. Ada juga displays and interactive games pertaining to F1 and the kids (and their Ayah) got to drive in model racing cars for a simulation of an actual race... actually it was a 'tekan minyak and go' to see who will emerge as the winner. :)

By the time we reached the molecule nano world, my legs were about to fall off. Seriously.

Overall I was very impressed. Left the place feeling sedikit pandai. :)

After spending about 5-6 hours altogether (tu pun tak abis explore and try out every possible thing kat Petrosains tu), Ibu & Ayah balik rumah and terus pengsan, keletihan. The kids pulak still ada banyak energy untuk main puzzles and tengok TV. Tak penat ke depa ni???

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Aidiin has a habit of walking around the house with his food. He once stepped into our bedroom with his mouth full of keropok. When he opened his mouth to speak, keropok crumbs flew everywhere. Grrr.

Another time it was a packet of Cheezels coz he wanted to show me how 'orange' his fingers had become.

One time he walked into Sofea's room with a cheeseburger. Malang tidak berbau, he tripped and the burger fell out of his hand, smearing ketchup on the floor and one part of the carpet. Maka berlakulah insiden pertengkaran adik-beradik yang berakhir dengan tangisan dan bebelan Ibu yang berlarutan tanpa henti. Not a pretty sight.

The day after the accident, Sofea put up a sign on her bedroom door. When Aidiin asked her what it's for, she told him that it meant "NO burgers here". He then understood that it meant NO FOOD was allowed in her room. Alternatively, it also meant that he can only enter if he does not bring in anything edible/drinkable. This includes air kotak, snacks of any kind and M&Ms.

Tak boleh bawa makanan masuk ke bilik ini

The Cheeky One also has a habit of setting up his trains in front of his sister's room, much to her annoyance. She then warned him about leaving his trains lying around inside or in front of her room by putting up the "NO train trucks here!" sign on the door. This time, she didn't have to explain to him what the sign meant.

The conteng-conteng was a form of objection

We were driving around the One U area a couple of days ago when Aidiin pointed to the No Parking sign and said, "Look Ibu! No 'P' here!!", to which I replied, "Uhmm...yes," rather unenthusiastically.


He then elaborated, "Ibu, dia cakap tak boleh kencing kat sini. Kalau nak kencing, kena tahan sampai balik rumah..."

We (me, famyBoy & Sofea) burst into laughter while Aidiin looked at us, perturbed.

Tak tahan tengok muka dia yang innocent dan agak confused itu. I laughed so hard I almost 'P'-eed in my pants!! :D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cuti Sekolah Satu Minggu

Hajat di hati nak update last week, tapi tak kesampaian. But then, there's nothing major to cerita pun...

Photobucket We (i.e. me & kids) stayed home the whole week. famyBoy was away the whole time, nun jauh kat pelantar minyak di tengah laut sana. Talk about 'bad' timing... hmmm. Not complaining, just stating the fact. I am thankful for the rezeki yang Allah beri.

Very tiring... yes, v e r y much so since I had to hold the fort on my own while battling a series of sakit kepala, on & off fever, loya-loya and diarrhea episodes, with both kids at home summore. *sigh* The good thing was I got to rest mentally and physically without having to worry about exams and homework. Never mind rumah bersepah with books and toys. Menu pun tak perlu fancy sangat since it's just the 3 of us. I either cooked something really simple (like porridge, fried eggs/fish, soups, fried rice) or cook in bigger portions so we have leftovers for the day after.

The kids watched a lot of dvds and played computer games while Ibu took mini naps after taking her medications. It also rained once a day (walaupun sekejap-sekejap) so I needn't water the plants. Laundry pun tak banyak sangat kena buat without Sofea's school uniforms and Aidiin's towel & baju kotor(s) from school.

Ada hikmahnya things turned out the way they did... and it's okay.

It's okay that we didn't get to go travel anywhere. If it was fated that I'd fall sick, we wouldn't enjoy our vacation anyways.

It's okay that I didn't get to go to the MPH warehouse sale (actually it's NOT okay!!!) *gigit jari* because the truth is, I am already behind in my readings for this year.

It's okay that I have to step on/walk over railway tracks, carriages, bridges, plastic trees and the many many Steamies and Diesels each time I need to go to the bathroom.

It's okay that I didn't get to declutter the entire famyHome although I planned to do so. I did manage to clean the fridge and sort the kids' clothing items. Now Sofea's matching PJs are on the top shelf, dresses folded and stacked neatly on the 2nd shelf, skirts/pants/jeans sitting comfortably on the bottom shelf. For Aidiin, I separated his t-shirts and shorts into "Home" and "School" drawers, jammies and colorful spender in one drawer, fancy 'big boy' shirts in one drawer, pants and jeans into the bottom drawer. Senang sikit nak cari baju. I don't know how long it'll last though.

Didn't want to disappoint Sofea, so we spent some girly-girly time together...

Photobucket Photobucket

I forced got my sister to lend me her Grey's Anatomy 5 Pt1 dvd but I never got around to watching it (yet). My Tuesday and Thursday nights are already booked for Desperate Housewives and Heroes. Oh and CSI on Wednesdays. I am now torn between Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey... they're both charming in their own ways and they sing well too!

All in all, I am grateful that it turned out to be a not-too-bad break after all. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another List of Things About Me

Was tagged in FB by Miss Nusayba (she will always be PrimaryBasic to me :)), and although I am in front of the computer every single day, I never got around to actually sitting down and doing it (sorry PB!!!). But today I decided to make time to share another 25 things you may/may not know about me. Tak cukup 'self-revealing' lagi ke after that 7 things tag??

1. Because I no longer feel intimidated by my oven, I have found comfort in baking. The other day, I made carrot cupcakes.

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey?

2. Thanks to Ery Madame ISV, I am now a fan of roti Gardenia Butterscotch. Tapi takleh makan hari-harilah, mahal wehhh. :P

3. I *must* drink a mug of Nescafe before going to bed.

4. Each day (when Sofea goes to school), I have to babysit two Tamagotchis.

5. I enjoy folding clean laundry, yang menggunung pun takpe. It's the after folding part that I dread most... kena simpan in their respective almari(s).

6. I love pasta dishes. Yummmmsss!!!

7. My (immediate) nieces and nephew call me Mak Long. My nieces&nephews-in-law call me Acik Famy. BTW, my cousin-in-law's daughter-in-law just gave birth to a baby girl... so that makes me a Nenek!! :)

8. My biggest home-managing pet peeve is cicak droppings. Bensi betul nak lap/cuci, especially yang dah 'splat' melekat tu (really makes me go Grrrr!). Normally I would alert famyBoy on the identified locations and get him to help clean them. hee hee hee.

9. I like collecting recipes. They can be printouts of recipes I g00gled on the internet, actual recipe books or taken from magazines. Tapi setakat ini hanya sekadar kumpul banyak-banyak jelah, tak termasak-masak lagi semuanya.

10. If you do not know it already, I LOVE books!! Love them love them love them. Cuma masih tak berkesempatan nak baca semua.

11. I worked part-time in a library (surprise surprise!) when I was in college.

12. My favorite mystery novel is (still) Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.

13. I used to laugh with/at Wanda MacPherson (from Baby Blues) as she goes through life as a sahm. Now I am actually living her life.

14. Masa zaman muda-muda, I grew my hair long... waist-length lagi.

15. I love pizza. The more cheesy the better.

16. I cried watching The Fox & The Hound, especially the part where Widow Tweed had to bring Todd to the forest and leave him there. It was a truly sebak moment for me. I think I was about 8 or 9 at the time. Until now I'd still feel a pang of sadness whenever I watch that particular part of the movie.

17. I find tigers fascinating and beautiful creatures. I used to (secretly) wish that I could keep a tiger as a pet (betuuullll nih!!!) but I settled for two kitty-cats instead.

18. I love doing craftwork with my kids. I especially love watching their beaming faces after they've successfully produced their craft products. Cantik atau tidak belakang kira.

19. I love dark chocolate and all chocolatey desserts.

20. My biggest weaknesses are book fairs and book sales. Warehouse Sale? Jimat Sale? Members Sale? Anniversary Sale? *faints*

21. I eat (more) when I am depressed/stressed.

22. I love to munch. My house is always stocked with biscuits/cookies, cereals, chocolates, dried fruit like dates & apricots, crunchy snacks like potato chips & keropok ikan. Very convenient during mood swings and emo 'moments' (see #21).

22. My first ever panggung wayang movie experience was the Indonesian horror Pontianak film Sund@l Bol0ng. (Ma, what were you thinking??!!) I went with my mom, grandmother and cousin. We were staying in Penang then. I think it was a Panggung Capitol near K0mtar.

23. I forgive easily although I do not necessarily forget.

24. I know almost all of the High School Musical songs... by heart!

25. I had to wear and parade in 3-inches-high-tumit boots (no joke, I tell you!) when I was the model-dipaksa making cameo appearance during a fashion show sometime ago. My 30 seconds of makcik glamour. Nervous, toksah cakap lah, but I went ahead and shook my not-so-little tush and did my little turn on the catwalk (on the catwalk, yeah!), with the spotlights shining on me and the cameras clicking away. Scary but fun! hee hee hee.

Hey hey... that actually wasn't too bad. I thought I'd be spending a week or so to come up with this list. I actually managed to finish this in ONE sitting! :P

One tag down, TWO more to go! *gulp*

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

This is just sooo cute!!!

I first saw this at Butterflutter's blog. Of course, saya ada itchy fingers, so saya pun click click lah ke website yang buat benda ni. I wanted to play around with the background colors and the people colors but I have not prepared dinner (and the family sudah merungut kelaparan) so I just used the default colors: white on black.

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Get your own Family Sticker Maker & MySpace Layouts.

Comel kan? :) Terrer lah orang (or orang-orang?) yang buat benda ni.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Academically Speaking...


Sofea's 1st midterm tests are coming up next week... for both SK and KAFA, although I am not entirely sure what dates her KAFA exams will be (sebab sekolah tutup till tomorrow). It worries me a bit that I haven't been able to diligently sit down with her to go through the stuff she'd learned in school up to this point. Bukan sebab tak nak, but sebab tak boleh... she's got SK homework to do EVERY DAY since the 1st week of school! And her homework bukannya sikit-sikit pulak tu. For a particular subject, e.g. BM, she's got exercises to do in the BLA & the Rampaian book (activity books accompanying the textbook) and also exercises from the textbook itself which need to be copied into the buku tulis. There'll be homework from other subjects too, sometimes nak kena lukis and color. *sigh* Last year taklah sebanyak ni. Ibu fenin tau.

Most of the nights she'd be working to complete her homework with my occasional supervision until she goes to bed. The thing about this girl is that she dilly-dallys a lot, very playful sejak dari dulu lagi. She truly lives up to her Sanguine personality, she really does. She'd spend so much time on one homework assignment although there's plenty of other assignments to do. I would get very impatient dalam saat-saat 'genting' seperti ini and would be repeatedly telling her not to waste precious precious time and do things quickly. I'd leave her to finish whatever she was doing and later come back to find her STILL coloring the petals of a particular flower. So Ibu pun naik hanginlah. And unfortunately, once Ibu dah bukak mulut, it's very difficult for her to stop.

Oh for my own record, last I checked with her mengaji-wise, she just started Juz 13, tak silap saya dia kat page 250. Alhamdulillah... I can't thank Allah enough.

Poor girl. Asyik kena bebel je, but I'd like to think that I'm doing this for her own good. I seriously hope I am not overdoing it and pushing her too much. Allah has blessed her with a good brain, I just don't want to see that kurniaan go to waste. But I really really wish that the entire educating process is a lot smoother and involves less screaming on my part. Cemana nak jadi ibu mithali lagu ni??


After the last parent-teacher meeting, I'd told myself that I would start teaching him basic math and reading at home. He is already able to read/recognize numbers well, so I've started him on addition for numbers between 1-20.

In school, he has started learning to do simple arithmetic like 2+4=?, 5+1=?, 7+2=?, along that line-lah. He'd go "2 in the head, 3 on the fingers" and start counting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, combining the numbers in his head with his held up fingers. The drawback is, he can only do additions that require up to 10 fingers max at one time. hee hee hee.

With Aidiin, teaching is a challenge, mainly because he is super L A Z Y when it comes to doing exercises. He gets bored easily. He runs to his trains when he sees me taking out the workbooks I bought for him to practice suka-suka at home.
Some of his popular excuses:
- "Alaaa, Aidiin dah penatlah Ibu..." This one is most commonly used.
- "Aidiin dah sakit perut dah." This one comes complete with hands-holding-tummy action, seolah-olah dalam excruciating pain.
- "Tangan Aidiin dah bengkok (bengkak) ni...", while pointing to his 'distorted' fingers.
- "Pencil ni pendek sangat", "Eraser Ultraman Aidiin dah hilang", and any other stationery-related excuses.
-"Aidiin sakit tekak." Apa kena-mengena nih?

Pendek kata, ada saja alasan-alasan unexpected dari dia ni. When asked to write, he'd baring mengiring ala-ala mermaid on a rock and attempts to write. Kalau untidy or crooked dia memberontak tak bagi erase. Arrrrghhh!! Is this a boy thing??!

There was this one exercise that required him to draw circles corresponding to the number given and then color them. The first question was number '7'. I explained to him what to do and he understood me. He drew 7 circles (in a line going 'downhill'), each circle smaller than the previous. Not perfect, but acceptable. So far so good.

Then comes the coloring part. He colored the first circle red, and then without lifting his pencil, he drew a red line through the remaining 6 circles. Then he told me, "Ok, dah siap dah", clearly implying that he'd had enough exercises for the night. Cisss... takleh pakai punya orang. Deep down inside I LOL-ed and thought it was disturbingly cute that he was errr... efficient in his coloring. :P

He's currently at Surah Al-Kautsar in his Muqaddam reading, Alhamdulillah. A bit behind kalau nak compare with his sister at his age, but it's mainly my fault jugak for not spending time with him before to revise what he had learned in school. This includes mengaji Muqaddam, iqra', reading aloud in BM & English and Math. Masa anak pertama je amat rajin... *blush*

Hmmm... kalau nak difikirkan, banyak sungguh 'I should have(s)' dengan Aidiin ni. It's time to make amends.


As for me, I'm making time to read more soul-enriching ilmiah books, In Shaa Allah. I'll write more on that some other time. And thanks to Madame Lollies, I have also started downloading recommended lectures by Imam Anwar Awlaki. Dah selamat transfer most of them to the walkm@n for before-I-go-to-sleep listening. :)
All I need to do now is to be more disciplined in managing my time and tasks so that I get to finish what I had started. Semoga Allah permudahkan segala...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Nak lepas geram nih...

A month ago, I submitted a request for a reprint of financial transactions that occured between Jan 2007 - Dec 2008. Obviously, the transaction history records on the respective online banking website do not date back that far, and this account of mine did not come with a passbook, so nak tak nak kenalah go to the branch (specifically the branch where the account was opened) and request personally. When I was there, I was told to fill up a borang, which I did, and to return it to one of the officers there and he/she will submit it to the Main Branch to get it processed. Note that there is a fee for asking them to do this. But tak kisahlah since I need to make some investigations and amount verifications anyways.

I was told that it would take them about a week or so to get the request processed and somebody from the bank will call me when it's ready for pick up.

A week passed... I called to enquire but was told that it was not ready yet.

Another week passed... I called again to check and was put on hold for a whole 10 minutes, only to be informed later that "our officer baruuuu je buat follow up tapi Main Office kata belum siap". What the?!! You do follow-up calls only when I call? And you made me wait on the other line while you do it???

Yet another week passed... I made another follow up call and was told that there is a 'queue' for statement print-outs requests and therefore the Main Office has not gotten to mine yet.

Today is the fourth week. I just got off the phone with one of the bank officers a while ago. At first she asked me when I submitted my request. Dah sebulan dah cik adik oiiii. Then she told me to hold on while she checked to see if my borang got sent to the Main Office, mana tahu "kot-kot misplaced ke, tak sampai kat Main Office ke?" Panasnya telinga makcik mendengar. I think my voice went a pitch higher when I cried out "What??!!" in disbelief.

While she waited for her colleague to check on the status of my account, I bitched asked her why it is taking them so long to process such a simple request. I asked her why the folks at her branch can't work on it themselves, sampai kena hantar ke Main Office and such. According to her, the computers at their branch would freeze/hang (sometimes for hours) when the dates get keyed in, sebab tu kena hantar kat Main Office untuk buat. I asked her summore, tapi semua computers macam tu ke, as in kat semua branch? She gave me no reply.

I might be wrong coz I don't know how their system works, but susah sangat ke nak print out 2 years' worth of financial transactions? It's just like updating a passbook, no? Macam what they normally already do at the branches. Bukannya nak kena crunch huge numbers, buat pie charts or graphs ke, lukis histograms kaler-kaler ke... I just need to see how much $$ goes in and out on certain dates within those 2 years. Is that too much to ask?

Eiiii... gerrrrammmmmnya!!

As it turned out, her officer was on leave the whole of last week so takde orang buat any follow-up. OMG, I feel like strangling someone. Sabar, sabar. I asked her for the number of the Main Office so that I can call to follow up myself and she told me they do not allow customers to call directly. Grrrrrrr. She assured me that she will call the Main Office herself and get back to me later today. Boleh percaya ke ni?

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to take her word for now. Berbaik sangka jelah. I cannot do anything about it anyways.

Sementara menunggu, apa kata kita devour 'experiment minggu ini'? Hot from the oven, y'all.

beef lasagna
Sedap dimakan panas-panas bersama garlic bread


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