Saturday, April 26, 2008


ohme ohmy. What a hectic week.

Aidiin is recovering from his chicken pox. Alhamdulillah. No new spots have formed, at least not that I know of. I think they've stopped coming out since 2 days ago. Now the spots have started drying up. Some looked like they've just reduced in size (becoming tiny dried up dots) and slowly disappearing (read: no scars, Alhamdulillah). Some garu-ed sores have crusted over. I hope those big ones don't end up leaving crater-like scars. Some crusts have fallen off, leaving little pinkish circles.

Apart from administering doctor-prescribed medications, I have been diligently bathing him with the air kunyit (I think this somehow helps dry up the poxes, don't ask me why), and applying calomine lotion after that. He complained that it is tiring for him to lie down and wait till the lotion dries up. He'd whine, Aidiin penaaaat. I told him, Ibu pun penat juga sebab kena sapu ubat kat 'dot-dot' Aidiin semua. To which he replied, Aidiin lagi penat 'besar', meaning he is MORE tired. heh heh. Kelakarlah badut saya ni.

But he has been very very active (banyak 'reserved' energy dia ni), always running, not walking from one point to another. He'd take out ALL of his toys, specifically his Th0mas & Fr1ends collection and build one railway track in his room, then another one in the family hall, and one mini track in my bedroom, betul-betul depan pintu bilik. Merata-rata ada gerabak kereta api, trucks, signals, carriages. Semestinya menjerit kesakitan jikalau terpijak salah satu.

Then there's his Th0mas & Fr1ends books; yang untuk coloring, yang easy-to-read, yang special edition (thank you aunty Zan *wink*), yang ada stickers, yang activity books, yang ajar counting, yang kecik, yang besar, yang "Look & Find", yang "Tell the Time". Yang tekan button boleh bunyi-bunyi pun ada. Pening kepala tengok. I have given up trying to tidy up after him. Nasiblah.

And of course, time-time sakit ni, TV pun dia conquer. Pagi petang siang malam, dia nak tengok VCD Th0mas. Ada kisah Th0mas jatuh dalam snow, Th0mas berlumba dengan Bert1e the bus, ada yang pasal Th0mas dan kawan-kawan tengok fireworks, ada yang pasal tertinggal trucks. Not including all the other stories about the tank engine's many friends. Ada pula VCD untuk sing-a-long. Sampai dah masuk dalam kepala Ibu lagu-lagu semuanya. Time tengah shower, ternyanyi lagu "Little Engines", masa tengah sidai baju tetiba ter-hummed lagu "Jame$ & The Red Ball00n". Time nak terlelap, terngiang-ngiang lagu about "Salty", the diesel engine and his tales. Alahaiiii.

Th0mas watches as I update my blog

One challenge I faced was trying to keep the sick sibling away from the healthy sibling. It's almost impossible actually. I can't force Sofea to stay in her room, locked up inside all the time. I tried to reason with Aidiin not to get too close to his sister because of his 'dot-dot'(s) but he deliberately ignored me. They would stay apart for maybe a while, but I'd later find them playing together (Sofea pun cannot resist playing with her brother :P) or watching TV together, or he'd be hanging out in her room while she finishes her homework. So, in the end, saya tawakkal sajalah. Allah Maha Besar dan Maha Mengetahui, Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang. I pray and hope she does not get it coz it'll mean she'd have to miss school and all that, what with exams coming up in 3 weeks, but kalau dah ditakdirkan berjangkit, then what to do. But so far, no signs of the disease spreading to another member of the family. Alhamdulillah.

The polka dot prince is asleep right now, which gives me some time to write this entry. I managed to get him to take a nap, after some err... extreme objections. I washed all his pillow cases, blankies and tilam covers today. It's a very bright sun-shiny day to hang clothes out to dry.

famyBoy and Sofea are out, attending a kenduri in Putr4jaya. Remember last week's kenduri in Jas1n? Well, this week is sebelah pengantin lelaki. They'll probably be back late tonight. I was actually looking forward to go, but who'll take care of the chicky pox darling? I'd reminded famyBoy to bring our camera along and take many pictures.

It's about 25 minutes past 5pm now. I'd better go solat Asar before the polka dot prince wakes up from his nap.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Tale of Three Dots

Anak terunaku dengan tahi lalat manisnya

About a month or so ago, I discovered a mole on the lower part of Aidiin's left cheek, on the left side of his chin. I noticed that the 'dot' seemed to get darker over time. This beauty mark is becoming a quite prominent feature of his face. However, this entry is not about the tahi lalat manis.

It wasn't very obvious yesterday morning, although he had a slight fever. Gave him Nur0fen and he was fine during our road trip to Jas1n. Spots appeared on his body later in the evening, in Jas1n, when we were busy getting ready to attend the majlis akad nikah of my nephew-in-law. The red insect-bites-like spots were dismissed as rashes due to the heat, although I was a teeny doubtful. Selesai majlis pernikahan, we drove back to BJ and went straight to the 24-hours clinic nearby. The doctor diagnosed and confirmed the spots as chicken pox. *sigh*

This morning, more pimply spots appeared on his tummy, on his back, on his face, arms and legs. I even found a few on his scalp too. The three initial spots on his shoulder, on the back of his neck and under his right arm, have already developed into reddish blisters that have torn open, quite sore-looking and slightly gross, made worse by his scratchy fingers. ohdear. I hope they don't get infected or something. I don't blame him for itching to scratch, though. I can still remember how I felt when I had my chicky pox in 1992. I will never, ever, ever forget that summer in LA when I had to miss my first B0n J0vi concert due to them poxes. Grrrrr.

I know we've had him vaccinated for chicken pox when he was 12-18 months old, and I seriously hope that'll help. It should result in a milder attack, no? Lesser spots, perhaps? Or shorter illness duration? Nonetheless, I can't send him to school for the next few days. And obviously, my normal routine will go haywire.

My poor polka dot darling

More importantly, I hope Sofea will not get it. Lagi haru jika famyBoy gets it too. Wishful thinking-kah ini?

My mom called me up (after consulting with my grandmother) and told me that until Aidiin has fully recovered, I:
- should not be doing any kerja-kerja menumis or frying in the kitchen. Takleh goreng nuggets-lah, eh?
- should not bring in uncooked meat, specifically beef, into the house. Tapau-ed, yakni already cooked beef is okay? Burger boleh tak?
- should not be doing it with famyBoy. Memang tak boleh buat apa-apa pun for the next week or so.
- should not feed him with kicap, namely the pekat one. Takut ada permanent scar/marks hitam-hitam. Meaning ayam masak kicap takleh makan ke?
- should let Aidiin drink fresh air kelapa muda. Bagi cepat keluar semua spots and cepat kering. Bagi cepat sembuhlah kiranya.
- should siram Aidiin with a small baldi/gayung of air campur serbuk kunyit after giving him his bath. Nak bagi sejuk dalaman? Can drink air cap badak or not?

Saya ada sedikit rasa musykil tentang 'should not' nos. 2 & 3, but because I didn't want to bombard my mom with "but why not?" sms-es afterwards nor did I want to question my grandmother's pesanan(s), I just listened, took notes and thanked her for the tips.

Anyways. Is there anything else that I should/should not do?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

When "Rajin-ness" Strikes

I finally made/found time (lepas dah berbulan kat rumah!) to force myself to clean up my utility cum storeroom. Got rid of apa yang patut (or yang tidak patut?), especially stuff from the olden days – collectibles to reminisce college and pre-marital, pre-mommyhood years. Mostly stuff in print-lah, like books, magazines, letters, cards, print-outs. Ada juga memorabilia dari errr... 'peminat-peminat' lama. *giggles*

And oh, also folders, training materials, technical manuals. Ugh. Berkotak-kotak jumlahnya. I wanted to sell them off to the old newspaper man, but he didn’t want to take them. Cis. So, apart from getting famyBoy to recycle whatever possible, I decided to donate the old magazines to the mommies of Salaam Wanita for them to use to make hand-woven baskets. I won one of those baskets in a lucky draw sometime ago. Really pretty craftmanship, and made only from recycled magazine pages!

While I was on a cleaning spree, I decided to attack the kitchen cabinets as well. I have this one 'gerobok' cabinet which was a very convenient place to keep almost everything, from extra plates, cups and saucers, tupperwares, cereal, pasta pelbagai, a bottle of Horlicks, Milo 3-in-1 packets, a tin of Birds’ cornstarch, Quaker oats, cocoa powder, some instant noodles, jelly mixes, various types of spices (bottled ones, packaged ones)... you name it.

First I took out all the plastic containers and/or tupperwares (yang bermacam warna tu) and their covers/lids. As (un)expected, the numbers of containers vs. lids do not match. I had more lids than containers. Aik?? And even worse, some of the lids do not fit their supposedly correct containers. Cemana tuh?? And to think that I’ve been keeping and storing them in my cupboard all these times. Konon-kononnya, senang nanti bila nak pack food, kalau simpan bebanyak camtu. *slaps forehead*

Then I removed the non-perishables and checked the expiry dates on each of the items. Soooo much stuff!! Some items I don’t even remember buying. Suffice to say, after all the identifying and sorting and throwing out, I managed to fill up an entire beg sampah hitam. Sungguh puas rasa hatiku.


I forgot (and didn’t bother to remember) to take the 'Before' declutter, sort & arrange pictures. But I'm glad I didn't, coz it would’ve been an embarrassment to all at-home mommies and (self-proclaimed) goddesses everywhere! *blush*

But looky, looky!! Look at the final outcome. Not too bad, eh? Everything has been arranged neatly, grouped by usage and type. I even went a step further to label the jars and containers with their expiry dates accordingly. Ms. M@rtha would’ve been proud of me. Hee hee hee.

The real reason for taking pictures of the now tidy gerobok was to make sure I remember how it looked like (when it was spanking neat) in case I happened to mess it up again in future. At least I’d have a baseline to refer to. But so far, things are looking pretty good. Almost a month now, and my gerobok is as tidy and organized as it was 3+ weeks ago. *pats self on back*

Upcoming goddessy projects:
0. Kemas store bawah tangga; deadline: TBD
1. Sort kids' old clothes & books; deadline: TBD
2. Go through old photo albums, sort and file all unfiled photographs; deadline: TBD

Gosh! Still a long way to go and so much to do. I think I'll start by thinking of reasonable (and achievable) deadlines first. *grins*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sukaneka SKBeeJay 2008

Sofea's school's Sukaneka was held on April 4, 2008, which was a Friday. I don't know why it was scheduled to take place on a weekday, but I was glad that I didn't have to go through the hassle of applying for annual leave (and the hassle of getting it approved) before being able to attend the event. *grin*

The Sukaneka (Sports Day) on April 4 was for Years 1, 2 and 3, so kira for the kecik-kecik students only-lah. Oh and the preschoolers of SKBeeJay too.

Students of Years 4, 5 and 6 had their (bigger and grander) Sports Day on April 6, i.e. on the following Sunday. Time tu baru ada macam-macam booths set up selling balloons, food&drinks, ice-cream and other goodies. Gempak lagi kot, that one. But I didn't go, so I can't really tell.

Sofea and her classmates took part in the "Rolling Stones" acara. She had to roll a ball using a hoop from the starting point, all the way to a cone set up a few metres away, go around the cone and back. Her team, the Syah Bandar team aka the Red Team, won first place.

Actual-sized Sukaneka pictures are in my multiply album. I just thought them miniature ones look kinda cute and very 'meriah'. :)


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