Friday, October 31, 2008

Menjawab Pertanyaan Madame Zan

(Cut-n-paste) Zan's message in the chatbox:
29 Oct 08, 11:57
zan: weiheeii gf..apasal senyap saja?? busy sangatkah??

Briefly put, yes, I *have* been busy. But not 'busy' in a workaholic sort of way, but 'busy' due to various reasons, so to speak.

Health-wise, I have not been feeling well the past week or so. Ntah kena jangkitan virus apa. Ada hari feeling feverish seram sejuk lenguh sana-sini, ada hari ada coughing and runny nose, ada hari ada tummy-ache yang senak macam nak beranak, ada hari ada rasa loya semacam, ada hari malam sampai muntah segala-gala, ada hari rasa bloated like Bloat the Pufferfish from Finding Nemo.

Before y'all pop the question... No, I am not pregnant :P

Also caught another type of 'jangkitan', similar to that of Intan's. hee hee hee. Been making attempts to 'friend-friend' with my (now-sorta-repaired) electric oven. I still have err... issues regarding the temperature settings and baking times and stuff sometimes err... undergo combustion unexpectedly, *malunyaaaa!!!* but I am getting the hang of it. A bit better, now that I finally own an oven thermometer (yay!!).

Anyways, last week's 'experiment' yielded these:

Beginner's Luck Chocochip-Banana Muffins

Not a disaster (Alhamdulillah! hahaha) but not cantik-looking at all methinks. Nonetheless, they tasted yummmms especially when hot&fresh from the oven. I think I'm gonna modify the original recipe slightly the next time I decide to make these (or a variation of them) coz I think the batter was a bit too sweet, even for a sweet-toothed person like me.

Ohhh!! I think I'm gonna try making Lily's brownies. Intan has succeeded in making them (yummmms!) and Elisa made a peanut butter version (double yummmms!) Nanti kena copy recipe Lily dari MukaBuku dan tepek kat blog.

I have also been reflecting on my past year as a SAHM, the ups & downs (& in-betweens), the Yang Best(s) & Yang Tak Best(s), particularly the changes in me. Nak/Dah jadi domestic goddess? Perghh. Jadi chaotic goddess bolehlah for now :P I still have a long, long way to go, with much much much room for improvements. Let's just say I am in between 'missions' at the moment. Exhausting jugak pikir banyak-banyak strategy dan action plans nih. Plus I have so many personal hobby-related projects to work on.

And lastly, I am panicking (yikes!) due to final exams season. Biasalah tu, anak yang nak amik exam tak stressed out, mak dia yang risau tak tentu pasal (who wouldn't be, kan?). Bukan nak put pressure on anak sendiri, but kalau tak monitor, tak strict giler sikit, alamat tengok TV jelah kerja dia. I constantly tell myself it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon. Next week will be her finals at SK. KAFA finals will be in mid November. *sigh*

Within these few months, famyBoy has several outstation trips, and quite often too. I don't want to sound whiny (nor paranoid) but the thought of having to hold the fort on my own nanti scares me. But c'est la vie, like it or not. Quoting Aidiin, "Ibu kena jadi strrrronggg!!! Nanti Ibu boleh lawan raksasa!!"

So, Zan dear, does this entry answer your question, gf??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Because the Modem Broke Down

Our modem broke down the past few days. Mati kutu jugak jadinya, although I had the day-to-day domestic tasks to complete. I kept myself occupied with reading, napping :P, some TV-watching and this:

Aidiin decided to do an Ultraman pose at the very last minute

Just like previous years, we celebrated the first day of Eid-ul-Fitr at my in-laws' home in Shah Alam. After Eid prayers and beraya di rumah Opah (my in-laws' neighbor), we visited aunties, uncles and a grandma sedara in Klang (famyBoy's side). At around 3:00pm, we headed to Melaka to my grandma's house where my parents, cousins, aunties and uncles have gathered together-gether. The traffic report on the radio mentioned the PLUS highway being 'sesak tetapi terkawal', especially the Pedas-Linggi stretch up till the Ayer Keroh exit, so famyBoy decided to use the coastal rode along the town of Port Dickson instead. We drove by beaches, golf courses, resorts, hotels, condominiums and abandoned bungalows. The journey took 3.5 hours approximately (it was raining and there were quite a few cars and lorries using the same route). Sofea slept throughout the entire journey while Aidiin took short naps in between waking up and asking for keropok. My back and a$$ hurt from sitting down too long. Ugh.

We went beraya at the homes of aunties and uncles (my dad's sister & cousins) in Melaka the next day.

The various raya spreads were simply yummmmehhhh!! :D

This year's Eid-ul-Fitr was also 'different' in some ways:
- My kids received duit raya from their PakSu (famyBoy's youngest brother) for the first time sebab dia dah start kerja. :)
- I made raya cookies!! *beams* But just ONE adunan though, kira sebagai 'experiment' munchies for famyFamily je (dah habis dah pun). I am not confident enough to make big adunan(s) to be distributed to family members and sedara-mara terdekat. Maybe next year's Raya? We'll see how-lah.
- I received duit raya from my younger sister. I am old!!!! Huwaaaaa!!!

Of course, this Raya is also different because TokBa is no longer with us. Although it was still somewhat meriah bila semua family members berkumpul ramai-ramai and kepoh-kecoh gitu, I felt that strange 'missing' feeling, that sense of loss and longing. Al-Fatihah untuk TokBa.

BTW, semua orang dah start/complete puasa enam?? Saja tanya... Saya sendiri baru sempat puasa sehari. Saya sebenarnya jeles kat famyBoy sebab dia dah raya last Tuesday.

Lots of blog-hoppin' catchin'-up readin' to do (apart from the upcomin' PKSR2-exams panickin'), so I'll see you when I see you, okeh?? *hugs*


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