Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I hate the first day of work, especially after coming back from long leave. Especially if that long leave is a leave of absence sebab jaga anak sakit. Especially when anak sakit sebab non-stop purging and fever that resulted in numerous overflowed-diaper episodes, vomit-and-poop-stained bajus and bedsheets, gone haywire sleep patterns, emo and stress, migraines and lack of rest.

I especially hate it when multiple IM message boxes start popping up the very minute you log in to the office network and get online.

Okay-lah, I don't hate the ones welcoming me back to work and asking how things are at home and how I am feeling.

But I do hate the extra perky ones like this one, "Hi!!! Good Morning!! Can you help to resolve and close problem ticket # so-n-so immediately? Thanks!!! :)" Exclamations situ-sana-sini. Halloooo? That smiley emoticon DOES NOT cheer me up or make things better, okay? It does not make your message any cuter either.

Or the one that asks "Hello, have you read my email to you last week? Can get back to me asap? Thanx. Bye."

Sungguh inconsiderate. I hate. I hate.

I know I turned on the OutOfOffice thingy last week, so any emails would automatically be replied to with a message which states that I'll be on emergency leave for a few days and that I would not be reading my emails. If Puan Rotidua could see and acknowledge that, why can't depa yang lain itu?? Sheesh. Buat-buat tak nampak pulak.

I hate that I didn't get a chance to blog-hop at all or respond to the comments posted in my previous entries because I was busy catching up on emails, alerts and overdue tickets. I hate that I had to explain about my absence in almost all the emails I replied to. I hate the possibility that I may fall behind in reading newly-posted entries and cause my blog alerts to exponentially grow again.

I hate that it's my second day back at work today after long leave and I only got a chance to post this meant-for-yesterday entry this morning.

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