Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tentang Virus

Sore throat.
Runny nose.
Phlegmy cough.

Not one, but all four of us. The master bedroom feels like a hospital ward. :(

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Post-Event Post

The disadvantage about being one of the organizers for the event is that I didn't get to sit in and really listen or participate like the other (priviledged) attendees.

I was mostly on my feet, running around making sure things go as planned (as smooth as possible)... the kids were being fed and entertained, the speakers were seated comfortably, the hotel folks prepared and serve food at so-n-so time as previously discussed, the emcee should not forget to thank the sponsors, the people manning the booths didn't need anything extra, and the models were aware that they needed to quickly quickly eat during the break and then rush rush to the changing room to change into their pre-selected outfits.

I had donned the busana muslimah outfit that day... black jubah, purplish tudung with a slightly sparkly brooch and boots. Quite comfy actually, apart from blisters on my feet from walking around too much. Apa taknya, naik tangga turun tangga, jalan situ jalan sana jalan sini. The show must go on, so I put on a brave, no-pain-no-gain smile and pretended that I have a very high threshold for pain. Musti maintain hot gucciness maaa...

supermoms in the making

I'll upload more pictures later when I have the time, ok??

I barely caught Ustazah Sharifah Hayaati's segment. I was mostly outside of the hall checking on the kids in the "Babysitters Room" upstairs, to make sure that an adult is there to monitor and entertain them. I was also talking to the hotel folks about the table arrangements for the tudung styling session. And reminding them not to forget about serving brunch for the VIPs.

I heard bits and pieces of the forum. I was laughing along with the crowd when listening to Datin Anisah's celoteh. I felt the sebakness during Tuan Hasnah's "close your eyes and imagine your mother standing beside you here today" and I enjoyed listening to parts of Puan Jamilah's mommyhood stories during her life in Oman.

I did get to watch a bit of the tudung stylo session, and also got to gawk at the pretty outfits worn by the models. *makes mental note of potential items to buy when ada ongkos*

So, oLaB, sorry I cannot summarize the speeches given by the speakers, but I believe that Ondeonde has done a fantastic job at capturing the gist of the event in her recent update. I have not had a chance to blog-hop to LazyDaisy and Rafiqah's blogs yet, but I think they would be writing (if not already) entries about the forum as well.

I believe I saw some videocams that day, so hopefully I'd get to watch a video of the event later.

I'd have to say I was actually proud to see the big turn-out. More participants than I'd originally anticipated. Alhamdulillah. It was good to finally put faces to some names I used to see in the UKS e-group.

It was overall tiring, yes, and a bit stressful too, planning a big event like that. I couldn't help worrying, before and during, hoping things won't go wrong on d-day.

But the thank you(s) and congratulatory remarks by the audiences post-event made the worrying and the stress all worthwhile. *beams*

Here's wishing for an even better next time... In shaa Allah.

p/s to Ondeonde: Nak buat cemana... great minds think alike! *wink*

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I hate the first day of work, especially after coming back from long leave. Especially if that long leave is a leave of absence sebab jaga anak sakit. Especially when anak sakit sebab non-stop purging and fever that resulted in numerous overflowed-diaper episodes, vomit-and-poop-stained bajus and bedsheets, gone haywire sleep patterns, emo and stress, migraines and lack of rest.

I especially hate it when multiple IM message boxes start popping up the very minute you log in to the office network and get online.

Okay-lah, I don't hate the ones welcoming me back to work and asking how things are at home and how I am feeling.

But I do hate the extra perky ones like this one, "Hi!!! Good Morning!! Can you help to resolve and close problem ticket # so-n-so immediately? Thanks!!! :)" Exclamations situ-sana-sini. Halloooo? That smiley emoticon DOES NOT cheer me up or make things better, okay? It does not make your message any cuter either.

Or the one that asks "Hello, have you read my email to you last week? Can get back to me asap? Thanx. Bye."

Sungguh inconsiderate. I hate. I hate.

I know I turned on the OutOfOffice thingy last week, so any emails would automatically be replied to with a message which states that I'll be on emergency leave for a few days and that I would not be reading my emails. If Puan Rotidua could see and acknowledge that, why can't depa yang lain itu?? Sheesh. Buat-buat tak nampak pulak.

I hate that I didn't get a chance to blog-hop at all or respond to the comments posted in my previous entries because I was busy catching up on emails, alerts and overdue tickets. I hate that I had to explain about my absence in almost all the emails I replied to. I hate the possibility that I may fall behind in reading newly-posted entries and cause my blog alerts to exponentially grow again.

I hate that it's my second day back at work today after long leave and I only got a chance to post this meant-for-yesterday entry this morning.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Six Years Have Passed

S is for Sweetness, especially when she smiles
O is for Origami, an activity that she enjoys
F is for Friendliness, you can certainly tell that she cares
E is for Energy, that she never runs out of
A is for Ayah's-Little-Girl, always have been and always will be...

The thing I noticed about Sofea is that she can be very determined and not easily distracted if she is engrossed with watching or doing something she chooses and likes. Take jigsaw puzzles for example. This favorite activity can keep her quiet and 'static' for a while.

Warm-up exercise

More often than not, once she'd started, she'd prefer not be disturbed till she has completed the entire puzzle. I do admire her persistence, but this admirable trait also implies that she can be very stubborn. *roll eyes*

As with all siblings (forgive me if I am generalizing), she has a love-hate-love relationship with her brother. I know she adores him (as he adores her) but at the same time, she would be the one pissing him off by being "big sister"-ly, super-bossy and control-ly. You don't want to make super-screamer Aidiin upset, believe me.

She is actually quite the manja type, although personally, I don't think her father and I ever raised her to be a spoilt princess eventhough she is our firstborn. But despite her manja-ness, she actually is strong-willed and intense. I am still trying to understand her after all these years.
Ever since she was a droolly baby, she has shown interests in books--pictorial ones, noisy ones, printed ones, sparkly ones, puzzling ones, you name it. I am glad that she enjoys reading as much as she enjoys watching TV. *grin*

She has been an independent reader since she was four. She can read quite well in both Bahasa Melayu and English. But sometimes I get questions like "Ibu, b-u-t ni macamana nak pronounce?" She was reading a Malay version of Puss in Boots that time.

I noticed that she is very imaginative and likes to draw. Her artwork is mostly on animals and people. Occasionally she'd draw inanimate objects. Some of you told me that she is quite the artist (benarkah begitu wahai kawan-kawanku?). I have never really taught her how to draw, but I think she inherited this quality from me. hee hee hee.

I was told by the same kawan-kawan, that my daughter's got beautiful handwriting, too, for a six year old. This quality, I definitely want to take credit for contributing to her genes. hee hee.

She once told me that her favorite color is purple. For the record, it has been purple since the last three years. Coincidently, purple is my favorite color too.

Despite leaning towards artsy interests, she is actually quite keen in mathematics. She would gladly pick out a math workbook to work on as opposed to spelling or writing. She obviously has a bit of her Ayah's geekiness in her too.

Truthfully, I am actually a bit envious of her. She knew all her Jawi characters by the age of two. She knew Al-Fatihah by heart although the sebutans were not really correct yet. When I was that age (2-3), I think I was still struggling with the first half of my alif-ba-ta. *blush*

Whatever it is, as her Ibu, I am very pleased with her accomplishments so far (Alhamdulillah) and very proud of her.

She was placed into my arms for the first time exactly 6 years ago. It was the second Sunday in the month of May, just like today in 2007.

This is a picture of the birthday girl, on her birthday, in her birthday dress, posing with her birthday gift. You don't see it here, but it is a new purplish-pink bicycle.

My Sofea, my princess, is 6 years old today. Happy Birthday Sayang.

And a very Happy Mothers' Day to all mommies around the world.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nasty Nasty Bug

I am actually on emergency leave these few days because Aidiin has contracted the stomach flu again. He'd gotten it before sometime end of last year and early this year.

He was puking like no tomorrow yesterday and the day before that, and today the ever-familiar diarrhea episodes have returned. He's got high fever too, which seemingly comes and goes.

My poor baby has lost so much weight. He looks so tiny and kecut now.

About an hour after I posted the entry about the tragic death of Sofea's digipet, I heard Aidiin's cry from our bedroom. He had pooped again. And unfortunately, it was another diaper-overflow incident. Had to carry him to the bathroom to be cleaned. It was a bit after 1:00 AM I think.

I am so very thankful that famyBoy is not away on his outstation trips. While he cleaned the stained jammies and sheets, I quickly dressed Aidiin up. That's when I noticed the presence of crusted blood in his right nasal.


Alamak!! Nose bleed pulak??

Since it wasn't runny blood, I decided not to rush him to a doctor. I was scared of course, and famyBoy was not too happy about it either. Aidiin was restless and tired and insisted on going back to sleep, which he did, almost immediately after I put on his diaper and buttoned the top two buttons of his pyjamas.

I tried to sleep too, after that, but I kept waking up every 30 mins or so, very certain that I'd heard Aidiin crying, so I kept checking to see if he'd woken up, or if he'd pooped again or if there was more blood.

Morning finally arrived and after dropping Sofea off at school, famyBoy and I took Aidiin to see our trusted GP. He prescribed Smecta to recover (replace?) the virus-attacked intestines' linings so that they can go back to absorbing fluids the way they are supposed to, which should eventually stop the diarrhea. He told me not to worry too much about the nosebleed since it looked like it had stopped and is most probably due to the high fever. So long as the fever is contained, the probability of it reoccuring is low.

I managed to coax Aidiin into eating some porridge earlier today. He also wanted to take in some fluids (water thinned formula milk, flat 100plus, a bit of H2O and about a-third of a mug of Milo) which was good since I seriously didn't want him to become dehydrated. My main goal was to get the nausea and vomitting episodes to pass so that what he consumed, may it be food, drink or medication, would stay down and not get thrown up.

He is still weak. He gets these momentary energy surges which make him forget about being ill and feel excited about playing with his Lightning McQueen toy car or his Thomas the train railway set or watching the Thomas & Friends VCDs but he gets exhausted fairly quickly and becomes the tired, cranky and sickly baby again.

I definitely cannot send him to the daycare with his condition. So here I am, attempting to be the diligent employee who stays up late at night to catch up on missed work stuff despite being on childcare leave.

But I am sooooo very very tired right now. *yawns*

I am considering having Aidiin immunized with the rotavirus vaccine when he's fully recovered, to spare us the misery of future stomach bug attacks. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Plead Temporary Insanity, Your Honor

Kakak, can you come here, please? I need to talk to you.

What is it, Ibu?

*nervous pause*

*gives quizzical look*

Errr... DeeGee, she got sick... she... *gulp* ... died!!

*in disbelief* Whattt? I want to see!!

It's true... I'm really sorry.

I want to see her!! Where is DeeGee???!!!

*brings out dead DeeGee*

*gasp* Ohhhh...

I brought DeeGee with me in my handbag, to work, as promised. But I was reaaaallly busy today, and I forgot all about her.

*eyes brimming with tears*

I'm really sorry... ok, Sayang? Can you forgive Ibu?? Come give me a hug. Please?


I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry... *fights tears from falling*

May you Rest in Peace, dear DeeGee


You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to admit my mistake. Make that my stupid careless mistake.

That look. That "I don't think I can trust you anymore" look. The disappointment in her eyes.

It broke my heart to see her crying like that.

I toyed with the idea of just lying and blaming it on the thingy itself. I had rehearsed different "escape clauses" in my head... The batteries ran out. The button is stuck. The gadget is faulty. Dah rosak. Tak bagus lah yang ni.

But I couldn't bring myself to lie to her face. So I decided to tell the truth. The painful, heart-wrenching truth.

That look. That face. Those big weepy eyes. That uncontrollable sobbing.

I bought Sofea a digipet (bukan ori Tam@gotchi punya) during the break. Kononnya nak teach her a sense of responsibility by giving her a little something that constantly needs her attention and care.

But look who's the irresponsible one now??? DeeGee the kitty was only 4 days old when I killed her by mistake she died.

I managed to console my daughter that night. I asked for her forgiveness. Lucky for me, the thingy comes with a Reset button (and 31 other animals to choose from). So, with DeeGee the kitty gone, I presented her with Pingu the penguin instead.

Pingu the penguin is now 5 days old. Healthy, well-nourished, happy and currently 94 gms heavy, cute little Pingu.

Girly giggles, warm smiles and cheery laughs have returned to the famyGirl household. She sometimes still mentions the dead kitty though.

Oh please, please spare me the guilt... *sigh*

Thursday, May 03, 2007

As the saying goes...

Manusia hanya mampu merancang, Tuhan saja yang menentukan...


Ok, ok... I admit I was overly-ambitious. No way could I complete EVERYTHING I had planned in such a short period of time. Pejam celik pejam celik... 5 days went by just like that!!

Which GA Character Are You Most Like?

I did pull out weeds from my potted plants. But I did not make progress on my readings. And I didn't dive into the kids closets. And as you'd probably guessed, I didn't even peek into the messy storeroom, what more the utility room. *sigh*

I didn't bake anything; no sardine rolls, no brownies. But that's because my cousin-in-law gave us a really huge bar of creamy Swiss chocolate when he returned from his overseas trip. *looks at expanding girth* Gotta control ze sweets intake tho...

I did watch Her0es and Grey's up till the latest episodes in the YouEss. Yippedeeeedoooodaaa. Tapi tak start nonton L0st lagi.

We spent long hours at both grandparents' homes and also attended a kenduri tahlil at famyBoy's cousin's house. Mengeratkan lagi tali silaturrahim, nothing wrong with that.

Oh oh but I did reduce my outstanding alerts from angka ribuan to angka ratusan (yayy me!!). Still a very long way to go but I did make progress and I am proud of it thankyouverymuch. Mr Moshimoshi can vouch for me since he'd caught me staying up till the wee hours of the night reading old old entries. hee hee hee.

Y'know, I am not trying to give excuses tau.

The truth is I was pretty much occupied with discussions, meetings, phone calls, emails, faxes, follow-ups dan aktiviti-aktiviti yang sewaktu dengannya pertaining to this upcoming big event. So you can't accuse me of just sitting and lazing around goyang kaki makan tido during the break now, can you?

Forum ‘Super Moms’: Menjengah Keibuan SejatiPada hari Sabtu (5 Mei 2007) bertempat di Hotel Singgahsana, Petaling Jaya, bermula dari jam 9:00 pagi hingga 1:30 tengahari
Program Anjuran Bersama: Ummiku Sayang, Majalah ANIS dan Sri Munawwarah Design

Ucap Utama:
Ustazah Sharifah Hayaati Syed Ismail

Ahli Panel Forum:
- Datin Sh. Anisah Tan Sri Prof. Syed Agil Barakbah (Pengasas Nona Roguy)
- Puan Hjh Tuan Hasnah Tuan Yusof (Pengasas Butik Sri Munawwarah Design)
- Puan Jamilah Samian (Pengarang buku Cool Moms Super Dads)
Moderator Forum: Puan Aliyah Sijari (Pengurus Komunikasi Koporat Galeri Ilmu Sdn. Bhd)

Panduan pemakaian dan penampilan diri serta pertunjukan koleksi busana Muslimah oleh Puan Hjh Haslina Mohd Ali (Perunding dan Penata Gaya Butik Sri Munawwarah Design)

Siapa perlu hadiri?
Para ibu, bakal ibu, pengasuh, guru dan sesiapa sahaja yang diamanahkan untuk mendidik zuriat yang dikurniakan untuk menjadi Muslim yang hebat!

Persediaan ilmu serta kemahiran akan menjadikan para ibu kaya dengan sifat yang amat diperlukan untuk membentuk zuriat dan generasi yang berkualiti.

Mengapa ‘Super Mom’?
• Cabaran mendidik anak2 bertambah, ibu perlu peka dan berilmu.
• Sindrom Super Mom: Ibu perlu membuat segalanya dan memikirkan semuanya. Salah.
• Super Mom adalah ibu yang mempunyai pegangan agama yang teguh, jatidiri yang kuat, kesihatan diri yang baik, pengurusan diri & keluarga yang bijak serta efektif dan penampilan yang ceria.
• Para panelist kita akan menyentuh setiap aspek ke arah menjadi ibu yang sejati.

Apa yang akan para ibu perolehi dari forum ini?
• Melihat tanggungjawab sebagai seorang ibu melalui satu aspek yang berbeza
• Belajar melalui pengalaman para panelist serta dari ibu2 lain yang hadir
• Melihat diri sendiri dari aspek manakah yang boleh diperbaiki untuk menjadi yang terbaik
• Mengambil peluang untuk mengenal diri serta menghargai diri sebagai seorang ibu
• Menghargai para ibu terutama ibu kita & termasuk diri sendiri setiap hari
• Membina keluarga yang bahagia & sihat

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk mendengar dan belajar dari mereka yang tahu dan berpengalaman.

Yuran Penyertaan: RM100 seorang.

Anda boleh mendaftarkan diri secara 'online' menggunakan borang pendaftaran yang disediakan atau emelkan penyertaan anda ke events@ummikusayang.com atau fax ke 03-80248664 dengan menyatakan nama, telefon nombor dan alamat surat menyurat.

Pembayaran boleh dibuat melalui akaun MBB Ummiku Sayang Sdn Bhd - 564191006958 atau melalui Maybank2u ke akaun 562272101937. Sila hantar bukti pembayaran melalui fax ke 03-80248664 atau emel kepada events@ummikusayang.com.

Sebarang pertanyaan boleh diajukan kepada Puan Zaida/Siti di talian 03-80248664.

I know I'll be seeing a few efx2 mommies there, kan? kan? Saya sungguh teruja!

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