Monday, August 18, 2008

And Then My Baby Turned Four

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Aidiiiiiiiiiiin,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

He turned four on August 14th. I am a BIG boy now, he says. He even refers to himself as Abang Aidiin when talking to his cousins, the twins.

How would I describe him at four? Let's see... He is definitely more sociable. I noticed that he is less reserved with strangers, regardless of age or gender. I even get remarks from friends, from immediate and not-so-immediate relatives, "How come he is sooooo chatty nowadays, aaa?" Tidakku sangka, talkative sungguh anak terunaku kini.

He is still very cheeky and manja, no doubt about that. Still very energetic and lively, except when he is sick. Still curious about new places, things and new faces (people). Still likes to play and hang out with (and tag along and usik barang and conteng buku) his sister, even when she insists on being alone. Still prefers running to walking from one point to another. He still sleeps on the double layer tilam on the floor, in our bedroom. He still asks for his two bantal bucuks (named Blue & White, respectively) before going to sleep.

He likes watching Tom & Jerry and Mr. Bean. And those shows on Astr0 Cer1a. Oh and he also likes Ultraman... Ada Dyna? Tiga? Cosmos? I didn't know there were so many of them.

And of course, he is still VERY passionate about his trains. I should also mention that he is able to complete a 100-pieces jigsaw puzzle all by himself!! I thought it was endearingly amusing to find this Sofea-ness trait in him.

He complains that he is "penaaaaaat...." when he refuses to do what we tell him to do. Grrrr... it makes my blood go upstairs each time he says that. He can sing all the tunes in the Thomas sing-along soundtrack CD, and he usually sings them in 'repeat' mode (Adoiii!!).

In school, apart from learning to write and count, he has started learning to read. At home, when he is in his 'rajin' mode (which is very rare, mind you), he would practice reading on his own. He is able to recognize and read aloud two-syllable words in BM. Words like ma-ta, bu-ku, ka-ki, Li-li, a-bu, ma-ma, da-du, bo-la, me-ja, i-bu. You get the idea-lah.

Some of the words in his bacaan book are accompanied by pictures, and I can't really tell if he had conveniently used them as references while reading. Ada one time tu, he pointed to a picture of a wheel, and said "ta-yar", when it was supposed to be "ro-da", hee hee hee.
But most of the times, he was able to read and pronounce the syllables/words correctly. I am biased obviously, but I found his bahasa baku reading very comel. :)

This year, I made it a 'top priority project' to celebrate his birthday at his school. Why?? You might ask. If you've been reading me these past four years, you'd realize that my 'lil prince has not once had a party to celebrate his day of birth. Not even a small one. *hangs head in shame*

So this year, I told famyBoy we HAVE to make it happen, to make up for the last three years.



Despite still tired from the accumulated less-sleep nights working on the sukan props (which I have yet to write an entry about) and the tension-ness due to Sofea's exams two weeks in a row, I made effort to prepare about 85 personalized party packs for the kids in his school. Apart from store-bought candy, sweets and chocolate bars, I made mini coloring books with pictures of Thomas & his friends to include in the favors. My left thumb looked deformed due to too much scissor-handling and cutting. Oh and I also got Madame Gart, the neighborhood baker to bake train-shaped cookies. She didn't want to make all Thomas frontal cookies because she felt that they didn't turn out nice (but I thought they looked cute, regardless) so she made 'generic' side-view train cookies in Thomas' colors instead.

His Ayah and I opted for chewy chocolate brownies instead of a birthday cake, coz the guy at the shop advised us that 24 pieces of brownies would be bigger in size (i.e. more to share) than a 1.5-recipe cake.

Thomas & Friends Birthday Brownie for the Thomas fanatic

We had the birthday brownie-cutting event and did the birthday stuff at his school on August 15th. Semua orang insisted nak makan part yang ada Thomas hahaha, but Teacher Imah gave Thomas to the beaming birthday boy. While cutting through the brownie, Aidiin asked me why his birthday cake is 'keras'? :P

I thank Allah for blessing me with this little badut (clown) who never fails to make me smile, even when I am angry at him for ignoring me when I asked him to take his bath. Eiiiiii gerammmmnya!!!! Or when I specifically told him not to disturb Kakak doing her homework. Or when he punggah-ed all his toys and books and made a huge mess with all his railway tracks and trains accessories until I cannot even see the carpet in the family hall.

I thank Allah for this little individual who never fails to make me laugh (kekadang sampai nak guling-guling) when he attempts and insists to construct and speak long & complete sentences in English, made up from a string of familiar words from his (limited) English vocabulary.



I thank Allah for this little person who never fails to make me feel all mushy and lembik when I watch him in his sleep, or when he calls out "Ibu, ibu, ibu..." when he is excited and eager to show me his just-drawn picture of Thomas, or when he flashes me his ever cheeky smile.

Happy 4th Birthday Little Darling. X0X0X from Ibu, Ayah and Kakak.
** More birthday pictures here, in the album at multiply.

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butterflutter said... many august child

Happy Birthday To Aidiin from Aunty bf. Bestnya bday Aidiin ada Thomas. Rajinnya ibunya... One day he shd see real thomas *wink wink

Abg Afiq went down memory lane by looking for his old thomas track and Hannah now insists that the track is hers. Siap nangis2 *rolleyes

famyGirl said...

bf: thank you aunty :)

ibu terpaksa rajin untuk menebus 'missed' birthday parties yang lalu. *blush*

abg afiq thomas fanatic juga ya? hee hee. regarding 'real' thomas, tengoklah. someday, someday insyaAllah :)

mamarawks said...
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mamarawks said...

ala.... kiter nak coootiiiess jugak... nak mini coloring book jugakk.. nak thomas brownies jugak.. sedap tu beebuuhhh!!


Happy Birthday Aidiin...

Jill said...

i am picturing 4 year olds with choc brownies frosting all over their fingers :)party favours are fab and gart's cookies are super cute! aidiin must be the envy of his friends.

atiza said...

cutie pie..
jimi wanted spongebob cake..mama sempat beli baju spongebob jer..

happy belated beday aidin

zan said...

sesungguhnya saya tahu ultraman mmg ada pelbagai dari Nael and his ceria :P

ohh i love the cake although it looks quite gelap..buat kat mana?

ohh your party packs and 85? mak aiii..i think i'll take more than a week to do that heheh..

Aidiin, Happy Belated Birthday!!

p/s: waited for this entry on 14th.

OndeOnde said...

AIDIIN IS FOUR? cepatnyaaaaaa....

Alhamdulillah indeed to be blessed with such a healthy child(ren). Enough said.

HAPPY FOURTH BIRTHDAY AIDIINNNN...bila nak mai jalan-jalan rumah Tok Chik..sekarang cuti sekolah Tok Chik is quite free..

famyGirl said...

mamaR: hee hee. awak nak cooties??? memang sedap, nak makan pun sayang sebab cantik sangat hahaha

jill: you know, i was hoping to ambil gambar the comot-est kid, but all of them were reasonably 'clean'.

atiza: baju spongebob pun ok whaaaaat :)

zan: ye lah, it took me about 4-5 days jugak nak buat semuanya. cikgu cakap buatlah dalam 80 camtu. jenuh i dok print and gunting and gam. brownie, bukan cake ;), telah ditempah khas di 'resipi rahsia' :)

OO: healthy tapi naughty!!! but Alhamdulillah, nonetheless. this week Tok Chik free ya? tapi Ayah Aidiin pulak outstation memanjang. :(

BDP said...

happy belated birthday abang aidin... napa tak invite pasha nii... :D tak nak pasha bawa gift keerr.. heehehe...

mosh said...

alamak! too belated to say happy birthday but nonetheless, happy birthday aidiin! (double i kan?)

Lana said...

rajinlah the ibu, personalised the party packs lagi.. happy belated birthday, aidiin

famygirl said...

pasha/diah: party tu buat kat school aidiin lah, sebab nak celebrate with his schoolmates... maybe next year pasha boleh celebrate sama? ;)

mosh: thank you uncle mosh. yes, yes, it's a double 'i'. not everyone perasan benda tu. :)

lana: (belated) thank you, aunty. :) ibu 'terpaksa' rajinkan diri sebab nak make up for those missed previous three years! haha

Cherry said...

happy besday aidin. sorry tertinggal keretapi.
uqbah have 2 birthday bash at kindy bahtera ilmu this year - don't ask me why .

oh ms gart baker sekarang ni. senang le idup ku .

famyGirl said...

ninuk: thank you aunty cherry. yaaa... mdm gart entrepreneur gitu. :)

SabrinaWM said...

I showed Alif what he he cried to Abah dia, asking for another Thomas train....Aidiin dapat 2, not fair. I want 2 too! Heck...why did I do this...ingatkan that'll motivate him to go school.

famyGirl said...

sabrina: hahaha next time ummi and abah kena bagi biiiiiiig cake masa birthday alif.


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