Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Chapter

I have always known that this day would come. I just never imagined it would be this soon.

Should I be ecstatic?
I am. 'Thankful' would probably be a better word.

Should I be sad?
I am. But only a teeny, tiny bit.

Should I be worried?
Of course I am. I know this is a BIG step to take.

I would be lying if I said that was/am not afraid... of what's to come, of the changes and the unknown.

But I am definitely hopeful.
Lagipun, Ramadhan is a good time to berhijrah, no?

Kalau tak cuba, tak tahu. And, InsyaAllah, rezeki tu ada...

Semoga segala kekusutanku terurai, akhirnya.

THIS IS IT!! No turning back now... :)

Berdoalah untuk saya, ya?


lazydaisy said...

syabas sis
i am happy for you since you finally have achieve your dream

"i am still working on it though" seminar dah pegi, plannye je belum materialise

so are you venturing into work from home business ?

all the best to you and family.
this would be the best present ever to your kids.

intan saleh said...

good luck, famy! im sure He has the best for u in store. :p

famygirl said...

lazydaisy: insyaAllah :) at the moment masih planning and adapting.

intan: ni budak comel ke? thank you dear :)

olab said...

woww!! i'm proud of you.
of ur courageous.

good! i hope tis is better for you and family. i wish you allll the BEST!!!

no turning back! yess.

mosh said...

wow! best of luck to you. it is indeed a BIG step. which will only be taken by the braves :)

p/s: dah re-register again with efx2blogs?

famygirl said...

olab: thank you darling. i'm proud of me, too :)

mosh: pakciiiiik!! lama tak jumpa.
BIG step, yes. it's just a matter of time, methinks.

intan saleh said...

ye, dak chomeyll che chomeyll cik combi.. whatever ppl call me these days. hik!

mosh said...

hehehe. ada. i'm always around tapi terlupa nak subscribe to this one hari tu. tu yang tak tau you submitted new entries pun :)

famygirl said...

moshiman: in that case, i'll update my links ;)

Lollies said...

ketinggalan bas besar rupanya saya.

I am proud of you. really really am.

famygirl said...

lollies: bas berlepas ikut schedule ;)
thanks lahling. i can use all the support that advice that you have.


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