Thursday, April 12, 2007

She's been through so much already

Misha's stitches were removed about 10 days after her major surgery. Her surgical wound has healed nicely, no obvious scars. But her tummy is botak and patchy. It will take some time for the fur to regrow.

About a week after that, famyBoy noticed a small puncture-like wound on the right side of her tummy. It was small at first, barely noticeable if not for the missing patch of fur around the area. It was not something to be alarmed by, just a small cut, like a tiny scrape, but after one day, it turned out looking really gross because it got bigger/wider and I could see the fleshy 'insides'. Eiiiiiii.... takuuuuuutttt!!!

famyBoy did a thorough inspection of the cage to see if there was any sharp or pointy edges that could've caused the wound but he did not find anything. I looked for traces of blood on her blankie (which is an old towel that we no longer use) but found nothing. It was impossible that she was in a fight cause we don't leave her outdoors. And it was also highly unlikely that it was self-inflicted. Would cats/animals do that to themselves for attention? *ponders*

I panicked, obviously... I know I know... "so what else is new?" you ask. Not to say that I got terrified at the sight of blood, but I immediately became weak in the knees when put in a bloody situation. Is that the same thing? Oh well... whateverlah.

We rushed her to the vet immediately. Luckily the hospital was still opened and my favorite our most-trusted vet** was on duty that day.

Upon inspection, the Vet told us it was possible that Misha had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that was administered during the previous surgery. Other possibilities could be a puncture wound caused by a sharp object, but this we had confirmed was not possible. He was actually quite shocked to see the size of the wound too. He further explained that the cells around that area were 'dead' (caused by the antibiotics I think), and hence the skin sorta ruptured, resulting in the gross-looking wound. Ughh.

The wound was cleaned with antiseptic before being stitched

The bad news was since the hole was quite big and deep, the Vet needed to stitch it, so we ended up leaving Misha at the hospital again for a few days.

The good news was (according to the Vet) allergic reactions like this is usually 'localized', so we can safely expect that this will not happen again in other parts of her body.

Cage-rested and recovering

I am proud of Misha for staying strong despite all the pain that she had gone through the past month. Alhamdulillah.

Note: Our Vet is really good with Misha. I would stare in awe watching him do this do that, probe here probe there, and the way he handles her that made her calm and relaxed while he did whatever he needed to do. Mind you, our Vet is a tall, charmin', quite good-lookin', rocker-like guy, very laid-back and cool (I hope he never ever reads this!!! *blush*) and he's got shoulder-length hair which he sometimes ties up into a ponytail. I am starting to wonder if Misha was just finding excuses to meet him...

The Vet (Dr Finn) in Grey's was cute too, kan?? *giggles*

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