Saturday, May 24, 2008

Disappear, I Will...

...for the next two weeks, that is. Looking forward to a safe, illness-free, fun and relaxing break. woo hoooo hoooo!!

The last batch of bloomies before this plant decided to die

Y'all take care tau. Jangan naughty-naughty. ;)

Friday, May 16, 2008


Sofea turned 7 on May 13th. Big girl she is now. But still very manja-manja and childish, at home that is. In school, she is quite the opposite it seems. She is independent and reliable enough to be elected as the Assistant Class Monitor. And without a doubt, she is very much still Ayah's Little Girl.

Keeping the birthday updates 'tradition' and for record-keeping purposes, I shall blog about her day of birth.

I originally planned to throw her a party or at least a family makan-makan like we had last year, but since Aidiin got sick with chicken pox, I was not really in a celebrative mood. Moreover, we had busy weekends the past few weeks so memanglah tak sempat (and tak larat) nak plan apa-apa pun.

Sofea was excited about her 7th birthday because this year, it's not going to be on a weekend. This year May 13th is a Tuesday, a school day. Naturally, she expected me to show up in school with a birthday cake for her to cut, in front of her teacher and classmates after they sang the Happy Birthday song. She didn't really persistently insist that I did, but she did tell me about the birthday cake that her friend had earlier this year, delivered to the school, to her classroom to be exact. She had eagerly and enthusiastically described the mini celebration. Talk about peer pressure. *roll eyes*

I don't know if it's just me (and I am sincerely not condemning or judging anybody) but I don't feel comfortable disrupting schooling hours because of personal reasons, except for emergencies. Especially since this is 'formal' school, not pre-school or kindy. When we had a small birthday celebration for her on her 4th birthday, it was in her kindy and it was during the kids' teatime.

So I told her (firmly, but as gentle as possible) that I won't be bringing a cake to her school and she can forget about celebrating her birthday in class. I explained my reasons and I think she understood me somewhat. I did catch a glimpse of disappointment in her eyes though. It breaks my heart every time I have to say No and turn down her requests like that but I hope she understands.

Instead, I told her she could bring a lil something to school for her classmates and immediately her face lit up with anticipation. Her big eyes twinkled with hope. Good thing Ibu was smart enough to have a back up plan, aye? *grin*

When I was stuck nursing Aidiin's chicken pox a few weeks ago I had toyed with the idea of making personalized party favors for her to give out to her friends. But as ambitious as I was, it wasn't easy to carry out my plans with the cheeky boy at home. On top of that, I didn't get a chance to shop around for materials and stuff, so I knew then that I wouldn't have time to complete 50 favors before Sofea's birthday. But then I had a lightbulb moment and immediately thought of CMOG and after several emails and phone calls, Sofea had birthday chocolates to share with her friends on her special day. Phew!! Thanks Rafiqah. :D

We did go out for a small makan-makan celebration at Dunia Waffle$@SunwayPyramid because the birthday girl wanted to eat waffles with ice-cream.

Mmmmm... what else ya? Academic-wise, in both schools, she is progressing very well. Alhamdulillah.

In KAFA, she's at Qiraati #4 now and her vocabulary of Arabic words has expanded tremendously.

She has started to observe solat times and with reminders, encouragements and occasional follow-ups, she is performing her prayers 5 times a day. Tapi kekadang tu, time tengah solat, mata boleh melilau tengok kiri-kanan. Apalah Kakak ni... :P

She rides the big orange bus to & from KAFA everyday, now that Ibu is confident and assured that she'll be okay.

In SK, she's coping well with studies and homework. She'll be taking her PKSR exams next week. At this point I think I am more nervous about next week than she is.

She enjoys all subjects taught in school eventhough there is too much coloring involved in homework. Her favorite subjects are Math and English. Her favorite teacher is Cikgu S who teaches BM. She thinks he is funny and he is always making the kids laugh. She also said that he'd told her that her Ibu is pretty. *cough* *cough*

She still loves the color purple.

One thing she needs to improve on is her time management, i.e. appreciating how precious time is. She still dilly-dallys A LOT, is often dreamy and needs constant follow-ups to bring her back from la-la land or whatever land she was in. I hope she knows that when her Ayah and I bebel about not wasting time (her time and others'), it is all for her own good and it is because we love her to bits.

This picture was taken before she went to KAFA. Note that she is missing one front tooth after an accident with Aidiin's knee about 3 weeks ago. I chose this picture so that she'll remember that she is one tooth less on her 7th birthday. hee hee hee.

Overall, her Ayah and I are very proud of who she is and her accomplishments. And we pray and hope she'll grow up into a successful Muslimah in this world and the next, In shaa Allah.

Happy Birthday, Kakak!!! Sayangs from Ibu, Ayah and Aidiin.

What Sofea was like when...
- she was Six
- she was Five

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The (Unexpected) Gift for Mama

Alhamdulillah, Aidiin has fully recovered from his dot-dot disease after about 2 weeks. Make that 17 stay-at-home days, to be exact. Although he seemed happy staying home spending his waking (and sleeping) hours with his railway buddies, deeeeeep down, I think he misses school. Sampai mengigau lagi, "Teeeaaacher, Akif conteng dindiiiiing." Dalam mimpi pun sempat nak report kat cikgu lagi tu. One time he recited the entire surah Al-Ikhlas, with eyes still closed.

He started going back to school 2 days ago. I am re-tuning and re-adjusting to my new (or old?) routine.

Alhamdulillah juga, I think Sofea managed to 'escape' the dot-dot disease. Which has its pros and cons lah. I've been told by many that it'll be better for her to kena time kecik-kecik ni (which I do not disagree with) sebab senang nak baik, especially if ada scars. Since she escaped *this* time, this would imply that she might catch it later in life, despite being vaccinated and all.

But then again, catching chicken pox now would result in her having to miss school for at least 2 weeks, which means she'd be missing her exams both in KAFA and SK. Her KAFA exams started on Monday (May 5) and she'll be sitting for her last paper (Akhlak) tomorrow. The exams in SKBeeJay will begin the week after next. So, in a way, I am glad and very very thankful that she's chicken pox-free for now.

Unfortunately, my mother has been infected by the chicky pox virus, which she'd gotten from none other than her t'was dot-dot grandson. Sian my mom. She's got huge spots all over her face, scalp, body, hands, legs. Bukan dot-dot yang comel-comel pulak tu, but those big pimply and berair ones. *sigh* She's got fever on and off. She complained about throbbing headaches and feeling nauseous, loss of appetite and body pains all over. Sakit badan rasa 'berbisa', she said. *double sigh*

I do feel sorry for my mom. Dan sedikit guilty juga for this unplanned mothers' day 'gift'. I pray that she'll be strong to get through all the sengal-sengal, bisa-bisa and gatal-gatal, and I pray that she'll recover soon. She told me she'd had chicken pox before, but siapa sangka dia nak kena sekali lagi, kan?

Arrrghhh. Sungguh pening kepala makcik. Dengan my mom sakit, dengan exams and Sofea's upcoming birthday (kena postpone-lah party dan celebration segala nampaknya).

Pada masa-masa tensi seperti ini, I would try to remind myself to be thankful for all the blessings that Allah has bestowed so far, on me and my family.

And to take time to stop and smell the roses.

In case I am not able to get online before Sunday, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all mothers everywhere...




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