Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Le Petit Prince is Three!

My little prince turns 3 today. Can't believe it's been that long since my last maternity leave. Pregnancy-gained weight pun tak hilang lagi.
Due to Ibu and Ayah's busy schedules, we haven't got anything planned yet. *guilty*
But most probably it'll be a belated party at the school. We'll see how lah.


Here is a list of things about the little cheeky one that I would like to remember, so that I can look at them, in the years to come, and recall how he's like when he was three years old.

He has the cutest and cheekiest smile.
He loves anything with wheels... cars, trucks, planes, helicopters. ESPECIALLY trains.
When asked for the current time, his reply is always 8:49, regardless morning or night. Don't ask me why.
His bestest friends are named Thomas, James, Toby, Percy, Gordon, Emily, Edward, and Henry.
He sleeps with his trains.

He thinks he is Sir Topham Hatt aka The Fat Controller, only much much skinnier.
His idea of a dream vacation would be a visit to the Island of Sodor.
He sings the 'Thomas and his Friends' song at least once a day. He sings it while he is awake and when he is asleep, when he's in the shower and when he's in the car. hee hee hee.
He also likes to sing Faizal Tahir's Mahakarya Cinta, even in his sleep. He calls this song 'Di Atas Dunia'.

He talks to his toys a lot, especially to his trains. He'd tell them to wait for him until he returns home from school.
He memorizes almost all of the 99 Names of Allah, although sebutan tak berapa betul. He would 'sing' the Asma-ul-Husna with his sister. Ibu pun tak hafal semuanya. *blush*
He still needs his pacifier to go to sleep at night. His puting and his two bantals.
He doesn't need his puting nor his bantals when he takes his naps in school. Hmmmph.

He refuses to sleep in his cot, ever since he was a baby. So he sleeps on a big mattress on the floor, at the foot of Ibu and Ayah's bed.
He has inherited Kakak's bike (after she got a new one for her birthday), but he is still not confident enough to kayuh on his own.
He recognizes his ABCs. All 26 of them.
He is a big F-1 fan. Nobody should change the channel when he's watching his racing cars.

He speaks a lot for his age. Tak larat nak layan.
He is a born badut. Ibu's little entertainer.
He likes to play on the swings. And the slides. He gets to play on the swings and slides at the "p-e-n-g-g-r-o-u-n-d".
He pronounces his middle "f"(s) with very strong emphasis. Very funny, like faFFari. Eight-ffforty-nine is the cutest so far.

I think he is small-sized for his age. He can still fit in his 18-24 months clothes, only the pants appear senteng.
He can eat nasi lemak with a tinge of sambal. Sofea would've refused while kipas-ing her tongue.
He is very very manja, but he refused to be cuddled.
He can be very wriggly.

He likes to collect coins and pretend to play "shop" with his Kakak.
Anything circular in shape is a steering wheel. Vrrrooom, vrrroooom!
He prefers to run, instead of walk, to get from one place to another, even in really short distances.
His favorite color is red... Ferrari red.
Only he can control the remote, at all times.
His idea of solat means to recite all the bacaans out loud. VERY loud.
He is right-handed, although he seemed to be a lefty before. Ciss! Ibu tak dapat gang lagi.

He will remind Kakak to salam Ibu because Kakak always forgets. He, on the other hand, always remembers.
Every salam must be accompanied with kisses, one on his left pipi and one on his right pipi.
He is the "Burp Monitor". Whenever someone burps kekenyangan, he'd say "Cakap apa?" repeatedly until that person replies with "Alhamdulillah". The "Cakap apa?" question applies to burps caused by angin as well.

He can be very whiny, and 'screechy' too. Boleh pecah gegendang telinga.
Like Yoda, he sometimes speaks.
He can count up till 13. After 13, it is 14, then 12, then 18.
He can say sing out loud all the Days of the Week (in the correct sequence too!), *if* you ask him to start with Sunday.
He can recognize some words, but he can't read yet. He knows things through pictures.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aidiin!!!
Ibu, Ayah and Kakak love you lots and lots.

Here are some other pictures of the birthday boy.

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