Monday, October 01, 2007

The 5 Things Tag

Tagged by the busy bee in lurve... :)

5 Things in my bag
- almost habis pinkish-rose shade lipstick
- spare brooch (in case the one i am using happens to patah)
- compact powder (almost habis juga)
- tissues dalam paket kecik-kecik
- a small notebook cum organizer for conteng-conteng

5 Things in my purse- ATM card
- 2 credit cards
- passport photos of famyBoy, sofea & aidiin
- membership card pelbagai - MPH, Popular Book Store, Pet Safari, Bonuslink, Jusco card, Metrojaya card, Anakku. The list does not stop there... cemana wallet tak tebal giler?
- some cash

5 favorite Things in my bedroom- my laptop
- whatever book i am currently reading
- the bedside lamp
- famyBoy
- famyKids

5 Things I would like to do- go for a family vacation
- clean up messy house due to ongoing construction work
- give Misha and Harry their overdue kitty-baths
- lepak in some bookstore
- attend to my attention-deprived plants

5 Things I am doing now
- doing this tag
- feeling determined to manage my time better and be more disciplined (yikes! musti yakin boleh!)
- thinking of what to wear for the iftar buffet (malasnya nak gi gosok baju)
- procrastinating kemas rumah yang bersepah melampau
- planning my grocery shopping list for the week

5 People I want to tag:
I think most of the people that i want to tag have already been tagged... errr, but if belum lagi, then they are:
- puan bzeebee (the blogger formerly known as butterflutter)
- bear and/or diah (bear pun boleh, diah pun boleh) <-- this would count as two people, kan? hee hee.
- puan rotidua
- madame gartblue
- puan daisy yang manis

Some long-awaited home improvement projects are taking place at the moment. I'll write more about them later.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Lots of furniture-shifting, cleaning, laundry, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming and dusting. *sigh*  Macam tak abis-abis...


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