Friday, April 27, 2007

Gol Tanpa Gincu

The (More Than) 10 Things I Want To Do During the Short Break:

Inspired by Lollies' recent cleaning spree, I hope to be able to sort out the whathaveyous in my storeroom and that room downstairs (errr... utility room?). While I'm on a cleaning roll, I'll attack the kids wardrobes too. Need to weed out the much senteng, bit too tight-fitting and over-lusuh clothing items and make room for new ones. I should probably go through my clothes as well.

Bedsheets to change, bedsheets to wash. Pillowcases to change, pillowcases to wash. Towels to change, towels to wash. Drapes to change, drapes to wash.

I should sort out 'good' mail from junk mail. Look through pile of printed handouts and keep the ones deemed important (until the next cleaning spree hee hee hee). And oh lookie lookie, old magazines, Astr0 guides and newspapers to be stacked neatly in a corner in the to-be-cleaned utility room. I have to catch the Old Newspaper man the next time he drives by.

I hope to spend some quality time with the kids. Make up for the lost reading-aloud sessions, the cranky Ibu moments, the many terpaksa-unfulfilled promises. *guilty*

I will reserve some time to spend with my greens too. Some of them looked very layu and unattended. I don't even remember the last time they were fed with fertilizers. This morning I noticed weeds sneaking in between the leafy stems of my potted plants... they have got to go!!

I would definitely love to make significant progress on my readings.

I don't want to think about work. Or the fact that there will be accumulated pendings when I return. *shudder*

I need to start thinking about Sofea's upcoming birthday -- theme party? favors? budget??? *scratches head*

I am also considering taking out my antique oven and make bake something with it. Am thinking sardine rolls perhaps... and there's always brownies of course. I might even go one step further and try out some new recipes; need to justify buying so many recipe books during the previous warehouse sale.

Oh oh oh... Lost - Season 3 marathon!!! And Heroes! And Grey's!! woo hooo hoooo!! Am thinking of getting the ciplak-ed box set of Season 3 Surirumah Desperate. Maybe next month's gaji?

Was originally planning to take Harry to the Vet for a checkup but the animal hospital would be closed during the holidays. Cisss!!!

Actually the biggest and most significant goal I have for this break is... to clear off my outstanding blog alerts!!!!!! Just watch me... even if I have to stay up several hours later or wake up several hours earlier... Yeah baby, I will! I will!


Pretty ambitious, aren't I?? I am already feeling exhausted just by reading this list.

Have a good weekend everyone! I'll see you when I see you. *grin*

Monday, April 23, 2007

Of Happiness and Sadness

Last Saturday, I made plans to visit the new parents and their bundle of joy. My sis-in-law wanted to tag along as she had met Bear & Diah before during their courting days. I had sms-ed the supermoms Mdm Gart and Mdm Ondeonde as well to ask if they wanted to join us.

We were supposed to gather at the BBD residence at 3pm, but at around 2-ish, I received a msg from Papa Bear telling me that baby Pasha had just been warded due to jaundice. Baby Pasha's billirubin count was quite high. Bear told me not to go to the house and to let the others know as well.

So I quickly sms-ed everyone about the last minute change of plans. Ondeonde replied that she was already on the way. Gart said that she would be late because Aliya has a birthday party to go to. I was already at my in-laws place at the time, so I just told my sis-in-law that we will be going to the hospital instead.

It was just starting to rain as we left the house. Luckily the hospital was just about 10 mins away so we managed to avoid being caught in the really heavy downpour. Ondeonde and family were already at the waiting area talking to Bear. With my family, my sis-in-law & hubby & kids, and Ondeonde's family there, it became like a mini family gathering for me. hee hee hee.

Papa Bear looked exhausted. Sian dia.

Mdm LazyDaisy was there too! She was with her two princes. This mom of two is as demure and selim-melim as the first time I had met her... about 2 years ago. Adusssss... jelesnya... silalah share tips untuk maintain ke-slim-an anda itewwww.

Oh oh oh... I met another blogging mommy in the flesh!! I didn't know who she was at first, but when I saw Ondeonde talking to her, somehow it occured to me that this could/should be someone I know too. But siapa eh???

So I braved myself to ask her... "Err... are you oLaB??", to which she replied with a nod and a smile, and I immediately felt the urge to give her a hug. So we did the hug hug kissy kissy as if we've known each other for years. It was great to finally meet you, oLaB!! Sungguh ayu gitu.

I think all other kids were very well-behaved except for my two precioussss pair and their twin cousins hee hee. Sungguh hyper diorang berempat ni... sebab share satu 'gene' probably. *roll eyes*

I didn't want to tell her... but I was really sad for Diah. She was in tears when I first saw her, and she was trying really hard to be cheerful for everyone who came to visit. But from her facial expressions and gestures, I could feel her exasperation and helplessness. Who wouldn't be, kan? She's only had baby Pasha for three days and now mommy & baby needed to be separated. I pray that baby Pasha gets well soon (I hope that he has fully recovered by the time I post this entry) and gets to go home with his Mama and Papa.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Night Watch

We were in JayBee end of last month for my sister's graduation ceremony. Since it was a long weekend for us, we decided to bring the kids across the Bolehland border and visit that country that history claimed pernah dilanda todak (attacked by swordfish).

We took the kids to see the creatures of the night.

My camera was not sophisticated enough to take night shots, especially with the flash set to 'off' (the guide told everyone not to disturb the animals with the bright flashes). Plus the tram-ride was a bit bumpy so I failed to capture the animal close-up pictures successfully. These were the best that I could get. The rest were even darker/black-er shots, and I could not make out what animal/shot it was originally. *sigh*

Can you spot the big rhino, the hungry lion, the mommy&baby elephants, the daddy elephant, the something and the gang of wolves?

We wanted to watch the last animal show but it started to rain and the show had to be cancelled. It was an open air set up, you were supposed to have night animals fly by (like owls or vultures) or climb across ropes (I think that would be the sloth bears) on the top of your heads. Because it rained (quite heavily too), we couldn't walk along the Fishing Cats trail nor the Forest Giants trail.

So we went to the gift-shop instead.

And I got to use my not-so-sophisticated camera after all.

One, two, three, four, five, six...

Colorful-nya pythons ni

Brave little girl *grin*

So many of everything

It was kinda late by the time the rain stopped, so we decided to leave as Aidiin had started yawning repeatedly. I was yawning too.

All in all, it was an enjoyable and interesting trip for the kids and parents alike.

Aidiin pronounces the safari as Night Faffari, with a strong emphasis on the 'f'. Cute.

We made him say it over and over by asking him different questions that would yield answers with "Night Faffari".

Where did you go? - Aidiin pegi Night Faffari. (I went to the Night Faffari.)

Did you like the tram ride? *nods head*
What color was the tram? - Color o-range.
Where did you take the tram? - Aidiin naik t-rain (he called it a train) Night Faffari.

Did you see big elephants? - Aidiin nampak elephant bessssaaaaaar. (I saw bigggggg elephant.)
Did you see elephants at the mall? *shakes head* Tak-lah, dekat Night Faffari. (No-lah, at the Night Faffari.)

Was it dark at the safari? *nods head* Gelaaappp!! (Very dark!!) *eyes opened wide to stress level of darkness*
You want to go there again? - Nakkk. (Yes I want to.)
Nak pegi mana? (Where do you want to go?) - Nak pegi Night Faffari. (I want to go to the Night Faffari.)

hee hee hee.

But after a while he got really bored and started running around yelling "FAFFFFARIIII, FAFFFFARIIIII, FAFFFFARIIII!!" and we had to force him to quiet down. No more Faffari, please.

Please excuse the little typo

More pictures in the Faffari album at

Thursday, April 12, 2007

She's been through so much already

Misha's stitches were removed about 10 days after her major surgery. Her surgical wound has healed nicely, no obvious scars. But her tummy is botak and patchy. It will take some time for the fur to regrow.

About a week after that, famyBoy noticed a small puncture-like wound on the right side of her tummy. It was small at first, barely noticeable if not for the missing patch of fur around the area. It was not something to be alarmed by, just a small cut, like a tiny scrape, but after one day, it turned out looking really gross because it got bigger/wider and I could see the fleshy 'insides'. Eiiiiiii.... takuuuuuutttt!!!

famyBoy did a thorough inspection of the cage to see if there was any sharp or pointy edges that could've caused the wound but he did not find anything. I looked for traces of blood on her blankie (which is an old towel that we no longer use) but found nothing. It was impossible that she was in a fight cause we don't leave her outdoors. And it was also highly unlikely that it was self-inflicted. Would cats/animals do that to themselves for attention? *ponders*

I panicked, obviously... I know I know... "so what else is new?" you ask. Not to say that I got terrified at the sight of blood, but I immediately became weak in the knees when put in a bloody situation. Is that the same thing? Oh well... whateverlah.

We rushed her to the vet immediately. Luckily the hospital was still opened and my favorite our most-trusted vet** was on duty that day.

Upon inspection, the Vet told us it was possible that Misha had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics that was administered during the previous surgery. Other possibilities could be a puncture wound caused by a sharp object, but this we had confirmed was not possible. He was actually quite shocked to see the size of the wound too. He further explained that the cells around that area were 'dead' (caused by the antibiotics I think), and hence the skin sorta ruptured, resulting in the gross-looking wound. Ughh.

The wound was cleaned with antiseptic before being stitched

The bad news was since the hole was quite big and deep, the Vet needed to stitch it, so we ended up leaving Misha at the hospital again for a few days.

The good news was (according to the Vet) allergic reactions like this is usually 'localized', so we can safely expect that this will not happen again in other parts of her body.

Cage-rested and recovering

I am proud of Misha for staying strong despite all the pain that she had gone through the past month. Alhamdulillah.

Note: Our Vet is really good with Misha. I would stare in awe watching him do this do that, probe here probe there, and the way he handles her that made her calm and relaxed while he did whatever he needed to do. Mind you, our Vet is a tall, charmin', quite good-lookin', rocker-like guy, very laid-back and cool (I hope he never ever reads this!!! *blush*) and he's got shoulder-length hair which he sometimes ties up into a ponytail. I am starting to wonder if Misha was just finding excuses to meet him...

The Vet (Dr Finn) in Grey's was cute too, kan?? *giggles*

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

First Things First

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder... did you miss me like l missed you?

Hellllllllooooooooo people!!! *waves*

Gosh! It's been how many days? *counts using fingers*

Urm... 14 days since my last update. Lerr... taklah lama sesangat eh?

Oh well, it felt like ages though. I was itching to blog and go on my rounds but I managed to restrain myself. But oooohhhh the temptation! Each time I had an urge, I distracted myself with comfort food: triangular bars of Toblerone or bags of chips or Twisties (cheese flavored); hence supporting my theory that I eat more when I am stressed and/or depressed.

I did go hoppin' from one website to another tho, but they were all within the office intranet only! Ripley's, believe it or not???

Very disciplined, I was... pekerja mithali gitu. I didn't even go peeking at any blogs, not even at home. Seriously. Which explains why I now have 1743 blog alerts to catch up on. *faints*

This sounds sungguh cliché, but it was amazing to see how much I could accomplish (especially on those backlogged tasks) when I was able to successfully focus focus focus. My mantra was "concentrate, get it done and move forward". Alhamdulillah. *pats self on the back*

I know I work best when I procrastinate till the very last minute under pressure, but I don't think I want to go through what I went through again. Coz I doubt the makcik in me can sustain the same level of perseverance or energy to handle the multiple tasks, go through sleep-deprived days and deal with anxieties and excitement the next time around. Don't think any amount of caffeine or kacip fatimah would be able to help.

Got stuffs to tell, but I won't be able to write them all in one sitting, what more in a single entry, so I'll tell you later-laterlah ya?

Oh oh oh, but before I go... I owe cik adik manis PB this handwriting meme:

The Rumi

How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!
All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge

The Jawi

ساي ماكن ناسي چمڤور برسام ايكن دڠن لمبت دان طمع سكالي، مك اوق برصبر سهاجله

Sorry ya Peebs, for taking my own schweet time to do this. Writing them out was one thing, but taking pictures, transferring them to my PC and uploading them to imagecave was another.

Err... so, writing experts di luar sana, silalah bentangkan penganalisaan anda. *cringe*

Will be back... soon.


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