Sunday, May 13, 2007

Six Years Have Passed

S is for Sweetness, especially when she smiles
O is for Origami, an activity that she enjoys
F is for Friendliness, you can certainly tell that she cares
E is for Energy, that she never runs out of
A is for Ayah's-Little-Girl, always have been and always will be...

The thing I noticed about Sofea is that she can be very determined and not easily distracted if she is engrossed with watching or doing something she chooses and likes. Take jigsaw puzzles for example. This favorite activity can keep her quiet and 'static' for a while.

Warm-up exercise

More often than not, once she'd started, she'd prefer not be disturbed till she has completed the entire puzzle. I do admire her persistence, but this admirable trait also implies that she can be very stubborn. *roll eyes*

As with all siblings (forgive me if I am generalizing), she has a love-hate-love relationship with her brother. I know she adores him (as he adores her) but at the same time, she would be the one pissing him off by being "big sister"-ly, super-bossy and control-ly. You don't want to make super-screamer Aidiin upset, believe me.

She is actually quite the manja type, although personally, I don't think her father and I ever raised her to be a spoilt princess eventhough she is our firstborn. But despite her manja-ness, she actually is strong-willed and intense. I am still trying to understand her after all these years.
Ever since she was a droolly baby, she has shown interests in books--pictorial ones, noisy ones, printed ones, sparkly ones, puzzling ones, you name it. I am glad that she enjoys reading as much as she enjoys watching TV. *grin*

She has been an independent reader since she was four. She can read quite well in both Bahasa Melayu and English. But sometimes I get questions like "Ibu, b-u-t ni macamana nak pronounce?" She was reading a Malay version of Puss in Boots that time.

I noticed that she is very imaginative and likes to draw. Her artwork is mostly on animals and people. Occasionally she'd draw inanimate objects. Some of you told me that she is quite the artist (benarkah begitu wahai kawan-kawanku?). I have never really taught her how to draw, but I think she inherited this quality from me. hee hee hee.

I was told by the same kawan-kawan, that my daughter's got beautiful handwriting, too, for a six year old. This quality, I definitely want to take credit for contributing to her genes. hee hee.

She once told me that her favorite color is purple. For the record, it has been purple since the last three years. Coincidently, purple is my favorite color too.

Despite leaning towards artsy interests, she is actually quite keen in mathematics. She would gladly pick out a math workbook to work on as opposed to spelling or writing. She obviously has a bit of her Ayah's geekiness in her too.

Truthfully, I am actually a bit envious of her. She knew all her Jawi characters by the age of two. She knew Al-Fatihah by heart although the sebutans were not really correct yet. When I was that age (2-3), I think I was still struggling with the first half of my alif-ba-ta. *blush*

Whatever it is, as her Ibu, I am very pleased with her accomplishments so far (Alhamdulillah) and very proud of her.

She was placed into my arms for the first time exactly 6 years ago. It was the second Sunday in the month of May, just like today in 2007.

This is a picture of the birthday girl, on her birthday, in her birthday dress, posing with her birthday gift. You don't see it here, but it is a new purplish-pink bicycle.

My Sofea, my princess, is 6 years old today. Happy Birthday Sayang.

And a very Happy Mothers' Day to all mommies around the world.

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