Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Post-Event Post

The disadvantage about being one of the organizers for the event is that I didn't get to sit in and really listen or participate like the other (priviledged) attendees.

I was mostly on my feet, running around making sure things go as planned (as smooth as possible)... the kids were being fed and entertained, the speakers were seated comfortably, the hotel folks prepared and serve food at so-n-so time as previously discussed, the emcee should not forget to thank the sponsors, the people manning the booths didn't need anything extra, and the models were aware that they needed to quickly quickly eat during the break and then rush rush to the changing room to change into their pre-selected outfits.

I had donned the busana muslimah outfit that day... black jubah, purplish tudung with a slightly sparkly brooch and boots. Quite comfy actually, apart from blisters on my feet from walking around too much. Apa taknya, naik tangga turun tangga, jalan situ jalan sana jalan sini. The show must go on, so I put on a brave, no-pain-no-gain smile and pretended that I have a very high threshold for pain. Musti maintain hot gucciness maaa...

supermoms in the making

I'll upload more pictures later when I have the time, ok??

I barely caught Ustazah Sharifah Hayaati's segment. I was mostly outside of the hall checking on the kids in the "Babysitters Room" upstairs, to make sure that an adult is there to monitor and entertain them. I was also talking to the hotel folks about the table arrangements for the tudung styling session. And reminding them not to forget about serving brunch for the VIPs.

I heard bits and pieces of the forum. I was laughing along with the crowd when listening to Datin Anisah's celoteh. I felt the sebakness during Tuan Hasnah's "close your eyes and imagine your mother standing beside you here today" and I enjoyed listening to parts of Puan Jamilah's mommyhood stories during her life in Oman.

I did get to watch a bit of the tudung stylo session, and also got to gawk at the pretty outfits worn by the models. *makes mental note of potential items to buy when ada ongkos*

So, oLaB, sorry I cannot summarize the speeches given by the speakers, but I believe that Ondeonde has done a fantastic job at capturing the gist of the event in her recent update. I have not had a chance to blog-hop to LazyDaisy and Rafiqah's blogs yet, but I think they would be writing (if not already) entries about the forum as well.

I believe I saw some videocams that day, so hopefully I'd get to watch a video of the event later.

I'd have to say I was actually proud to see the big turn-out. More participants than I'd originally anticipated. Alhamdulillah. It was good to finally put faces to some names I used to see in the UKS e-group.

It was overall tiring, yes, and a bit stressful too, planning a big event like that. I couldn't help worrying, before and during, hoping things won't go wrong on d-day.

But the thank you(s) and congratulatory remarks by the audiences post-event made the worrying and the stress all worthwhile. *beams*

Here's wishing for an even better next time... In shaa Allah.

p/s to Ondeonde: Nak buat cemana... great minds think alike! *wink*

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