Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tangled (aka Kusut)

So much has taken place since the past few weeks. I don't know where to start...

I wanted to write about stuffs that have been going on but never gotten around to doing so. The things I did, the emotions I felt, the places I went to, the food I ate, the people I've met, the big purchases I made, the books I've recently read.

My thoughts. My frustrations. My dreams. My fears. My plans. A big blob of blurriness.

I ended up blogging in my head instead, at nights, before I dozed off to lala land.
I told myself I'd blog about it/them the next day, but when the next day arrived, somehow the urges were no longer there. Other priorities surfaced and demanded my attention, so I had to put blogging and blog-hopping on hold.

Ironic, though, coz apart from being a scrapbook to capture and remember bits n pieces of my kids' lives, this blog was set up as a place to vent my whatevers... a repository of what I am going through at the particular point in time.
Yet somehow, I couldn't bring myself to click on the 'Add Blog Post' link and pour out all my thoughts and feelings into words on the computer screen... to write and submit a decent entry.

It is not bloggers' block, methinks.

I miss you all, but I haven't had time to blog-hop to visit. Tak caya tanya Zan.
By now, I know I have tonnes of alerts to clear off. *cringe*
Bila nak clearkan? Err... saya tak tau lagi.

Work-wise, Alhamdulillah, no major issues so far.
I am still catching up on stuff as usual. Occasionally slacking off a bit to procrastinate.
The auditors came and went (phew!), probably a bit disappointed coz they couldn't really come up with any major findings at our site. hee hee.
Project deadlines... biasalah. Some on schedule, some already behind. Nothing new there.

Things are not too bad at home too. Alhamdulillah juga.
Aidiin still has his bouts of phlegmy coughs, but I think that is a result of the recent haze.
He lost so much weight since the flu attack, and I am trying to help him regain his appetite. Kurus sangat dia, he looks like a walking batang mancis.

Sofea has been spending time on the PC lately. But during weekends only, that was our deal.
She's got to 'earn' her computer time too... kalau misbehave ke, sakat/kacau adik ke, main tapi tak kemas balik ke, takmo tido bila time tido ke, then highly likely the priviledges will be revoked.

Personal-wise, I've been mentally, physically and emotionally (and financially) exhausted. Kira tak berapa okay lah tuuu.

But I believe that He will not be testing me beyond what I can endure, insyaAllah. Perseverance is the key, kan? He will show me the way somehow.

Boleh amik blogger sabbatical leave tak?

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