Friday, February 09, 2007

If Time Permits...

Difficult to resist lah, this book.

It got me thinking about and yearning to read it when I wasn't (or couldn't).

It made me try very hard to 'steal' time, by staying up late or waking up several minutes early.

It got me dwelling on the story, days after I finished reading it.

It made me look forward to watching it on the big screen next year.

Reading The Time Traveler's Wife (TTTW) started out a bit slow for me at first. I got confused with the dates and the age gaps, initially. But once I had gotten used to the author's writing style and had gotten myself fully immersed in Clare and Henry's lives, I discovered that these fictional characters were actually realistic people that I could relate to. As a wife, I can emphatize with Clare's fears and anguish being apart from Henry for long periods of time during his departures, especially when he was not contactable in any way. I understand her eagerness to become a mother and her anxiety each time she got pregnant. I wouldn't say that I can relate to the feeling of losing a loved one, but I can surely imagine the pain.

There were parts in the book where I was eager and anxious to flip through the pages, to share and celebrate the couple's happy moments. But at times, like when Henry got really sick or when Clare had bleedings, I just couldn't bring myself to continue, afraid to face the (fictional) truth, although I 'knew' what was coming next.

Some parts made me go Hmmm... *rolleyes*

The later parts of the book moved me to tears. *tissue alert!!*

Dalam Kenangan... (Dec 2001 - Jan 2007)

This book reminded me of a movie I watched a couple of months ago; The Lake House, which stars Keanu Reeves (yum yum) and Sandra Bullock. The movie was not really about time-travelling, but it did revolve around time-space continuum. This was a love affair that blossomed between two people who existed 2 years apart.

In TTTW, Henry and Clare were pretty much destined to go through their lives as 'planned'. For them, history (or the future?) cannot be changed whereas in the movie, the doctor (Bullock's character) was able to go back in time to stop something in her past from taking place in Reeve's future. For Henry and Clare, as much as they wanted certain things to change, prevent certain events from occuring before they were supposed to occur, they did not have the power to do so; they were unable to intervene with fate.

I think Ms Niffenegger did a brilliant job intertwining the past, present and future (although not necessarily in that order!) with the concept of time-travelling and love beyond life and death. I admire her ability to induce genuine fear, happiness, passion and sorrow through her writing.

I had mixed feelings when I read the final page.

On one hand, I was proud of myself for having completely read it from cover to cover. On the other hand, it saddened me that I had reached the end.

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