Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Primary One: Is My Child Ready? Am I Ready?

*This post is published on behalf of Ummiku Sayang Sdn Bhd*

I am sure those of you whose children are going to Primary One next year have started to feel the anxiety of starting a new chapter in your lives (like me!!!).

Primary school is so different from pre-school in terms of the number of students, so it can be quite a daunting experience for the first-timers (both child and parents).

So, to help you lessen your worries, Ummiku Sayang Sdn Bhd has planned a talk on the topic mentioned, with renowned speakers.

Here is the e-flyer for the talk, for those who might be interested.

Unfortunately, I will be out of town that weekend, attending a wedding ceremony somewhere in Negeri Di Bawah Bayu. This trip was planned in advance, so it's not possible to cancel reservations and whatnot. And I don't think I should ask the pengantins to postpone their wedding. :P


I was excited that the ladies at UKS decided to organize this event. I was telling one of the UKS founders some time ago about how unprepared I am to have my daughter going to the "big girl" school next year.

I guess in terms of material stuff, there isn't much to worry about (betul ke?) since there'll be booklists or checklists on what items to prepare/buy for school.

But what about the other things like survival skills? social skills? sanitary skills?

Home-packed food or extra pocket money?

Since Sofea is a very picky eater, how do I make sure she eats proper breakfast (or lunch) before going to school? What would be the best (read: easiest to prepare) menu?

And how should I mentally prepare myself to be a mommy of a Primary One student?

In addition to handling my work-at-home hours, how do I plan her study time? homework time? KAFA time? And not forgetting to factor in playtimes and rest times. Tu belum masuk part exam times lagi. *panics*

Seriously, I need help!

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