Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cutting It Short

After somewhat neglecting this blog and abandoning bloggy world after err... *checks date of last update*... about a month, I've finally managed to squeeeeeze some time to make an appearance. Kiter rindu kat korang tau, korang rindu kat kiter tak?


As expectedlah, once you've been away for a while, it's kinda hard to get back into momentum. Nak tulis apa pun tak tau. Feels like there's so much to tell and yet words are not flowing out freely, sentences are not forming correctly and completely. I started typing a sentence halfway, then I ended up Backspacing the typed words instead. Hampeh sungguh.

For starters, maybe I should write a summarized version of everything that's in my head at the mo.

Congratulations to LazyD on the birth of her twin girls! And thank you for informing me via sms. I actually gave a little excited *gasp* lepas baca sms from you. Despite some careless(?) mistakes, Sofea did pretty well in her SK ujian bulanan (Alhamdulillah) and I am very proud of her. Her Ayah was smiling from ear to ear. Seriously. She has not gotten all of her KAFA results back yet though, so kena tunggu & lihatlah before we can decide if we should get her the promised reward/gift or something else. I do hope Puan Rotidua is feeling much better. I am still shocked with the news actually. I am considering cross-stitching, i.e. as a revisited hobby, after (silently) hopping over to Ondeonde's blog a few days back. Nak tinggal comment tapi tak logged in that time... hee hee hee. My previous two work assignments made me want to watch Cas1n0 R0yale and sing T1na Turn3r’s “The B3st”. What to cook for lunch and dinner tomorrow, aye? Kena start scouring the web for some quick n easy recipes. I am helping (sort of) famyBoy relocate his "office" to the room downstairs. Semaknya tak terkira!! Nak nangis tengok. I wish I could twitch my nose or blink my eyes and make all the stuff magically declutter and rearrange themselves, neatly. I think I am fat. *cries* Madame Y's new baby is sooo tiny. Dah lama tak pegang baby lembik-lembik camtu. Met Zan and her boys on the same day. I want to pinch baby Aidan's cheeks! How come I cannot see Lollies' video? I need to find time to read about Elisa's Cairo adventures. I miss all by virtual buddies, young and old not-so-young alike, girls and boys. Last month I finally got to finish Life is an Open Secret (eye and mind-opener, this one) and for some light reading, completed books #4 and #5 of the Shopaholic series. I am trying to make myself promise not to make any (new) book purchases until I finish reading all of the unread books on my book shelf. Busy, busy, busy, weekend ahead! Places to go, people to visit, and obligations to fulfill.

There! Talk about downloading my colorful thoughts. *grin*

Oh well. I've missed so much, obviously, so I'll be spending the next few days catching up on my readings (of your updates, that is). I don't know how I'm gonna do this without leaving basi comments and accumulating more alerts :P Maybe I'll just ignore the alerts in total and start with the friends' list, go by the writer's name and read all of the unread entries written by that person, rather than go by updated entries sorted by dates. Or should I just attack the subscription alerts instead? *scratches head*

Hmmm... Nampaknya saya sudah mula merapu. I'll see you folks soon, ok? :D


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