Friday, September 21, 2007

Orang Ketiga

For the past err... *counts fingers* ...7+ years of my marriage, waking up for sahur has always been a twosome affair. Very minimal talking sebab ada orang tu nak bukak mata pun tak boleh, but we would, at the very least, talk about plans for the day.

Hari ni pukul berapa nak amik I?

Tak tau lagi. You nak balik pukul berapa?

By 5:15 lah. Nak gi tapau makanan untuk buka lagi.
Buka nanti nak makan apa?

Tak tau lagi. You nak makan apa?

Lebih kurang begitulah gist perbualan kami. No prizes for guessing who'd normally give the "Tak tau lagi" answers. You'd think he would be able to at least suggest what to eat. Hmmmph.

Anyways, this year, because the school is encouraging kids aged 6 to fast at least half a day, we have a 3rd person joining us for our pre-dawn meals. :)

The first sahur of this year's Ramadhan... she was very excited. It was her first experience. We woke her up at 5:00 AM and she was all excited and eager and was her usual chatty self. Her ongoing questions kept her Ayah awake.

I asked Sofea to take a nap before taking her bath but she refused. She chose to watch TV instead.

This is her, in the car, during the drive to school, on that first day of Ramadhan.

Kesian sungguh Princess ini... hee hee hee.

This is her, waiting for azan Maghrib after coming home from school.

'INFO' button on remote is used to check the current time

She managed to fast the entire day that first day, Alhamdulillah. :)

It's almost 9 days since the first day of Ramadhan, and so far she had missed 3 days of puasa. Two days because it was the weekend (and temptations in the form of an eating and drinking Aidiin, were hard to resist!), and one day because I did not hear the alarm go off, so nobody woke up for sahur, and her Ayah and I didn't want her to fast on a totally empty stomach.

I don't want to force her to fast full days since this is her first ever attempt at fasting, but I don't want to appear as a discouraging and unsupportive Ibu either.

I think the teachers at school promised the kids some special hadiah at the end of fasting month.

I just want to tell her that I am proud of her for trying.


mosh said...

she fast for whole day already? tabik spring satu....

eh is she sleeping on the floor inside the car?

famygirl said...

yes she did! on the first day pulak tu. but she was very lembik when she got home :) her Ayah had to carry her out of the car, and place her onto the tilam.

err, no lah. that's the seat belakang :) she was lentok-ed keletihan.

Lollies said...

yayyy dah boleh komen.

sya puasa half day aje. balik rumah after school baru puasa.

hooray for sofea for fasting.

famygirl said...

lollies, i was hoping she could puasa half day too, sebab dia bukannya makan banyak sangat pun (both berbuka and sahur) tapi dia terlebih ambitious pulak :)

sebabnya, ada motivasi "hadiah" from teacher. her friends also bersemangat nak puasa penuh :)

OndeOnde said...

congrats to sofea!
so her ayah and ibu bagi hadiah apa nanti?
kat rumah ni faris only managed to puasa first day shj itupun half day! LOL!

famygirl said...

err... ibu dan ayah tak janji apa-apa pun coz we didn't expect her to persevere (terukkan Ibu ni!).

tapi orang lain dah promisekan bagi pihak ibu and ayah, that she'll get RM1 for each day of full puasa. LOL!
we'll see how... :)

nutty said...

hooray for sofea!

famygirl said...

nutty: dia posa on weekdays only tho. sebab weekend hari cuti LOL!

famygirl said...

nutty: dia posa on weekdays only tho. sebab weekend hari cuti LOL!


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