Thursday, February 22, 2007

What happened to my 4-day weekend?

We ate out mostly because I was too lazy to cook I wanted to take the kids out for treats since it was a long weekend.

These pictures have been resized for best viewing

The original-sized pictures came out a bit blurry because I was still trying to familiarize myself with the new toy. Had unknowingly left the camera settings set to default for x-tra small pictures (duhh!) Masih sedikit jakun, you see.

The kids had lots of reserved energy after being kept in the house for long periods of time. It was impossible to get them to stand still for me to take pictures when we went out.

Forever running around and chasing after one another

Aidiin, especially, was uncontrollable highly-spirited. He squirmed and wriggled when he was carried. He refused to have his hand held when we walked. He wanted to see and touch everything. He almost gave me a heart attack when he managed to break free from my grip and ran straight towards the escalator going downwards in Ikan0 (depan Macy's tu). No brakes whatsoever on this boy. I was screaming out his name asking him to stop running while I, panting and breathless, scurried to try and outrun him or at least catch up.

There was this one couple, already on the escalator going down, immediately panicked upon hearing my screams. The guy actually jumped up several steps to try 'catch' Aidiin in case he couldn't/didn't stop. Adoiiiii. Semput nak kejar budak ni. Scolding him "No!", "Cannot!" and babap-ing did nothing to this bundle of energy coz he just looked up at me and grinned cheekily.

How can I stay angry at this boy??

Note to self: Need to start consider exercising to build up stamina. *cough* *cough*

Siblings in 'paused' mode

We went to check out the new MPH in B@ngsar Vill@ge II. Not as big as the stores in MidV or OneU, but they had a reasonably good promotion (read: discounts) so I was terpanggil-ed to go pay a visit. Smart shopper, I was.

On another day we went to Ik3a. After bookstores, I'd say Ik3a would be the next 'Happy Place' for me. As usual I drooled looking at very nice furniture, [my] dream kitchen and [my] dream bedroom. Also stuff for the kids' rooms. And like always, I caught myself mentally rearranging the existing furniture in my house or justifying why I need a particular vase or side table or lampshade as value-added items for the home. heh heh. Love the smell of (new) wood during each visit.

Aidiin got himself a new (long-awaited) train set that day.

Yayyy! Ad-diin pun-ya trrr-ain! Ad-diin punya trrr-ain! Choo-chooooo!!

And Sofea coaxed me into buying her that strange-looking giraffe.

Jack the Giraffe gets acquainted with Flower the Bunny and Osito the Bear

Family bonding was also in the agenda since my grandparents were in town. My cousin and her husband too. Sofea and Aidiin were pampered the whole time. Great-grandparents, atuk & nenek, aunties and uncle at their mercy to entertain them and do their bidding.

My sis and bro-in-law and the twins dropped by the house on their way back from Ipoh. Memeriahkan lagi suasana di teratak hamba. The kids were ecstatic to have their cousins around to play with instead of being forced to take their afternoon siestas.

All in all, it was a good break. I will spare you the other no-fun updates about having to standby and be on-call for multiple sites since everyone else is Gong Xi Fa Cai-ing for the entire week, up till this weekend. Or the part about getting calls and smses about "unreachable servers" on the first day of the break.

The 4-day weekend looked very promising on calendar... y'know, like "Wowweeee!! Long break! Looooonnngg break!! What should I do??"

In reality, the four days came and went in a flash. *sigh*

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