Monday, November 19, 2007

Sayangkan Isteri, Tinggal Tinggalkan? *pouts*

Has it really been a whole week??

It rained the first two days so we didn't get to do much outdoor activities during our recent visit to Terengganu.
Which was okay for me since I had a bad episode of the sniffles. Tension sungguh mokcik dengan hingus yang asyik meleleh dan bersin yang non-stop. So I was mostly in bed, under the covers, curled up with a good book. Once a while I got up and fixed myself a hot mug of Nescafe.
If it had been just me, alone, *that* would've been an ideal vacation already. :)

But kids tend to equate hotel-stays with swimming pools, and because they've been to Terengganu before, my kids expected daily walks by the sea.

"One week ke, Ibu?"
"Nanti Kakak boleh build many, many sandcastles. Bestnyaaaaa!!! "

"Kakak and Aidiin boleh main kat swimming pool every day kan, Ibu?"

"Ibu don't forget swimming suit Kakak, okay?"

"Aidiin taknak masuk dalam laut, Aidiin takuut, nanti Aidiin 'ggelam."
"Aidiin nak tengok waves saja."

"Aidiin nak main kat pasir dengan Kakak."

"Nanti Ayah bawak kita makan keropok kat beach?" Who can blame them.

I did feel much better after doses of Clarin@se (bless the newly-opened pharmacy near the hotel), so we did get to do the daily walks by the sea and sand-playing for the remaining days. The kids got to do their water-splashing at the pool, and most importantly (for moi, hee hee) the keropok lekor eating under the coconut trees.

famyBoy took a couple of hours off on one of the days and we drove to KT. I wanted to go to the infamous Pasar P@yang. We reached there quite late though and most of the shops were either closed or almost closed. Managed to get some kiddy kaftans at the very last minute. Sofea had been asking me to buy her new ones since the ones she currently own are already senteng. I thought the batik-like shirts for little boys looked cute, so I decided to grab those too. Konon-kononnya nak minta bargain lebih sebab beli banyak.

And that was all the shopping I did! Apart from some keropok ikan tamban, that is. We decided to check out the newly-opened Giant Mall and Mydin Mall in KT. I bought tissues and we had dinner at the spanking new Pizza Hut outlet before driving back to Pak@.

It's Monday, and it's back to the normal routine. *sigh*

The yucky part about long vacations is the post-travel part, i.e. unpacking and laundry seminggu yang bertimbun itu. And the usual houseworklah of course.

Even yucky-ier is the fact that I'll be a single parent this week (at least till Thursday) coz famyBoy has gone back to Terengganu last night to finish off whatever's left of the project he's been working on. I think there'll be at least another 2-3 trips for him before the handover.

Oh well. C'est la vie. Tapi saya masih nak pout jugak. *pouts*

I'll see you when I see you, okay? Banyak gak nak kena catch up nih.

p/s: I posted more pictures here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just when I feel like having the original keropok lekor

We will be spending time in that Pantai Timur state for a whole week starting tomorrow. wooo hooooo!!

Like the previous trip, famyBoy has to be on-site for work, and famyGirl & famyKids insisted on following get to tag along and lepak-lepak at the hotel, go splashing at the pool, devour keropok lekor and sotong bakar at the warung under the coconut tree and play with the sand at the beach. :D

It's almost 1:30 AM and I am not done packing yet! So I'll make this a teeny tiny entry...

Have a good weekend, folks. :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Special Dedication...

I would like to dedicate this entry to my dear friend, Madame Zan (Ummi of Nael & Aidan), who will return to office on Monday November 5, 2007, after a really long maternity leave, dengan ucapan...

Selamat Menempuh First Day of Work!

hee hee hee.

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