Friday, October 31, 2008

Menjawab Pertanyaan Madame Zan

(Cut-n-paste) Zan's message in the chatbox:
29 Oct 08, 11:57
zan: weiheeii gf..apasal senyap saja?? busy sangatkah??

Briefly put, yes, I *have* been busy. But not 'busy' in a workaholic sort of way, but 'busy' due to various reasons, so to speak.

Health-wise, I have not been feeling well the past week or so. Ntah kena jangkitan virus apa. Ada hari feeling feverish seram sejuk lenguh sana-sini, ada hari ada coughing and runny nose, ada hari ada tummy-ache yang senak macam nak beranak, ada hari ada rasa loya semacam, ada hari malam sampai muntah segala-gala, ada hari rasa bloated like Bloat the Pufferfish from Finding Nemo.

Before y'all pop the question... No, I am not pregnant :P

Also caught another type of 'jangkitan', similar to that of Intan's. hee hee hee. Been making attempts to 'friend-friend' with my (now-sorta-repaired) electric oven. I still have err... issues regarding the temperature settings and baking times and stuff sometimes err... undergo combustion unexpectedly, *malunyaaaa!!!* but I am getting the hang of it. A bit better, now that I finally own an oven thermometer (yay!!).

Anyways, last week's 'experiment' yielded these:

Beginner's Luck Chocochip-Banana Muffins

Not a disaster (Alhamdulillah! hahaha) but not cantik-looking at all methinks. Nonetheless, they tasted yummmms especially when hot&fresh from the oven. I think I'm gonna modify the original recipe slightly the next time I decide to make these (or a variation of them) coz I think the batter was a bit too sweet, even for a sweet-toothed person like me.

Ohhh!! I think I'm gonna try making Lily's brownies. Intan has succeeded in making them (yummmms!) and Elisa made a peanut butter version (double yummmms!) Nanti kena copy recipe Lily dari MukaBuku dan tepek kat blog.

I have also been reflecting on my past year as a SAHM, the ups & downs (& in-betweens), the Yang Best(s) & Yang Tak Best(s), particularly the changes in me. Nak/Dah jadi domestic goddess? Perghh. Jadi chaotic goddess bolehlah for now :P I still have a long, long way to go, with much much much room for improvements. Let's just say I am in between 'missions' at the moment. Exhausting jugak pikir banyak-banyak strategy dan action plans nih. Plus I have so many personal hobby-related projects to work on.

And lastly, I am panicking (yikes!) due to final exams season. Biasalah tu, anak yang nak amik exam tak stressed out, mak dia yang risau tak tentu pasal (who wouldn't be, kan?). Bukan nak put pressure on anak sendiri, but kalau tak monitor, tak strict giler sikit, alamat tengok TV jelah kerja dia. I constantly tell myself it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon. Next week will be her finals at SK. KAFA finals will be in mid November. *sigh*

Within these few months, famyBoy has several outstation trips, and quite often too. I don't want to sound whiny (nor paranoid) but the thought of having to hold the fort on my own nanti scares me. But c'est la vie, like it or not. Quoting Aidiin, "Ibu kena jadi strrrronggg!!! Nanti Ibu boleh lawan raksasa!!"

So, Zan dear, does this entry answer your question, gf??


atiza said...

this is not madame zan..

but normal la jadi mak ni...exam time, kita yang kepoci lelebih

famyGirl said...

atiza: heh heh. yelah kan? nasib baik anak tak cakap, apasal ibu ni kecoh sangat? :)

Nazrah Leopolis said...

girlfriend, muffin looks very sexy! apa lagi kalau panas2, smothered with butter. mmmmm....

Good job good job!

nak tengok brownies pula...

famyGirl said...

intan: sesungguhnya hitam (sebab hangit) itu menawan hahahaha. i will try to make the brownies, tapi tak tau bila. pressured tau ni, sebab at least 4 (lily, you, elisa and another friend) ppl i know dah try buat, and sukses. nanti saya buat tak jadi, hampa you! (unless i can blame it on the oven... hee hee)

SabrinaWM said...

Famy, I had already left behind the panicky thing during exam. I just go que sera sera, especially with Ahmad. Sometimes, felt guilty coz the only effort I did was -- go study and then I'm back to doing my stuffs. But then again...let them enjoy life, it's only primary start to get panic but cool only when its close to UPSR -- but then again, perhaps Sofea may not enjoy UPSR, its probably something else...ala, once dah start tak leh stop comment nih:-)

Gartblue said...

nope, not Madame Zan either ..

but I love the way you're making SAHM sounds so good .. so realistic and not the typical impressions ppl get .. lady of leisure sort ..

anyhow .. i hope you'll get better soon .. meh sini, kita pegi jogging to shake those bugs off .. and I share the feeling about holding on own fort .. yikes .. but you are strong, gf .. just kill off those raksasa ..

exams? yup .. I pray for Aliya & Asha's success .. insyallah .. worse, I'm off to Singapore this afternoon and only back on Wed night .. hope MrGart is as strict as I am ... *shudder*

btw .. my word verification today is "claticu" .. soudns cute .. meaningless tho.

zan said...

oooo.. ahhh ..gituuu...

banyaknya check list..nampaknya dapur awak dah semakin berasap...referring to your oven :) cantik apa...n definitely delicious..

ehh talking abt delicious..we want to ask u out for lunch at delicious ;)

ehh tak puas laa nak comment sini..
anytime this week in the morning..log in lah ya...we chat..psstt...saya kerja dari rumah the whole week :)

lazydaisy said...

from my experience jadi sahm temporary lagi penat than working mom.

and also working mom ni stress pun bule la nak retail therapy(friday outing ke) ni bile sahm masyaAllah for me la very very challenging..
but the kids definitely mmg melekat jela.

i sempat buat bread pudding (danial's favourite, lasagne and also muffin) yg lain tu tak sempat... tu pun danial yg request nasib baik orang lain tak pandai minta lagi hehe

im sure sofea is doing good in her studies kan, i thought girl ni rajin sikit, danial tu mmg kena monitor sebabnya kalau tak dia mmg main game je and tengok tv.

famyGirl said...

sabrina: maybe bila anak #3 i amik exam, i can be 'cool' like you :)

claticu gart: err... jogging? *sheepish grin*
i'd rather join you for weekend early morning grocery shopping and have me cappuccino indulgence sessions instead ;)

famyGirl said...

zan: nak chat? boleh, boleh. insyaAllah ;) nanti can set appointment.

lazyD: adusss if i jadi you i think i akan lagiiii pening. sekarang ni pun dah pening hahaha. sempat juga you bake and masak ya? admirable. tentang sofea tu, kena monitor sebab dia tu, walaupun doing well, time dtg angin malas dia, memang m.a.l.a.s abis. melekat depan tv je. Alhamdulillah lah dia boleh keep up with school.

mosh said...

I can double up as food critics. Meh sini pass sikit.

Those changes in being SAHM includes weight ka? turun, naik or status quo?

famyGirl said...

cissss!!! *cubit mosh* bensi tau!

elisataufik said...

siapa kata jadi SAHM is like 'lady of leisure'? Dont you guys read my blog???

wehh your muffins look yummeh lah.
damn now rasa nak makan muffins lah pulak.

famyGirl said...

elisa: lady of leisure... NOTTT!! sila, sila bake and come up with an easy-peasy muffin recipe. ;)


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