Saturday, July 12, 2008

Disaster Recovery Plan

Is efx2blogs really... gone??

If there's one thing I learned during my years of working as a systems engineer in that big multinational company, it would have to be this:
ALWAYS ensure backups are in place. ALWAYS. No excuses. ALWAYS do backups, regularly.

Therefore, kira macam out of habit-lah, I had started posting some of my entries here, in bl0gsp0t, in case 'disaster' strikes like last time when m0dbl0g when kaput. Truthfully, I'm really glad I did.

I didn't expect efx to be short-lived, so I was happy when efx2blogs was brought up, almost instantly lagi. How long were we there? A year, perhaps? I have not been able to see my blog or the other blogs I had subscribed to since last week. I can't even get to the log in window. :(

Oh well, I guess I might as well settle down and get comfortable here. This has proven to be the most reliable place in terms of uptime so far. I should start transfering over some of my older posts if I have not done so already (I might still have a copy of the .txt file from m0dbl0g days). I should start updating my (outdated) links too, kena kumpul semula semua refugees dari efx2. Maybe you can help me with this? If you don't see your (new) blog under my links, leave a comment with your new blog's URL, okay? Thanks much!! *hugs*

But most importantly, I need to also think of a backup for this blog, no? W0rdpress boleh kot, although I have never logged in there after my account creation last year. Any other suggestions?

Meanwhile, let's enjoy this plate of hot-from-the-kuali udang goreng tepung while I figure it out.


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