Monday, April 23, 2007

Of Happiness and Sadness

Last Saturday, I made plans to visit the new parents and their bundle of joy. My sis-in-law wanted to tag along as she had met Bear & Diah before during their courting days. I had sms-ed the supermoms Mdm Gart and Mdm Ondeonde as well to ask if they wanted to join us.

We were supposed to gather at the BBD residence at 3pm, but at around 2-ish, I received a msg from Papa Bear telling me that baby Pasha had just been warded due to jaundice. Baby Pasha's billirubin count was quite high. Bear told me not to go to the house and to let the others know as well.

So I quickly sms-ed everyone about the last minute change of plans. Ondeonde replied that she was already on the way. Gart said that she would be late because Aliya has a birthday party to go to. I was already at my in-laws place at the time, so I just told my sis-in-law that we will be going to the hospital instead.

It was just starting to rain as we left the house. Luckily the hospital was just about 10 mins away so we managed to avoid being caught in the really heavy downpour. Ondeonde and family were already at the waiting area talking to Bear. With my family, my sis-in-law & hubby & kids, and Ondeonde's family there, it became like a mini family gathering for me. hee hee hee.

Papa Bear looked exhausted. Sian dia.

Mdm LazyDaisy was there too! She was with her two princes. This mom of two is as demure and selim-melim as the first time I had met her... about 2 years ago. Adusssss... jelesnya... silalah share tips untuk maintain ke-slim-an anda itewwww.

Oh oh oh... I met another blogging mommy in the flesh!! I didn't know who she was at first, but when I saw Ondeonde talking to her, somehow it occured to me that this could/should be someone I know too. But siapa eh???

So I braved myself to ask her... "Err... are you oLaB??", to which she replied with a nod and a smile, and I immediately felt the urge to give her a hug. So we did the hug hug kissy kissy as if we've known each other for years. It was great to finally meet you, oLaB!! Sungguh ayu gitu.

I think all other kids were very well-behaved except for my two precioussss pair and their twin cousins hee hee. Sungguh hyper diorang berempat ni... sebab share satu 'gene' probably. *roll eyes*

I didn't want to tell her... but I was really sad for Diah. She was in tears when I first saw her, and she was trying really hard to be cheerful for everyone who came to visit. But from her facial expressions and gestures, I could feel her exasperation and helplessness. Who wouldn't be, kan? She's only had baby Pasha for three days and now mommy & baby needed to be separated. I pray that baby Pasha gets well soon (I hope that he has fully recovered by the time I post this entry) and gets to go home with his Mama and Papa.

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