Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nasty Nasty Bug

I am actually on emergency leave these few days because Aidiin has contracted the stomach flu again. He'd gotten it before sometime end of last year and early this year.

He was puking like no tomorrow yesterday and the day before that, and today the ever-familiar diarrhea episodes have returned. He's got high fever too, which seemingly comes and goes.

My poor baby has lost so much weight. He looks so tiny and kecut now.

About an hour after I posted the entry about the tragic death of Sofea's digipet, I heard Aidiin's cry from our bedroom. He had pooped again. And unfortunately, it was another diaper-overflow incident. Had to carry him to the bathroom to be cleaned. It was a bit after 1:00 AM I think.

I am so very thankful that famyBoy is not away on his outstation trips. While he cleaned the stained jammies and sheets, I quickly dressed Aidiin up. That's when I noticed the presence of crusted blood in his right nasal.


Alamak!! Nose bleed pulak??

Since it wasn't runny blood, I decided not to rush him to a doctor. I was scared of course, and famyBoy was not too happy about it either. Aidiin was restless and tired and insisted on going back to sleep, which he did, almost immediately after I put on his diaper and buttoned the top two buttons of his pyjamas.

I tried to sleep too, after that, but I kept waking up every 30 mins or so, very certain that I'd heard Aidiin crying, so I kept checking to see if he'd woken up, or if he'd pooped again or if there was more blood.

Morning finally arrived and after dropping Sofea off at school, famyBoy and I took Aidiin to see our trusted GP. He prescribed Smecta to recover (replace?) the virus-attacked intestines' linings so that they can go back to absorbing fluids the way they are supposed to, which should eventually stop the diarrhea. He told me not to worry too much about the nosebleed since it looked like it had stopped and is most probably due to the high fever. So long as the fever is contained, the probability of it reoccuring is low.

I managed to coax Aidiin into eating some porridge earlier today. He also wanted to take in some fluids (water thinned formula milk, flat 100plus, a bit of H2O and about a-third of a mug of Milo) which was good since I seriously didn't want him to become dehydrated. My main goal was to get the nausea and vomitting episodes to pass so that what he consumed, may it be food, drink or medication, would stay down and not get thrown up.

He is still weak. He gets these momentary energy surges which make him forget about being ill and feel excited about playing with his Lightning McQueen toy car or his Thomas the train railway set or watching the Thomas & Friends VCDs but he gets exhausted fairly quickly and becomes the tired, cranky and sickly baby again.

I definitely cannot send him to the daycare with his condition. So here I am, attempting to be the diligent employee who stays up late at night to catch up on missed work stuff despite being on childcare leave.

But I am sooooo very very tired right now. *yawns*

I am considering having Aidiin immunized with the rotavirus vaccine when he's fully recovered, to spare us the misery of future stomach bug attacks. What do you think?

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