Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebrating Aidil Fitri 2007

I am back from the Eid holidays, and from my long sabbatical blogging break :D

This year we celebrated the first day of Raya in KK, my father-in-law's hometown.

On Raya eve, we all slept beralaskan Toto and/or comforter masing-masing in the living room cum family hall of the house that my father-in-law grew up in, which he had recently gotten renovated in time for Raya. Tidur berkongsi bantal, tersusun berderet-deret ala buaya... hee hee hee. Dah lama tak berkumpul ramai-ramai like that.
It was kinda fun actually. Bila sorang terjaga, (almost) semua orang terjaga. Anak menangislah, anak berak tengah malamlah, anak nak susulah, husband snoringlah. Tapi kalau nak dikirakan, nyenyak jugaklah tido sampai Subuh.

My grandparents-in-law passed away a long, long time ago (I never got to meet them), so the house was more of a venue for big family gatherings, particularly for special occasions like Raya or kenduri(s). Quiet, peaceful, kampung environment, quite close to the town of KK.

Raya morning, I got a chance to sembang-sembang with Ondeonde in between feeding my kids, having breakfast and getting my kids dressed up in their Raya outfits. This was when when my beloved famyBoy, his parents (my in-laws) our uncle (Ondeonde’s husband) and my brothers-in-law went for Raya prayers. I talked about my current mom-at-home life and Ondeonde shared her HL weight loss secrets.
Tempting tu, siapa takmo lose 5 kg in about a month! But I don’t think I can afford it lah. Definitely not with my current ciput income. Nak jadi kurus pun kena spend banyak wang, eh?

This year, we didn't have new outfits made. The boys wore their baju melayus from last Raya Haji. Sofea wore an existing baju kurung which I bought for her recently. For me, I did a mix+match of two old clothing items to produce a "new" look. :)
But anyways, macam berjanji pula, coincidently, we all chose blue as the theme color for this year’s Raya. So, time pegi beraya ramai-ramai, nampak macam rombongan mengiring pengantin.

We had the opportunity to menziarah several houses (in the kampung itself) before we drove to Selama, Kedah, to visit another aunt of ours.
Makan toksah cakap lah, menunya sungguh melampau. I couldn’t be bothered to find time to take pictures of the Raya special delicacies because I was busy stuffing myself with the yummy food. Makan, jangan tak makan, kak oiii!! There was this one house that we went to, the hostess served us ice-cream! Sebab dia taukeh ice-cream, methinks. Maybe Ondeonde can confirm if this is true.

The kids were overjoyed and simply delighted. They got to eat ice-cream, various kerepek and cookies, drink air kaler-kaler, and of course, kumpul duit raya.

I have more pictures in the Raya 2007 album, but here are some sneak previews.

Sofea managed to fast 20 days last Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. For a first-timer, I think that's not bad at all.
Aidiin was proud to announce "Saya tak (q)uasa" to anyone who asked him if he managed to fast. :P

I am still behind in the house-cleaning tasks, believe it or not. Cemana nak jadi goddess kalu cenggini? The upstairs rooms are filled with stacked boxes, shifted furniture, ‘staging’ furniture, unsorted toys. Macam tengah packing to move out or baru pindah masuk rumah. Seriously. Nak amik gambar newly-painted room and family hall pun segan, sebab sepah sesangat. What more nak invite guests to the house. *blush*

Nantilah, bila dah betul-betul selesai kemas, okeh?


elisataufik said...

ha.. abru aje nak tanya, you all ni memang janji nak pakai biru ke??

baju recycle pun tetap vogue mah.. :) (sebab tuan dia vogue ;) )

BDP said...

suka tengok foto yang jalan ramai2 semua biru tuh...comellll

famygirl said...

elisa: hee hee. kembang mokcik.

bdP: macam iring pengantin kan? minus the dulangs.

ninuk said...

KK tu - Kota Kinabalu ke Kuala Kedah ?
cantik nye baju recycle awak ? macam baru !
bila i boleh buat site visit "office" baru ni ?

famygirl said...

Kuala Kangsar :)

Site visit boleh aje... asalkan bukan untuk audit hee hee.


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